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Annual Meeting: Board Election Candidates

Members are invited to attend the 59th Annual Meeting on April 21, 2016. Doors will open at 6:15 p.m. at the WSU Hurst Center (Directly east of the WSCU Main Office) with the meeting beginning at 6:45 p.m.

In conjunction with the meeting, an election for Weber State Credit Union Board of Directors will be held. There will be two open positions, each for a three-year term. The nominating committee has selected the following candidates for election:

Roger Smout (Incumbent) 

Roger has held several successful positions in private industry including IBS, Inc. for 17 years. He was awarded the 2001 Salesperson of the Year, and in 2002 was awarded the IBS Million Dollar Salesperson award. He is a corporate trainer and ranks among the top salespeople. Roger graduated from Weber State University in 1997 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Sales. He is currently serving as the Chair of the WSCU Supervisory Committee. Roger has been a member of the credit union since 1980.

Craig Dearden (Incumbent)

Craig has been in public service since 1974, serving as Chief of Police and Weber County Sheriff. Governor Leavitt appointed Craig as State Commissioner of Public Safety in 1997 where he was responsible for law enforcement planning for the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Games. In 2001 Craig became Director of Public Safety for Weber State University. He served as Weber County Commissioner from 2005 to 2013. Craig has an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelors Degree in English from Weber State University. Craig is currently serving as the Board’s Vice Chair and has been a member of the credit union since 2002.

Dave Hardman

Dave served as the President of the Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce from 2004 to 2015. In addition to his Chamber duties, Dave has served many other organizations, including United Way of Northern Utah and the Weber Arts Council. Dave graduated with his Bachelor of Science from Weber State University in 1972 with an emphasis in Business Management and Banking & Finance. He received an MBA from Utah State University in 1974. Dave has been a member of the credit union since 2016.

All members are invited to attend the meeting to have an opportunity to vote for Board candidates. Only members who are primary account holders and at least 18 years of age may cast ballots. Only one vote allowed per member.

Spring Cleaning Your Financial Home

For many, rising temperatures, melting snow and an influx of new greenery are not only signs that spring is here, but that it’s time to clean– dusting, mopping, getting rid of unused junk, etc. But your physical home is not the only thing that could use a good scrubbing. Your financial house could use some love and attention as well. Here are three areas to focus on:

1- Banking - Consolidate accounts; streamline with online statements and bill pay; shred old statements and checks.

If you’ve moved a few times, you may find that you have several bank accounts -- and an overwhelming number of monthly statements. While some financial whizzes use different accounts for different reasons, most will benefit by streamlining accounts with a single financial institution.

Move your banking life online with e-Branch to cut clutter. You can get monthly e-Statements, and you can see your canceled checks online as well. Shred old checks and old statements because you can get copies of them from WSCU.

You’ll benefit by paying as many bills as possible electronically. Not only will you save the price of a stamp, but you also can have payments deducted automatically to ensure you never incur a late charge again.

2- Credit Cards/Debt - Check your credit report; shop around for lower interest rates; come up with a payment strategy.

A 50- or 100-point change in your credit score can mean the difference between great loan terms and terrible ones, and inaccuracies in your credit report can drag that score down at least that much. Do yourself a favor and double-check it.

Once you have an accurate credit report, check the interest rates you pay on balances and compare the rates with other cards. You may be able to use that as leverage to improve your credit card terms. 

Finally, develop a plan to pay off any debt. Tackle high-interest credit-card debt first to guarantee the best bang for your buck. Any tax return you’ve got coming can help you make a big dent in your debt, so consider paying it off before blowing it on the latest gadget or a luxury vacation.

3- Insurance - Get new quotes for car, home and life insurance policies; update beneficiaries.

Term life, car and some homeowner insurance policies have gone down in price over the past few years. If you haven’t shopped around for a new policy recently, you may find that a bit of research can save you hundreds of dollars. 

As you’re shopping around, be sure you’re sufficiently covered. If you’ve done significant renovations or additions to your house and haven’t revised the policy, be sure to take those upgrades into account. 

Give your life insurance policies a second look if you’ve had a major life change. A new baby might warrant increased coverage, for example, while a divorce or death might require a beneficiary change.

article adapted from

Skip the Hassle - Get to the Happy

WSCU Car Buying Service Powered by TRUECar

If you have been considering buying a new car, but have avoided it so far because you don’t particularly enjoy the hassle that usually goes with it, we have the solution for you! WSCU has partnered with TRUECar to provide a powerful yet easy Car Buying Service. Coming in April, you will be able to use the free research tools to see what others paid for the new vehicle you want, and never overpay. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Get Approved for a Car Loan. Getting approved for a loan from a WSCU will show you what interest rate you qualify for. If the interest rate offered is unexpectedly high, you will know that there are problems with your credit history that need to be resolved before you move forward. 

Step 2: Research Your Car using the WSCU Car Buying Service. Everyone knows that the price of a new car is usually negotiable. But how much of a discount can you expect? Using the new WSCU Car Buying Service, you can see what others paid for the car you are considering. Visit to get started.

1- Enter the make and model of the car you want

2- Configure your vehicle to choose the options and color you want.

3- Receive the TRUECar estimate for the vehicle, as well as the market analysis that shows what others have paid for the same vehicle.

Uninformed car buyers can get burned in the sales process and end up with surprise fees and prices. By presenting pricing information upfront, TRUECar Certified Dealers eliminate the hidden surprises.

