Our mission is to communicate the fullness of the gospel to over 18,000 teenagers in our local community. This picture shows our fearless team leaders who are at the front of the charge. They represent 11 clubs which have a presence on six high school campuses, five junior high campuses, several colleges (FYL), and an entire community (YoungLives). These faces are the first glimpses of the Good News proclaimed for so many young people. Please pray for them.
Last night, the night before the first day of school, our leadership and some old YL friends met at Paradise Valley High School to pray all over the campus, and for our new staff member Lise Gawin. Though the gates were open earlier in the day, when we got there they were locked. A hired security officer pulled up to our large crowd as he spoke into his walkie-talkie back to his command center to report our group. This was a bad start. I walked up to his car and introduced myself. As it turns out he went to YL and after our chat his whole demeanor changed. He was excited we were there and called off his troops. As I went back to our group Tim Holman was talking to someone I didn't know. It turned out to be the assistant principal, who is close friends with Tim's brother. The assistant principal welcomed us, told us that he would do anything to help Young Life at PVHS, and then unlocked the gate to let us pray over his campus. From locked gate and disgruntled rent-a-cops, to a literal open door and welcome. God has certainly gone before us to restart club at PVHS!
Though school starts today, we are coming off a fantastic summer. Many students went to camp and many went to summer campaigners. Even last week groups were still meeting for their weekly ultimate frisbee game and one Wyldlife campaigners finished their weekly meetings they did throughout the entire summer on Friday nights. If you would like to see three minutes of stories click the video above or THIS LINK.

Three photos may not capture everything that we are up to, but it can give you a quick snapshot of some of the things we see. In fact, most of our photos are student or leader submited. Thanks for being part of our team. Enjoy.
Sean McGever, Area Director
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