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How Water Quality Impacts Your Lab's Success

Join Sophia in her pursuit of precise test results from highly sensitive analysis methods. This animated infographic compares the risks of using bottled water with the benefits of freshly-prepared water.
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Agilent Survey of Pharma Lab Leaders Uncovers Challenges in Workflow and Laboratory Efficiencies

Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced the results of its first Pharma Lab Leaders Survey looking to gather insights from pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and contract research laboratories in seven countries around the world....
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Waters Novel Cyclic IMS and New SYNAPT XS Lead Full Portfolio of Mass Spectrometry Innovations at ASMS

Waters Corporation has unveiled two new high resolution mass spectrometry systems addressing the most challenging analytical needs of leading R&D scientists at the 67th Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics (ASMS).
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New Osmometer Peer Group Program to Allow Labs to Compare Data

Advanced Instruments, LLC announces the launch of their new web-based Advanced QC™ Peer Group program that allows laboratories to compare their osmometer serum and urine QC to their peers’ data on a real-time...
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Olympus Launches Revolutionary Next-Generation Objectives

Olympus delivers a breakthrough to life science microscopy with the launch of its next-generation X Line objectives. Ultra-thin lenses manufactured by a revolutionary polishing technique enable the objectives to simultaneously boost...
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New-Generation Benchtop Mass Spectrometer Advances Quantitative Proteomics and Translational Research

A new compact, benchtop mass spectrometer unlocks the power of an advanced differential ion mobility interface option and internal standard-triggered methods, to deliver high levels of performance in high-throughput laboratory environments....
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Artificial Intelligence Boosts Proteome Research

Using artificial intelligence, researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have succeeded in making the mass analysis of proteins from any organism significantly faster than before and almost error-free....
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Merck and Rigaku form Partnership to Develop Novel Molecular Structure Analysis Technology

Merck and Rigaku Corp. have signed a joint development agreement to develop lab consumables based on highly innovative crystalline sponge technology. Merck and Rigaku are collaborating to develop commercially available lab solutions...
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Effortless and Safe Pipetting in Your Cannabis Analysis

A reliable and precise pipette is a must in every laboratory. The Sartorius Tacta® pipette is chemically very durable and offers you the possibility to use Safe-Cone filters, which protect the pipette from any solvent fumes that may occur while preparing Cannabis products for chemical analysis....
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Make the Most of your Particle Analysis

Retsch Technology has launched the new CAMSIZER M1. This is the latest addition to our powerful range of optical particle analyzers. The CAMSIZER M1 from Retsch Technology is the perfect choice to accurately characterize particles using static image analysis....
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Tecan launches optimized packaging for clear disposable tips

Tecan has introduced a redesigned packaging format for its Tecan Pure Liquid Handling (LiHa) disposable clear tips in direct response to customer feedback. This more compact and lightweight packaging option has less dead space between tip racks, making it easier and more economical to transport, as well as reducing waste disposal costs. By optimizing the packaging, the product now contains 45 percent less plastic....

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Gilson announce the release of the extended mass range VERITY® 1910 MS Detector

NanoFCM Opens European Office and Centre of Excellence for Scientific Application Support

Hitachi High-Technologies Launches Two New Scanning Electron Microscopes

Discovery Park & MedCity to Partner on Prestigious Angels In MedCity Programme

Merck Lectureship 2019 Awarded to Susumu Kitagawa

BioCity Invests in Carbon Recycling Start-Up, Deep Branch Biotechnology

Agilent Announces Unique Portfolio to Advance Immunotherapy

New Catalogue of Infectious Disease Antibodies and Antigens



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