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Below you will find the latest news, photos, inside info, educational and technical explanations, partner profiles, and hopefully at least one thing to make you chuckle.


Austin Berry Impressive in
Top 10 Run at Port Royal

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Kyle Reinhardt Looking Forward to Getting Back on Track After Challenging Weekend

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4 Wheels and 2 Brakes?

Sprint cars use disc brakes...but not exactly how you might think.  In the front of the car, there is one disc on the left wheel and that's it!  In the rear of the car, there is also only one brake.  It is  directly behind the drivers seat on the rear axle (under the fuel tank).  When the driver uses the brakes enough during a race, especially if they 'drag the brake' by keeping some pressure on the pedal, the rear brake rotor will glow orange from the intense heat.  Depending on the brake pad material, you may even see sparks during braking.


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The goal of this section of our newsletter is to share some entertaining, funny and surprising stories.  These tales don't always originate from the late night car wash stop most team's make...but the car wash is often where the stories become lore among race teams. 

Dedicated or Crazy?

Once upon a time, not many years ago, one member of #TeamA2D was getting set to make his debut in what racers call 'the big cars'.  He would soon finally race in the top division.

The problem was he was still away at college, with his Engineering final exams approaching, and there was still a lot of work to do on the car to be ready to race.  That's when his roommate, also a racer, asked a simple question that started a course of events some might describe as crazy but others may refer to as dedication.  "So, you gonna race this weekend?" was the question asked.

The answer from our driver was "Unfortunately, probably not.  The car isn't ready.  I still need some parts that I don't have the money for, no setup work has been done, there's no decals on it...just too much to do."  Undaunted, the roommate pushed on, offering him the cash and the manpower he needed, suggesting the pair make the 2 hour drive back to the shop to work on the car on Wednesday.  Why not?  Finals aren't until Thursday and Friday, right?  That's when a deal was struck.  "Call my dad and get his ok and I'll do it", our driver agreed.

Well, dad said ok and the pair made the trip early Wednesday morning, buying parts on the way using the roommate's cash.  Dad joined them at the shop and the feverish work was underway, including a run for the vinyl wrap late in the evening.  Sometime after midnight, they finally fired the motor.  Needing to rise for work at 6am, Dad went to bed around 2am Thursday morning.  That was about the same time the college students applied the decals to the old body they had hammered out to use.  As they wrapped up some setup work, the sun started beaming through the shop windows.  It was time for a coffee run. 

Back at the shop, finishing up a few small tasks around 8am with the exhaustion of being awake for over 24 hours setting in, the pair reluctantly decided it was time to head back to school.  They had a final at 3pm that day, so if they left now, there would still be time for a quick nap and a shower before the exam.

They made it back and took the exam as planned.  After the exam, the dynamic duo fell asleep, missed dinner, and slept all night, rising just in time for their Friday morning exam.  Where to after Friday's exam?  Where else?  Back to the race shop.

This isn't how most people cram for a college final...but it is apparently how a racer does it.  Which member of #TeamA2D wanted to race so bad they did all this?  We'll let you investigate that on your own.  Stop by the pits and ask them. 


What's up next for #TeamA2D?

Kyle Reinhardt

  • The RQM Enterprises, Capitol Renegade #91 team will be competing in 6 events with the All Star Circuit of Champions over the next two weeks:
    • May 14 - I-96 Speedway in Lake Odessa, MI 
    • May 15 - Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, IL 
    • May 20 - Circle City Raceway in Indianapolis, IN 
    • May 21 - Circle City Raceway in Indianapolis, IN 
    • May 22 - Gas City I-69 Speedway in Gas City, IN 
    • May 23 - Kokomo Speedway in Kokomo, IN 

Austin Berry

  • ABR will be competing in 2 events this weekend and one the following weekend:
    • May 16 - Hagerstown Speedway in Hagerstown, MD for the Frank Sagi Tribute 
    • May 28 - (tentative)  Bedford Speedway in Bedford, PA for the Turk Burket Tribute

Zach Newlin

  • Zach will be off this weekend, then will be back in action the following weekend:
    • May 21 - Williams Grove Speedway in Mechanicsburg, PA (Mansberger Motorsports 358 sprint car)
    • May 22 - (tentative) Port Royal Speedway in Port Royal, PA (Burke Motorsports 410 sprint car) 
Check out the full calendar for all of #TeamA2D by clicking here:!
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