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Hello Friends! 

I have gotten so behind that I failed to put out a Fall Newsletter, so here is the Holiday Newsletter in the nick of time!  

Contents include:

  • Holiday-Discounted Gift Certificates
  • Raising Pet Limits in Los Angeles
  • Buddha Dog Massages now available at Animal Wellness Centers
  • Buddha Dog on Pit Boss
  •  Animal Legislation Victories in 2010
  • Buddha COW Massages at The Gentle Barn

  •  Massage video with Warren Eckstein and Hugs & Kisses
  • Buddha Dog and Ozzy Foundation at Race for the   Rescues!
  • Buddha Dog mention in The American Dog Magazine
  •  CAPS Annual Holiday ANTI-PUPPY MILL Silent March 
  • Buddha Dog at Strut Your Mutt
  •  "Rescues Gone Wild" Calendar & "Beauty to the Rescue!" Events
  • Buddha Dogs and Cats of the Month in The Pet Press
  • silhouPETte
  • A Tribute to my Bronco
 Wishing you all the Happiest of Holidays! May you & yours stay safe and feeling good!



Gift Certificates make a wonderful gift and can be emailed when you need it instantly!  "Doggy & Me" Massages are a unique gift idea for your favorite animal lovers and their best friend!


$10 off an hour session
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$5 off a 1/2 hour session
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$5 off cat massages
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$15 off 90-minute sessions
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$70 regular price)

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*Gift certificates must be used within 2 years of issue date.

Buy a Gift Certificate here
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(See where it says, "Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available).", and click "Continue")

If you'd rather send a check, or if you'd like the certificate personalized, please email me at with the name of the animal. If you'd like me to mail the gift for you, please email me at and give me the recipient's address.

Any questions? Email me at or call me at (818) 300-4478.


Please support raising pet limit laws in Los Angeles
City Council members Bill Rosenthal and Paul Koretz introduced an amendment that would allow residents to have up to 5 dogs and/or cats. The Los Angeles Board of Animal Services Commissioners unanimously approved the amendment.

The simple act of amending this municipal code will bring many positive results by saving and making the city money, and most importantly, by saving countless precious lives. Communities that have no limit or have a more generous limit than Los Angeles, do NOT have higher incidences involving the animals of their residents. Places like San Diego, where there is no limit for cats and a 6 dog limit, boast a much lower kill rate than here in Los Angeles.  

Low pet limits can bring consequences to animals and people because of the fear of being caught “breaking the law”. Guardians with more than the limit may avoid visiting the vet, getting vaccinations, microchipping, or licensing their animals. People may not even take some dogs for a walk if they are over the legal limit, which obviously has unfavorable effects on the dogs deprived of this basic need.  

Pet limit laws do NOT hinder hoarders, dog fighters, and breeders and others that have no concern for the law. Low pet limit laws can encourage neighbors with disputes to use innocent animals as ammunition or pawns in their war with each other, when usually the animal is not at the core of the problem.

We are a compassionate city full of animal and people lovers who are trying to lead the way in progressive methods to stop needlessly and callously taking the lives of healthy animals who would love nothing more than to live out their natural life with the love and comfort that all creatures deserve. It will take creative, new ideas such as increasing limits to achieve our goal. We have responsible guardians with the means to provide and with room in their hearts and homes for these homeless animals that are costing the city a fortune to house and feed. Thousands of foster homes could open up with raising the limit, saving thousands of lives and freeing up resources for the city. I don’t believe raising the limit would cause people to take on more animals than they are capable of providing care for. Not everyone has 3 dogs and 3 cats because that's is what they are legally allowed right now. Most people tend to only have the amount of animals that they have the time, room and resources for.

If you support raising the limits, please write an email asking that your correspondence be included in Council File #10-0982 and copy all the City Council members listed here:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


photo of homeless cats at the overcrowded East Valley Shelter at 14409 Vanowen St. in Van Nuys by Michael Owen Baker

Buddha Dog goes to the beach!
Buddha Dog massages are now available at Animal Wellness Centers on Wednesdays starting at 1 PM. Their flagship location and store is located at 2803 Main St. in Santa Monica and it was designed from a dog's perspective. Check out these articles in the Los Angeles Times and Veterinary Practice News about the center. They have just opened their Venice Wellness Center at 4053 Lincoln Blvd. It is a state-of-the-art hospital that is a great place 
to take your loved ones! ♥ The Venice center also offers boarding. Dr. Annie has her own brand of products that include the best shampoos and conditioners that I can personally recommend, and  natural alternatives for treating anxiety, along with joint aids and ear cleansers. Many of my clients have raved about Dr. Annie. Home visits and Acupunture are some appreciated bonuses offered by Dr. Annie and AWC. Please call  (310) 450-PETS (7387) or email for an appointment.

