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Sample Evaporation with Thermo Scientific Savant SpeedVac Vacuum Concentrators

Pre-vacuum concentration processes were inexact & time-consuming but the Thermo Scientific Savant SpeedVac vacuum concentrator enables efficient, effective sample preparation.
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Merck Lectureship 2019 Awarded to Susumu Kitagawa

Merck, a leading science and technology company, has announced that Susumu Kitagawa, Professor at the Institute for Integrated Cell–Material Sciences at Kyoto University, Japan, has been named the sixteenth recipient...
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RedShiftBio’s AQS3pro Changes the Game in the Detection and Treatment of Alzheimer’s

RedShift Bioanalytics’ instrumentation was crucial in ground-breaking developments in the detection and treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

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Sartorius Stedim Biotech Introduces New SIMCA® 16 Software

The new SIMCA® 16 software for multivariate data analytics is available from its subsidiary Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics. The updated SIMCA® focuses on delivering a complete data analysis experience,...
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Hitachi High-Technologies Launches Two New Scanning Electron Microscopes

Hitachi High-Technologies launches two new scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), The SU3800 and oversized SU3900 SEMs feature the ability to accommodate large, heavy specimens...
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Meet Eppendorf at LABVOLUTION

For the very first time, Eppendorf invites its customers at the LABVOLUTION®2019 in Hanover, Germany, to discover its exhibition booth in an entirely new dimension: thanks to the latest technology, the “Meet Eppendorf”-App allows....
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Efficient digital documentation of microscopic samples

Smart Microscopy from ZEISS is a new concept for the routine digital documentation of microscopic samples. The microscopes ZEISS Axiolab 5 and ZEISS Axioscope 5, as well as the microscope cameras...
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Verifiable 2D Coded Tube Selection from Racks

Ziath has announced a unique combination of instruments that ensures the correct 2D coded tubes are automatically withdrawn from storage racks without the huge expense of a fully-robotic tube picking system.....
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New treatment could become first ever targeted therapy designed for ‘untreatable’ childhood brain cancer

A new type of drug that targets a genetic weakness in an untreatable childhood brain cancer could become the first ever treatment designed to target the disease. The prototype treatment could also offer hope...
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