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Dear <<First Name>>
  • If the song is not sub/co-published by Sony/ATV, you will automatically obtain the sub-publishing rights if you place it! - You Place it - You Get It!
  • Please remember if you need a last minute song? WE would be happy to assist; Mette Zahringer, Torsten Cubél or Manfred Z will always reply within 24 hours (or faster)
  • For more information pls. contact:  
  • Catalog:
  • New music from GingerAle, Cynosure and Claude Chichon!!!
  • EXTRA: The Blue Van on US Radio with their new single "Illusion" - KROQ (LA), WBOS (Boston), KNRK (Portland), KNDD (Seattle) and many others.

//ICEBERG SYNC TEAM - Manfred, Mette & Torsten

Manfred Zähringer (CEO) will be on a US business trip: N.Y. Nov. 4 – 6 Nov., L.A. Nov 7 - 22, Chicago Nov. 24 and 25. US cell phone - 323 370 90 88. For meetings pls send an e-mail to or 

(Remember; we have X-Mas & Halloween songs available) 


GingerAle - "Daydream"

 GingerAle - "Daydream" 
 GingerAle - "Daydream" (Instrumental)
- Grooving Melodic House with a great build
Clearance: Publishing & Master at Iceberg

Cynosure - "Man Up!"

 Cynosure - "Man Up!"
 Cynosure - "Man Up!" (Instrumental)
- 50's/60's/soul/feel good track in the same vein as Meghan Trainor. "All about the Bass"
Clearance: Publishing & Master at Iceberg

Claude Chichon - "Les Orchidées" 

 Claude Chichon - "Les Orchidées"
 Instrumental version available on request 

- Brings the listener straight to romantic Paris - Musette - French Lyrics
Clearance: Publishing & Master at Iceberg

Ashley Hicklin - "City Lights"

  • Please add us to your “song-seeking-list” when looking for tracks. Pls. send your requests to ( ), you will then reach us all at the Iceberg-Sync-Team. (Mette Zähringer, Torsten Cubél and Manfred Zähringer.)
  • US only: 99% of our masters are recorded in Europe, no need to ”bother” your musician unions.

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