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The Christmas edition of Iceberg Tuesday contains tracks from Nice Little Penguins, Morten Remar and BMI acclaimed The Blue Van. All three tracks including instrumentals suitable for synchronization.

Danish electro-pop rockers "White Burst" have released a video to their new single "Only Love Can Save You" - feel free to watch, share, like the video below.

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Manfred Zähringer is still on US synch trip: New York Nov. 25-30 Nov., Los Angeles Dec. 1-15, Chicago Dec. 16-19. Manfred can be reached on US cellphone - 323 370 90 88 or

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  • Iceberg Trailer & Promo Sampler 1# + Iceberg Synchronization Sampler #5 available for streaming and download - you find all samplers at the bottom of the newsletter.
  • FOR TV-SERIES/FILM PRODUCTIONS:  We'd be very pleased if you could send us a most recent list with your 2012/2013 productions for which music will be needed. We'll then be able to submit relevant song suggestions to you and/or the respective music supervisors. Please send the list to
  • Click here to stream and download new full-lenght "Wild Hearts" by Dúné


Did You Ever - Nice Little Penguins

Did You Ever (album version)

Did You Ever (instrumental)
Inspired by: Muse, U2
Published by Iceberg Publishing
UK: Master represented by A&G Sync (agent)
Harder Than A Diamond - The Blue Van

Harder Than A Diamond (album version)

Harder Than A Diamond (instrumental)

Inspired by: AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, Judas Priest, Soundgarden, Thin Lizzy
Published by Iceberg Publishing
UK: Master represented by A&G Sync (agent)
I Work So Hard - Morten Remar

I Work So Hard (album version)

I Work So Hard (instrumental)

Inspired by: John Mayer
Published by Iceberg Publishing
UK: Master represented by A&G Sync (agent)

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