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Worried About Taxes?

An IRA can help!
If you think your tax bill is etched in marble at the end of the year, think again. You can still open or contribute to an IRA until April 15th.
An IRA is a smart way to save for retirement.
  • Tax-deferred growth - Your IRA earnings are not taxed each year, providing more growth potential.
  • Compounding interest - Your IRA will grow faster over time since earnings are compounded.
You can start an IRA CD at Weber State Credit Union for as little as $500.
Please click here for more information.

Annual Meeting: Call for Candidates

In accordance with Weber State Federal Credit Union's Bylaws, elections for its Board of Directors will be held at the annual meeting schedule for April 24, 2014. Three positions will be open for elections at this time. Each position carries a three year term.
If you are interested in serving on this important governing body, please submit a letter of application (limited to 150 words) and a resume to the Nominations Committee at 4140 Harrison Blvd. Ogden, UT 84403. Applications must be received by the close of business on January 24, 2014.
To be eligible to run for the Board, candidates must:
  • Have a credit union membership in good standing
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be bondable
  • Attest to being free from any conflict of interest
  • Be able to attend at least 75% of all Board meetings (as mandated by law) and be willing to attend training and planning sessions
  • Be knowledgeable in all areas of the credit union activity
  • Have no immediate family members who are current employees or volunteers at the credit union
  • Current employees are ineligible for election
Nominations for candidacy may also be made by petition. Members applying via petition must submit a statement of qualification and the petition for candidacy, signed by at least 1% of credit union members.
Such applications must be accompanied by a certificate signed by the nominee stating they are agreeable to nomination and will serve if elected. The petition must be received by closing on March 7, 2014.

Mark your calendar
Annual Meeting, April 24th


No matter the size of your business, our Merchant Services are guaranteed to save you money.
  • Accept all major debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Network
  • Competitive pricing on transactions
  • With Electronic Check Acceptance, get instant approval and electronic deposits for check transactions
  • Build customer loyalty and profit by offering gift cards
  • Full-service debit/ATM transactions, e-commerce and virtual terminal applications
  • Access to merchant account information through a secure and innovative Internet-based reporting tool
  • 24/7 customer service
To learn how you can receive a free business analysis, and how you can receive up to $250 for making the switch, call us at 801-399-9728.

Spear phishing is a term that describes a phishing attack that is targeted either at a group, or worse, at the recipient specifically. The attack is typically carried out via a targeted email sent with either a malicious attachment or with a link to a malicious website.
So how do you defend yourself and your organization against this threat?
  • Understand the threat.
  • Educate yourself and your users on how an attacker may structure the attack, how an email address or phone number can be easily spoofed, and how hyperlinks can take you to a different destination than it would appear.
  • Train yourself and your users how to pause before clicking links, how to hover over hyperlinks to see where they actually point to, and how to recognize suspicious text and grammar.
  • Use technology such as email spam filters, reverse proxy solutions, black-list subscription services, etc.
Article adapted from Forbes

Our private student loans are a great way to bridge the gap between the actual cost of education and the amount awarded to you through federal financial aid and scholarship programs. These loans are very flexible in that students or parents may apply whenever they need, and the money is generally available for use within days of approval. Some benefits of our loans include:
  • No origination fee.
  • Competitive interest rates - good grades mean a lower loan rate!
  • 1% interest rate reduction - once you have entered the full repayment period and 10% of the loan principal is repaid.
  • 30 day no-fee return policy.
  • Cosigner release available - for creditworthy borrowers after 24 consecutive on-time principal + interest payments
For more information, or to apply for a Private Student Loan, click here.

Commitment to Community

Weber State Credit Union is always working to build a stronger community.

Warm the Soles
Thanks to the generous donations of our members and the success of our winter Skip-a-Payment program, Weber State Credit Union was able to provide new shoes to children in Kindergarten classes at elementary schools in Roy and Ogden. This is the tenth year WSCU has coordinated Warm the Soles.



Shred Day April 27
Tame Your Taxes 
  • Turbo Tax provides tax experts available for you year-round by phone or chat
  • Turbo Tax will find every tax deduction and credit you deserve so you get the biggest tax refund possible
  • Turbo Tax will guide you step by step through your taxes
You can find a link to Turbo Tax here.
Auto Loans as low as 1.99% Fixed APR for up to 60 months
Borrow up to 80% of your home's value 
A Home Equity Line of Credit is ideal for:
  • Consolidating debt
  • Making home renovations
  • Funding a college education
  • Major purchases
*Annual Percentage Rate. After 12 months, rate adjusts to prime + 0.5%
WSU Alumni Golf Classic
Home Values Rising
Davis County homeowners have seen an increase of 9.4% over 2012 values.
Weber County homeowners are close behind with an increase of 9% over 2012 values.
Call 801-399-9728 and we can tell you how much your home may be worth.
Relay for Life
Do More with Mobile
We're pleased to announce exciting upgrades for mobile and online banking in 2014. 
  • New services will make managing money even easier
  • New interface will allow the same functionality and appearance regardless of the device you use

Start Home Plans Here

If you are starting the home buying adventure, it's a good idea to connect with one of our mortgage experts. We can give you an overview of the process and pre-qualify you for a mortgage so you know your price range. Contact us at 801-399-9728 or click here to start your home buying adventure today!

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