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Droplet Digital PCR for Food Testing

Introducing Droplet Digital PCR for Food Testing and our dd-Check STEC solution, a new kit that use Droplet Digital PCR to detect and confirm linked virulence genes and allows discrimination between true positive and true negative EHEC samples

In the news this week

The Use of OHAUS Centrifuges for Crime Scene Investigation

We've seen everything from DNA detection methods that can instantly identify a probable suspect to finding the culprit based on evidence gathered with a cotton swab....
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Olympus scanR 3.1 – AI Meets Live Cell Imaging

The Olympus scanR 3.1 high-content screening station uses the power of AI to carry out groundbreaking analyses of live cells – analyses that until recently seemed impossible...

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Do you have a smart laboratory?

At Lab Innovations 2019, you can source informatics systems from leading suppliers,connect with your peers to exchange ideas on digital implementation, and learn about the latest digital trends in the laboratory....
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Save the date - Multi-Dimensional Chromatography at Syngenta on 29th October 2019

A one-day symposium that explores the latest techniques in multi-dimensional chromatography. Leading specialists from industry and academia will explain how they apply the latest 2-D techniques to achieve very difficult separations...
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New Reference Standards Guide available from Greyhound Chromatography

Greyhound Chromatography supplies an extensive range of pre-prepared and custom made Certified Reference Standards and Materials from a number of leading manufacturers...
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University of Glasgow Receives Largest-Ever Donation

The University of Glasgow has benefited from donations worth $7.5m from graduate John Shaw and his wife Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, who have turned her biotech firm Biocon into one of the largest pharmaceutical firms in India....
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mRNA Profiles as Close to Biological Reality as Possible

Extraction of RNA is well-known to be a difficult process due to the low stability of the RNA molecules and the abundance of RNases.MicroGEM’s RNAGEM solves this with extremely fast, temperature-driven RNA extractions....
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New enhancements to the Gilson PIPETMAN range

Gilson, renowned for their legendary PIPETMAN pipettes have enhanced their range by adding new features and updates to their PIPETMAN® Classic and PIPETMAN® G models...

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Merck and Broad Institute Announce CRISPR License Framework to Encourage Innovation

Merck, a leading science and technology company, and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard (Boston, Massachusetts) have announced an agreement to offer non-exclusive licenses to CRISPR intellectual property...

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Maintaining Integrity of Thermally Sensitive Biological Assays

The DrySyn ChilliBlock from Asynt allows you to undertake sensitive biological assays in a temperature-controlled manor, vastly reducing the risk of expensive biological samples, reagents or enzymes degrading due to...

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Micromeritics Subsidiary Inaugurated in Munich-Unterschleißheim

Micromeritics Instrument Corporation has celebrated the opening of its new German subsidiary and European application laboratory "Particle Testing Authority" in Munich-Unterschleissheim...
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PhoreMost and inStem Enter Structural Biology Alliance

PhoreMost, has announced it has entered into a structural biology focussed collaboration with the Centre for Chemical Biology and Therapeutics (CCBT), Bangalore, India....
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Tomocube 3D Microscope Delivers Breakthrough in Label-Free Quantification of Intracellular Lipids

In a breakthrough for research fields as diverse as diabetes, atherosclerosis and biofuels, the mass, concentration, volume, and surface area of individual lipid droplets have been measured in live, unstained cells for the first time...
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Agilent Survey of Pharma Lab Leaders Uncovers Challenges in Workflow and Laboratory Efficiencies
Waters Novel Cyclic IMS and New SYNAPT XS Lead Full Portfolio of Mass Spectrometry Innovations at ASMS
Microsaic's Technology Breakthrough Demonstrates Cost and Time Savings
Increasing throughput with INTEGRA’s VIAFLO 96 channel pipette
Thermo Fisher Scientific Takes Liquid Chromatography Performance to New Heights


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