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Bill Wilson Uses a .458 SOCOM to Take a Trophy Elk!

Bill Wilson, known for successful hunts all over the world, recently went to the Longfellow Ranch in Southwest Texas (380,000+ acres of free range/no high fence hunting) and again, had great success. However, the interesting part of this hunt was his equipment choices for the trip. Usually, Bill will take a very nice bolt action rifle, but he now has the Wilson Combat .458 SOCOM in his favorite suppressed AR15 style rifle at his disposal. The .458 had no problem with the trophy bull at 80 yards, and likewise, had no problem with the 183 yard management bull shot. If you'd like to upgrade the power of your AR, get a Wilson Combat custom AR in .458 SOCOM.

Custom Uppers




Paul Howe: AR Optics & What's Best for You



Easy and fast to find and put on target.


Small objective and subject to fogging in some environments.

Personal Observations:

  • Aimpoint performs the best out of what I have seen come to my classes. A lot of shooters run E.O Techs, but they have the highest failure rate.
  • I believe any of these...

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Ryan Wilson
Vice President
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PS:  Rugged optics for every application...

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