Step 3: Locate Your New Car. Pick the dealership that works best for you.

Step 4: Lock in Your Savings and Buy Your Car. Get a Guaranteed Savings Certificate that includes your service savings, print out the certificate on the page, and you are ready to go to the dealership to conclude the deal.

Better Serving Our Community

Weber State Credit Union is pleased to announce the creation of the Weber State Credit Union Foundation which will assist organizations that benefit the communities in which Weber State Credit Union operates. The Foundation will work to connect volunteers and resources to the community. The Foundation’s focus will be in four areas: educational development, environmental sustainability, economic development and recreation. The Foundation will conduct fundraising activities to support its operations. 

“Weber State Credit Union has a long history of supporting our local community. The Foundation will provide possibilities for increased support through the donations of our community members,” said Vickie van der Have, President/CEO of Weber State Credit Union. 

Partners of Weber State Credit Union that receive support through the Foundation say they feel grateful for the resources that Weber State Credit Union contributes to the community. 

“Weber State Credit Union has been a stellar supporter of education. Their contributions to the Ogden School Foundation go directly into the classrooms to create an impact and enhance each child’s educational opportunities,” said Janis Vause, Executive Director for the Ogden School Foundation. 

“Weber State Credit Union stepped up when YCC Family Crisis Center desperately needed funding in order to expand our domestic violence shelter because there was not enough beds for adults and their children fleeing domestic violence, and literally helped save and change the lives of hundreds of victims,” said Julee Smith, Executive Director for YCC.

Love UT Give UT
WSCU Foundation will be participating in Love Utah Give Utah, a 24-hour event that encourages everyone to support the organizations that make Utah special. Love UT Give UT will be held on March 31, 2016. 

Weber State Credit Union has been collecting donations for twelve years to purchase and supply shoes for kindergartners attending Title 1 schools throughout Weber County. Every dollar raised goes directly to the purchase of shoes that will warm the soles of a Utah child this winter. Each pair of shoes is carefully selected using the child’s gender, age and shoe size. This ensures that every child receives exactly what he or she needs. 

We hope that you will respectfully consider supporting the WSCU Foundation Warm the Soles program, and consider the WSCU Foundation and its service to the community when choosing your philanthropic giving this year for Love UT Give UT.
Click here to donate today.

Free WSCU Shred Day

Join us April 23, 2016 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm for our free annual recycling event. Bring your junk mail, old tax returns, manuals and personal documents to be safely shredded and recycled by Shred-It. You can also bring any old small electronics you have sitting around, such as hard drives, cell phones, cameras, etc. to be recycled by Shred Masters. With your help, we will recycle enough paper to save over 250 trees. 

Main - 4140 Harrison Blvd. Ogden (This is the only location that will provide electronic recycling.) 

North - 2388 N. 400 E. (Washington Blvd.) North Ogden 

Roy - 5997 S. 3500 W. Roy

EV Charging Station Now at WSCU

Electric vehicle ownership in northern Utah comes loaded with obstacles, but Rod Holtry is navigating them with a little help.

The biggest hurdle is finding enough electrons to get around. Holtry’s own Nissan Leaf has an 85-mile range, which works fine running short errands. Longer distances, however, become complicated. That’s why when businesses add charging stations for the public to use he does what he can to support them.

Case in point, when Weber State Credit Union installed a new charger at its main branch on Harrison Boulevard last month, Holtry made sure both his checking and business accounts were there.

“I had my business account at one bank, and my personal one at another and I was thinking of moving them to the same bank anyway, then I saw Weber State Credit Union had a charger,” Holtry said. “It’s a seemingly arbitrary reason,” he said, “but I figured I’d support them for putting a charger there.”

Holtry mostly uses the PlugShare app to figure out where to recharge. Taking a look at its interactive map, the challenge of finding chargers becomes obvious. While there are loads of electric vehicle stations in Salt Lake City, very few public chargers have been installed around Ogden.

“A strong network of charging stations helps reassure those considering electric that they will have plenty of places to recharge,” said WSCU President/CEO, Vickie van der Have.

The credit union is also offering a .25 percent discount on loan rates for green vehicles to help encourage the purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles.

“Offering a loan discount and informing people about green vehicle tax credits may be enough to tip the scales in the decision to purchase electric,” said van der Have.

“I don’t think I’ll ever own another gas car,” said Rod. “My wife and I both own electric vehicles and we love them.”

article adapted from

WSCU proudly offers you exclusive discounts and benefits on products and services you use every day. Credit union members have already saved over $1.4 billion with Love My Credit Union Rewards discounts. So along with lower loan rates and fewer fees, here’s another way you can save even more. 

  • Receive a 10% discount (business members a 15% discount) on select regularly priced Sprint monthly data service. Plus, waived activation fee on new lines and upgrade fees ($36 savings each)
  • Get safety and security of roadside assistance and more for less than $1 per week* with CU Road Pal 
  • Save up to $15 on TurboTax Federal tax products
  • Save on services for your home from ADT, DIRECTV, Allied and more 
  • Earn cash back when you shop at over 1,500 online retailers with Love to Shop

The more offers you take advantage of, the more you save. Start today at

*Based on individual roadside assistance plan

Holidays & Closures

WSCU will be closed on the following days:
Annual Meeting (close @ 5:00pm) - April 21
Memorial Day - May 30
Independence Day - July 4
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