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Use cluster mapping to identify incident hotspots. Over.
You've been keeping incident records for years. You've carefully recorded a grid reference or GPS location for each response, as you predicted they might be useful later. It's now 'Later'.
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We have now enabled incident cluster mapping to all response teams for free, providing easy to understand geographic distribution and analysis of your responses.

As you zoom in and out on an interactive map - we automatically cluster and count incidents in each area on the map to determine hotspots and observe where the greatest impact can be achieved through your team's preventative techniques.

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You can quickly gain an unprecidented overview of how much happened where. Plot your training exercises and other events against your incidents and decide if you are training in locations that simulate your incidents or if your safety awareness and prevention is correctly distributed.

To try out cluster mapping with your teams data - sign-in to your account and visit [Activities] or sign-up now for free.

Safe Rescues,

-Robin Blandford.


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