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Tecan Spark Cyto the first live cell plate reader with real-time imaging and cytometry

Pre-view Introduction video of Spark Cyto multimode imaging plate reader for real-time cytometry offering 4 color fluorescence, bright field and phase contrast imaging with 3 magnification levels and objectives....

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Bruker is Three-Time Winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2019

Prizes were awarded to the FT-IR spectrometers INVENIO and ALPHA II as well as to the FT-NIR spectrometer MPA II in the categories “Industry” and “Medicine/Health” of the discipline “Product Design”......
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New Customized Biosafety Cabinet for Biotech Start-up

Wildcat Laboratory Solutions reports on their recent installation of a custom designed Biological Safety Cabinet at Eligo Bioscience - a biotech start-up in Paris, France. Erica Lieberman - Head of Discovery and Automation at Eligo Biosciences commented....
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Fujifilm Announces The Introduction of a 10 week Cell Line Development Timeline with Its Apollo™ X Advanced Mammalian Expression System 

Cell line development for monoclonal antibody expression in 10 weeks (transfection to generation of research cell banks) using  Sphere Fluidics Cyto-Mine® Technology followed by Cell Metric® (Solentim) plate-based imaging....
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Recruitment Open for LifeArc and AUTM Foundation Technology Transfer Fellowship

The LifeArc-AUTM Fellows Programme is a one-year training fellowship that trains promising life scientists to become the next generation of highly skilled technology transfer specialists....

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Lonza Expands Mycoplasma Detection Portfolio

Lonza has further strengthened its extensive mycoplasma detection portfolio with the addition of the Lucetta™ 2 Luminometer, a single-tube system designed to simplify and accelerate mycoplasma detection in cell cultures....
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Cherwell Publishes Guide on Sterility Testing

The user’s guide to regulatory expectations, the testing process, what to do in the event of test failure, and more. Cherwell Laboratories, has published an eBook titled, “Failure is not an option: Why sterility testing is so important”...
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Walk-Away Process Development with Syrris’ Atlas Reactors

Researchers at TauRx Therapeutics are using the automation capabilities of the Syrris Atlas HD reactor systems to simplify and accelerate process development for its product pipeline...
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Interactive Software working with UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre to Connect UK Biobanks

Interactive Software is working with UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre to connect UK Biobanks and help them achieve their aim of assisting researchers by simplifying the sourcing of biological samples....
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High Volume Sample Storage in Space Efficient 96-Well Format

These 2.00ml tubes are the first tubes of its kind, enabling researchers to store high volume samples in a space-efficient 96-well format. The tube provides an extraordinary storage capacity in 96-well format racks...
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