Buddha Dog on Pit Boss


Doggy & Me Massage with Shorty & Hercules

Shorty's back has been hurting him a lot so he and Hercules had a "Doggy & Me" Massage with Buddha Dog and my partner, Amy Cucullu of Spaquest Inc. It wasn't hard to get mellow Hercules to relax! It was a thrill to meet Hercules, Shorty, Sebastian, Ashley, Ronald and the crew. What a group of angels at Shorty's Rescue!

Original Airdate: September 18, 2010 

Here's the video link if the video doesn't show up:

Reasons to Celebrate:  Animal Legislation Victories in 2010

Just this month alone (December 2010), Congress has given animal lovers cause to rejoice THREE times during their "lame duck" session!

Other victories this year include:
  • Governor Schwarzenegger signed A.B. 1437, requiring that all whole eggs sold in California as of Jan. 1, 2015, come from hens able to stand up, fully extend their limbs, lie down and spread their wings without touching each other or the sides of their enclosure (no more battery cages!).
  • Massachusetts passed "Logan's Law" banning the devocalization of dogs and cats.
  • Alaska passed H.B. 6, making animal abuse a felony and it outlaws sexual abuse against an animal.
  • Missouri passed Prop B, cracking down on puppy mills.
  • Utah's Governor signed a bill to change the state's pound-seizure law. Animal shelters are no longer required to hand over animals for lab testing (which has been mandatory!).

Buddha COW Massages at The Gentle Barn

Buddha is the most gentle soul ever, which makes her the perfect therapy cow for special-needs kids that visit. 

I have had the honor of massaging rescued farm and other animals at the wonderful Gentle Barn.  

Open Houses are held every Sunday from 10-2 and I might see you there! Don't miss their Winter Wonderland celebration that was just rescheduled for January 23rd.

Massage with Warren Eckstein and Hugs & Kisses
I was honored to shoot a massage video with the wonderful Warren Eckstein at My Pet Naturally for his "Hugs & Kisses" Premium Members. See a preview of the video at this link.

Become a 
"Hugs & Kisses" Premium Member and enjoy bonuses like a free month or free books and supplements along with lots of benefits: *On-Demand, commercial-free access to both of Warren's weekly radio shows *Warren's exclusive videos & interviews produced just for you *You'll receive Warren's daily pet tips, sent right to your computer or phone *Access to live weekly chats/webinars where you'll be able to get answers to your pet questions *A members only forum -- so we can really share stories and advice about our pets *10% off on all store purchases *Weekly drawing for pet gift basket *Discounts on Warren's courses—holistic pet care, senior dog care, litter box issues etc. and *Alerts on breaking pet news that could affect your pets, e.g. the pet food recall.

From Warren:
Becoming a Hugs & Kisses premium member, is like having me come to your home and personally help you with your pets. So join today. Remember, you'll receive pet advice, save money and have fun all at the same time...
With Hugs & Kisses,
Warren Eckstein

 The The Ozzy Foundation at Race for the Rescues!

Photo by Dr. Maria Claver

I can't think of a better way to have spent my birthday than doing dog massages at the Ozzy Foundation booth at the Race for the Rescues!

THANK YOU to all who ran, walked  donated and volunteered! 

Photo of me and Cooper by Dr. Maria Claver

Jane Lynch of "Glee" was gracious enough to serve as host.

Health care decisions for your pet should be based on quality of life, not finances. The Ozzy Foundation was formed with this belief in mind, to help pet guardians with the financial costs of veterinarian bills and provide a supportive place for those caring for a chronically-ill pet.

A huge THANK YOU to Jamie Downey and The American Dog Magazine for the kind mention in their section in the Fall issue on "99 Fabulous Jobs to Bark About". It's on page 29 at this link:

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners of The American Dog Magazine's First Annual Humanitarian Awards, including the wonderful Elle Wittelsbach of Strangest Angels Animal Rescue and Carole Sax of Companion Animal Protection Society!

CAPS Annual Holiday ANTI-PUPPY MILL Silent March 
Another holiday season brought another strong and silent statement against puppy mills when this past Saturday, December 18th, 130 animal lovers participated in an hour-long march around the 3rd floor of the Westside Pavilion in Los Angeles where Barkworks is located, who has been found through investigations to get their puppies from cruel puppy mills. Our goal is to encourage Barkworks and other pet stores to stop buying puppies from cruel puppy mills that keep dogs in the harshest conditions, cruelly debarked, being bred until they are dead, never knowing what the ground feels like beneath her feet, only wire. Barkworks could thrive instead as a supply store/adoption center and have the admiration of the community instead of the disgust it has presently. 
This video shows the noisy end of another successful silent march organized by Carole Raphaelle Davis and Carole Sax of the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS)-

Here's the video link if video doesn't show up:

THANK YOU to WagVille and My Pet... Naturally for hosting  a few Buddha Dog classes and workshops in September and many thanks to all the participants! We had a great time and raised money for Karma Rescue, Lhasa Happy Homes and Wagville Rescue Inc.  

Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Instititute
I am so excited to begin the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute's program when it comes to Phoenix from February 11-17th. Check out some of the exotic locales where they are offering classes if you'd like to combine learning with a vacation!

Buddha Dog at Best Friends' Strut Your Mutt 

Wow! What a day! I never got a chance to take a breath in between massages to take a picture! Luckily I had 3 fellow animal massage therapists on my team at the "Belly Rub Hub" next to the Santa Monica Pier to help. Valerie Heath from Four Paws to Heal, Tom Galligan from Nose to Tail Animal Massage and Earlene Winn from Tailwagger's Massage did an amazing job helping me massage hundreds of strutters! Thank you to Best Friends and all the organizations, walkers, donors and volunteers!

With some real heroes at the wonderful Stray Cat Alliance's 'Stray Cat Club' where our own amazing Small Animal Rescue Team Los Angeles (SmART) was honored. Officers Annette Ramirez (“Nett”), Ernesto Poblano (“Hammer”), founder and team leader Armando Navarette (“Nav”) and our caring General Manager of LA Animal Services, Brenda Barnette. Thank you, Christi Metropole, Missy Woodward, Cheri Shankar and everyone else that made the night so special!

"Rescues Gone Wild" Calendar & "Beauty to the Rescue!"
Thank you to Renee Simlak for including Buddha Dog in two really great events.  The first one was the "Rescues Gone Wild" Calendar Launch Party at Healthy Spot to benefit the Ashley Hope Fund and Best Friends. Renee has put together a wonderful calendar that can be purchased here.

The second event was "Beauty to the Rescue!", where animal lovers were primped and pampered alongside their best friends at Trader Vic's at the Beverly Hilton to benefit  the Ashley Hope Fund and Best Friends. Since the Ashley Hope Fund’s inception in 2007, Renee Simlak has been raising money to help families keep their pets when they are faced with veterinarian bills they can’t afford.

photo by Mike Tabolsky

Renee's fellow castmates from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette came out as they always do for Renee's events.  photo by Mike Tabolsky

My Shirley and Shug having fun at Cal-Poly while we taught an animal massage class of 100 Animal Health Technicians from Japan in October. The three of us taught another class for 100 grooming students from Japan at the Pasadena Civic Center in early December. The love for animals is universal!  :)

Buddha Dog was excited to have a booth at Whole Foods' Pet Appreciation Day for the 3rd year in a row in Woodland Hills.  Here, my Shug meets a new friend in Niblet, the ambassador for Animal Communicator Candi Cane Cooper's Adoption 911 Rescue.

Buddha Dogs and Cats of the Month in The Pet Press
Many wonderful animals found forever loving homes with some help from their "Pet Of the Month" ads in The Pet Press this year.  Unfortunately, there are some that are still in need or have found themselves in need again.  Please click on their ad to go to their rescue group's website.  Please help these and other homeless animals find the love and comfort all creatures deserve!  Please adopt/foster and save a life!  Thank you.

silhouPETte features your furry, feathered and scaled friends in the classic, vintage image of a silhouette set against a completely customizable background on virtually any surface imaginable! 

I have to thank so many of you for your support and understanding when it has come to my dog Bronco's health. I always said, "He's a lover, not a fighter!", but he proved me wrong by fighting lymphoma and leukemia into remission. A recent fibrosarcoma that originated in his sinuses became too painful for him though even after multiple surgeries, radiation and chemo. We freed him of his body on November 29th.

I MUST also thank Janet Berens, DVM of West Valley Pet Clinic for being the reason Bronco's lymphatic leukemia was in remission. Dr. Berens and her staff were Bronco's best friends that were always willing to fight whatever ailed him. Dr. Kim Carey and the staff at Advanced Critical Care at City of Angels befriended and helped Bronco immensely, as did Dr. Jarred Lyons and staff at Veterinary Cancer Group, also at City of Angels. Bronco was always eager to get in the car to go to Culver City for his treatments and to see his friends. As they always have in the past, Cal Pet Crematory showed so such compassion and sensitivity in my time of need. I must recommend them HIGHLY. All their cremations are private, so you never have to worry about your loved one mistakenly being cremated with others.

There has been such a huge hole at the physical loss of my "King of the Pit Bulls" that started my love affair with this noble breed on Mother's Day in 2002 when my husband planned on surprising me with a kitty from the Burbank shelter, but instead Bronco picked him. We are dealing with our heartbreak by knowing he isn't in pain anymore. Thank you for all you taught me, Bronco! 

Bronco Bill 1997-2010


Shelter Stories by Patrick McDonnell.  Distributed by King Features.

Order your own Mutts prints here!


Hope 2011 is your best year ever!



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