A Season of Hope

A front-row seat to the beauty and transformation in people's lives.

Dear <<First Name>>,

What a year it has been as we have sought to recover from Covid and re-engage routines and activities from our pre-Covid lives. Things have changed and recovery and re-engagement have come with their own challenges and costs. I'm still learning how to let go of things that no longer serve me and to grieve the losses along the way, but I have found that leaning even more into my contemplative spiritual practices, like unhurried time in nature, spiritual direction, CranioSacral Therapy, and Centering Prayer, have not only carried me through but have deepened my faith and connection with God and my true self. This connection anchors the ministry work I offer in the world. It's my hope and prayer that your spiritual practices carry you through and ground you more and more deeply in the ever-present love of God as your navigate the complexities of our world.

Ministry-wise, it feels like I've been surrounded by so much beauty this year. It is an incredible privilege and honor to have a front row seat to the spiritual transformation in someone's life, and I not only get that seat in my monthly spiritual direction sessions with 8-12 directees, but also through the spiritual direction training program that I lead. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve others through my gifts and witness the growth, healing and transformation of the 4 women who completed the 2nd year of our spiritual direction training program!

Ministry Snapshots

Encouraging and empowering people to heal, grow and serve in the world.

On the Horizon

New things coming as we seek to help more people experience growth

through the ministries of spiritual formation and direction.

Family Update

So much gratitude for the ways our boys are growing in every way!

Our boys have shot up in height this year, and continue to amaze us in their intellectual and creative pursuits as well. Parenting is certainly an opportunity for spiritual growth for Carrie and I, but we love it. To read a fuller update on our family, click here for our Christmas letter.

Partnership and Thanks

Thank you for making this good work possible.

I have been in ministry for most of my adult life now, and I do not take for granted those of you who partner with me in prayer and finance. Please know that any way that you have been able to invest in this work is deeply appreciated.

As we anticipate a new year and bringing Carrie on board to help with the communications aspects of my work, we’re looking to increase our budget by $10k. Year end gifts are always appreciated and increase our capacity for giving of ourselves for others. If you are able to consider an increase or year-end gift at this time we would be so very appreciative! Thank you for giving this ministry a strong financial foundation which helps this ministry continue to grow and thrive.

For your convenience, there are three options for giving - Paypal for online/recurring gifts, Venmo, or checks. Click the button below to give your gift through Paypal or Venmo.
To give by check please make them out to "HOLE IN THE ROCK MINISTRIES" AND MAIL TO THE SAME AT 5819 E. ERIN AVE, FRESNO, CA 93727.


If you’re curious about how spiritual direction works and whether it might be something you’d like to try, I’m available for a chat to learn more. Click the link below or hit reply on this email to set up a time!