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Annual Meeting: Call For Candidates

In accordance with Weber State Federal Credit Union’s Bylaws, elections for its Board of Directors will be held at the annual meeting scheduled for April 21, 2016. Two positions will be open for elections at this time. Each position carries a three-year term.

If you are interested in serving on this important governing body, please submit a letter of application (limited to 150 words) and a resume to the Nominations Committee at 4140 Harrison Blvd. Ogden, UT 84403. Applications must be received by the close of business on January 22, 2016. 

To be eligible to run for the Board, candidates must:

  • Have a credit union membership in good standing (defined as having a minimum of $25 in savings, current on all loans, within pre-determined line of credit, and never having caused a loss to the credit union in past business dealings).
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be bondable. 
  • Attest to being free from any conflict of interest.
  • Be able to attend at least 75% of all Board meetings (as mandated by law) and be willing to attend training and planning sessions. 
  • Be knowledgeable in all areas of credit union activity. 
  • Have no immediate family members who are current employees or volunteers at the credit union. 
  • Current employees are ineligible for election.
  • Must comply with NCUA requirements for board members.

Nominations for candidacy may also be made by petition. Members applying via petition must submit a statement of qualification and the petition for candidacy, signed by at least 1% of credit union members. Such applications must be accompanied by a certificate signed by the nominee stating they are agreeable to nomination and will serve if elected. The petition must be received by closing on March 4, 2016. 

Elections will be conducted by ballot at the annual meeting. Nominations will not be accepted from the floor. Board members cannot be monetarily compensated, and are collectively liable for the actions of the Board.

Making Dreams Happen

With the new year comes both reflection and resolution. We look back on the year and think about the great things that happened, and maybe some of the things that didn’t. We all have those things that we want to happen, but we haven’t been able to bring them to life just yet. We all have dreams. 

Dreams are important because they give us goals to strive for. Some dreams are small and more easily achieved, such as losing those extra pounds you might have gained during the holidays. Other dreams are big and take much longer to become reality, such as going to school to earn a degree and eventually making a career that you love. Here are seven tips for chasing your dreams.

1. Imagine a day in the life you want to be living. 
2. Assess where you are now — financially, physically, logistically, socially and career-wise.
3. Break down the path to your ideal life into small goals.
4. Put your new habits in your calendar. 
5. Remove potential roadblocks. 
6. Broadcast your intention to others, especially friends.
7. Find like-minded people to support and inspire you. 

Support is a big key when it comes to making dreams happen. No matter what your dream is, from buying your dream car to taking your dream vacation to landing your dream job, WSCU is here to help and support you in every step of the way. Tell us your dreams and we will help make them reality.

Common Ways Identity Thieves Strike

Many people do not realize how easily criminals can obtain our personal data without having to break into our homes. In public places, for example, criminals may engage in “shoulder surfing” –watching you from a nearby location as you punch in your credit card number.

If you receive applications for “pre-approved” credit cards in the mail, but discard them without tearing up the enclosed materials, criminals may retrieve them and try to activate the cards for their use without your knowledge. 

The Internet has become an appealing place for criminals to obtain identifying data, such as passwords or even banking information. Many people respond to “spam” unsolicited e-mail that promises them some benefit but requests identifying data.

With enough identifying information about an individual, a criminal can take over that individual’s identity and inflict substantial damage on the victim’s assets, credit, and reputation.

To reduce or minimize the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft or fraud, there are some basic steps you can take. For starters, just remember the word “SCAM”:

S - Be stingy about giving out your personal information to others unless you have a reason to trust them.

C - Check your mail for monthly statements and make sure to never leave sensitive information in the outgoing mail.

A - Ask periodically for a copy of your credit report.

M - Maintain careful records of your banking and financial accounts.

Save Up to $15 on Your Taxes

We know that filing your taxes can be quite the grueling task, so we’ve partnered with TurboTax to make it easier and less expensive for you. 

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New Year, New You - Join the SLIM Resolution!

Improving your health is one of the top resolutions that is set year after year. While we can’t help you slim your waistline, we can help you improve your financial health, which can have a positive effect on your life as well. Make 2016 the year you get S-L-I-M with us.


Take a look at your spending routine to see where you can improve in 2016. e-Track, which allows you to set spending budgets, savings goals, cash-flow calendars and more, will help get you there.


Not all loans are created equal. Some have better rates and terms than others, so it’s good to look at your current loans and see if you can consolidate to one loan to lower your overall payments. 


Saving money can be hard for many people, but it’s important for everyone to have an emergency savings fund, if nothing else. Simple tools such as automatic transfers can help you to build your rainy day nest egg, even if you just transfer $10 every paycheck. 


We make it easy to stay on top of your financial well being by putting the management tools in your hands – literally. Our mobile banking app has everything you need to track your spending, review your loans and apply for new ones, and set up automatic transfers to start building your savings.

We know that New Year’s resolutions can be difficult, but improving your financial health doesn’t have to be. You might not get the same feeling as when you finally can fit into those jeans from years ago, but you’ll still feel pretty good when your finances are in better shape. Call, email or visit us and we can help you get started on the best year yet.

Commitment to Community

Food Drive
Through donations of our members, Weber State Credit Union was able to provide over 400 pounds of canned and non perishable food items to the Ogden Rescue Mission. 

Warm the Soles
Thanks to the generous donations of our members and the success of our winter Skip-a-Payment, Weber State Credit Union was able to provide new shoes to children in Kindergarten classes at elementary schools in Roy and Ogden.  This is the twelfth year WSCU Members have provided generous donations to Warm the Soles of kids.

Sub for Santa
Together with Weber Human Services, WSCU was able to provide Christmas presents to ten families and 28 children this holiday season through our Sub for Santa program. This was paid for by the credit union employees.

Holidays & Closures

WSCU will be closed on the following days:
Martin Luther King Jr. Day - January 18
Presidents' Day - February 15
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