We are pleased to announce the launch of our preschool and live performance training in addition to the parent/child training we already offer!
January and February 2013 News and Events
Thank you for being a treasured part of our Learning Groove community.  We welcome your feedback and submissions.  Email them to jennifer@thelearninggroove.com.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our
TLG Preschool Curriculum!

Now, along side the parent/child classes, TLG offers online training to teach in preschools!  This curriculum was developed according to state and federal standards, is searchable by topic, and is ready to integrate into the students' homes.  There is a four year syllabus based on the academic calendar, and plenty of lessons about how to be a great teacher, find a preschool, and manage your class. 

New trainees can dive right in.  Before you even finish training, you are welcome to search out preschools nearby and get your classes going!  TLG equips you with marketing ideas and templates, your own website, how to pitch to preschools, and other business savvy..

TLG Teachers, you already have access to this.  Just go to your teacher training site and check it out!

There is no further cost to you or to the preschool.

Also new to the training site, tips on LIVE performance.  Take advantage of the teaching skills, props and instruments you posess to make some extra money and publicize your classes by performing LIVE at family venues and birthday parties.

Go to The Learning Groove for more information or contact jennifer@thelearninggroove.com
TLG co-founder, Eric Litwin, wrote a little book that is taking Illinois by storm...Thanks to Mrs. Smith-Cox for sending the picture along with all the parents' permissions!

"The students and I at Lovington Elementary School love Pete The Cat so much the art students painted a mural on the library's wall!"
to TLG co-founder Michael Levine and his extraordinarily talented and lovely FIANCE, Bonnie Puckett on their recent engagement!  Together Michael and Bonnie form the band Sunmoon Pie.  Congratulate them at Sunmoon Pie's Facebook page!

Upcoming Events

What do TLG teachers do when they get their own kids to bed?
Jennifer Daniels, a resident of Chattanooga, TN, award winning songwriter and TLG teacher is offering an online concert this Saturday, February 2 at 9pm, so get your kids to bed too and tune in!

Families and potential students, feel free to demo a TLG class to see what it's like!
Find A TLG Class

Let us know what's happening in your neck of the woods.  Our TLG family is beginning to spread out all over the country, and even across the world!  We'd like to post your events!  jennifer@thelearninggroove.com
The Learning Groove is a music and movement curriculum for children.  Created upon the wealth of research about the many benefits of such programs, The Learning Groove is unique in that it's music rocks.  Don't just take my word for it.  Visit TLGmusic.com to listen for yourself.

Behind The Learning Groove are two education GEEKS named Michael Levine and Eric Litwin.  Between them they share over 25 years of music production, performance and education experience including graduate degrees, teaching posts, best selling books, and many awards for their efforts.  They value their teachers and the TLG community at large.  Find out more at The Learning Groove.
How can YOU, as a parent, maximize your child's learning?
Whether your child receives lessons at preschool or you are with them as part of a parent/child class, you can go to www.TLGmusic.com to hear all of The Learning Groove songs anytime for free.  There are musical activities as well as coloring pages and videos to watch. 

Your child will integrate the lessons better if you have fun with the music at home.  -and not just the musical lessons either, but also the many other lessons that come from music and movement classes such as math and science reasoning, language acquisition, gross and fine motor skills, and lots of sweet bonding with you!

Do you know of someone who is great with kids and musical too?  Send them to The Learning Groove for more information on teacher training.  Online training takes about 35 hours and equips teachers to instruct as well as to run their own TLG business as an independent contractor.  Training has expanded to cover not only parent/child classes, but preschool as well, AND training in live performance.

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