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Hello again, Common Crafters!

For our latest video, we’re going behind the scenes of the Internet and taking a look at encryption and how “keys” help keep our sensitive information secure as it travels from computer to computer. 

Here are the highlights as an ExplainerGIF:

Encryption GIF

Do you want to learn to make animated GIFs like the one above? We'll teach you.  

About This Video:

Encryption is a fundamental part of using the Internet securely, but it is mostly invisible to the user. This video explains the basic idea of encryption and specifically the two types of keys that are used online: symmetric and public. It teaches:
  • Why encryption matters on the Web
  • An example of encryption used in history
  • The basics of private key encryption
  • The basics of public key encryption
  • How public key encryption works when using a bank website
How to Use This Video

This video is designed to serve as an introduction -- it creates a solid foundation for deeper learning. Use it to kick-off a class or session on the Internet, technology, e-commerce, security, privacy, communications, etc.  
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Looking for a Speaker for Your Event?

Over the past month, I’ve traveled around the U.S. to six different events as the keynote speaker. My talk, like the book that inspired it, is called “The Art of Explanation”.

Lee LeFever Speaking

My goal with every event is for attendees to leave with concrete ideas and strategies for becoming a better explainer, regardless of profession. 

Christy Maeker, who attended one of my recent talks, posted this on Twitter:

"Thanks, @leelefever, for the best and most useful presentation I've ever been to. The Art of Explanation. A-ha moments everywhere! Excellent."

Learn more about Lee's speaking here, or contact us for details.

And of course, our furry friends, just for you...

Maybe is the first dog we’ve had who requires consistent grooming. Over time her hair just grows and grows and we’re now doing the grooming ourselves, albeit poorly.

The longer Maybe’s hair gets, the more wild and untamed she looks. When we cut it, we tell her that she's still welcome in the pack. That’s about the best a dog can hope for. I’m sure you can see the difference below. 

Maybe before and after

That's it for now! Cheers!

~Lee and Sachi LeFever, Common Craft


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