Journal of World Popular Music 3.1 (2016) table of contents
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Journal of World Popular Music

Issue 3.1 (2016) table of contents

Special Issue: Gender, Popular Music and Australian Identity
Guest editor: Catherine Strong

Editorial- open access
Editor's Introduction
Simone Krüger, Sarah Baker

Gender, Popular Music and Australian Identity
Introduction to Special Issue
Catherine Strong
Not Just Boys and Rock ’n’ Roll: Rediscovering Women on Early Australian Music Television
Liz Giuffre
She-Riffs: Gender and the Australian Experience of Alternative Rock and Riot Grrrl in the 1990s
Catherine Strong, Ian Rogers
 “Don’t Worry, it’s Just a Girl!”: Negotiating and Challenging Gendered Assumptions in Sydney’s Breakdancing Scene
Rachael Gunn
Sophisticated Lady: Female Vocalists and Gendered Identity in the Brisbane Jazz Scene
Lauren Istvandity
We are the Sons of the Southern Cross: Gendered Nationalisms and Imagined Community in Australian Extreme Metal
Catherine Hoad
 “Spark and Cultivate”: LISTEN and Grassroots Feminist Activism in the Melbourne Music Scene
Catherine Strong, Evelyn Morris

British Popular Music
Jason Toynbee, Catherine Tackley and Mark Doffman, eds. 2014. Black British Jazz: Routes, Ownership and Performance. Farnham: Ashgate
Reviewed by Lawrence Davies
Jon Stratton. 2014. When Music Migrates: Crossing British and European Racial Faultlines, 1945–2010. Farnham: Ashgate
Reviewed by Donna Weston
Jon Stratton and Nabeel Zuberi, eds. 2014. Black Popular Music in Britain Since 1945. Farnham: Ashgate
Reviewed by Tony Mitchell

Indigeneity and World Popular Music
Christopher A. Scales. 2012. Recording Culture: Powwow Music and the Aboriginal Recording Industry. Durham, NC: Duke University Press
 Reviewed by Carolyn Chong
Christopher A. Scales. 2012. Recording Culture: Powwow Music and the Aboriginal Recording Industry. Durham, NC: Duke University Press
Reviewed by Alf Arvidsson
Katelyn Barney. 2014. Collaborative Ethnomusicology: New Approaches to Music Research between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians. Melbourne: Lyrebird Press
Reviewed by André Rottgeri
Simone Krüger, Liverpool John Moores University

Reviews Editor

Sarah Baker, Griffith University

Journal of World Popular Music

ISSN 2052-4919 
Journal of World Popular Music is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes research and scholarship on recent issues and debates surrounding international popular musics, also known as World Music, Global Pop, World Beat or, more recently, World Music 2.0.

The journal provides a forum to explore the manifestations and impacts of post-globalizing trends, processes, and dynamics surrounding these musics today. It adopts an open-minded perspective, including in its scope any local popularized musics of the world, commercially available music of non-Western origin, musics of ethnic minorities, and contemporary fusions or collaborations with local ‘traditional’ or ‘roots’ musics with Western pop and rock musics. 
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