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"Manfred is very pro-active with supervisors..."
(quote Maggie Martin, EMI MP)

Been “allied” for 19 years with EMI MP and acquainted with almost everyone in the system, especially the sales and licensing people but also the local companies’ leaderships on a worldwide basis, the recent Sony/ATV acquisition causes me problems in regards to my many personal contacts at EMI.

As you are all aware of, Iceberg Music Group’s synch department is very pro-active and has great success in getting synch-placements in the US but also in other territories. As sync income, master + publishing, is a vital part of Iceberg’s total revenue, it is critical to us to be swiftly teamed up with the Sony/ATV sync licensing staff.

Knowing that several EMI sync persons, who are familiar with Iceberg’s licensing catalogue (master and publishing), have already joined, or will be joining the Sony/ATV staff, we hope, they will take their knowledge with them to their new colleagues at Sony. However, we‘d highly appreciate it, in all our interests, if you could please provide us with the relevant contact information for all your new Sony/ATV sync friends, preferably as soon as possible.

Best regards 
Manfred Zähringer
Iceberg Music Group

  • Click here  to download the entire album by The Blue Van "Would You Change Your Life?" - including extra tracks and instrumentals.
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The Blue Van - Dreamers

Dreamers (radio edit)

Dreamers (instrumental)

Inspired by: The Killers, Muse, Blondie, Strokes
Published by Iceberg Publishing
Sub-published by EMI MP (Sony/ATV) outside Scandinavia
UK: Master represented by A&G Sync (agent)
Nice Little Penguins - I Will Follow You

I Will Follow You (album version)

I Will Follow You (instrumental)

Inspired by:Katrina And The Waves, Paul McCartney, Phil Collins
Published by Iceberg Publishing
Sub-published by EMI MP (Sony/ATV) outside Scandinavia 
UK: Master represented by A&G Sync (agent)
Ashley Noot - Throwing Away Your Love Songs

 Throwing Away Your Love Songs (album version)

Throwing Away Your Love Songs (instrumental)

Inspried by: Henry Mancini (The Pink Panther theme), Norah Jones, Melody Gadot
Published by Iceberg Publishing
Sub-published by EMI MP (Sony/ATV) outside Scandinavia 
UK: Master represented by A&G Sync (agent)

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"Would You Change Your Life?" by The Blue Van


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