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This Month at Samaritan
April 2017
Congressional action on health care still uncertain
A major vote was cancelled, but we need to continue to work for tax fairness and religious liberty protections for members of health care sharing ministries.
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What we're still missing about health care reform
by Tho Bishop
"It amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication somehow think we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, medication, and a government bureaucracy to administer it."
Economist Thomas Sowell
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Participate in true, free market health care reform
We are continuing to develop more tools to help you find quality care at a fair price. 
  • Email a medical professional or call a nurse (free), or call a doctor who can write a prescription ($25).
  • Healthcare Bluebook: Search specific treatments in your area, and get quality and price comparisons.
  • Medibid: Receive bids from doctors for treatments you are seeking.
  • Discounts on prescriptions and labs.
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2016 tax Season
Important Tax Information
Visit our tax page for information about claiming the health insurance exemption when you file your taxes.
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In This Month’s Newsletter
Healthcare Bluebook: ER bill reduced by $500
Member Letter: Lesli Miller
The ER charged us too much for a minor procedure. Healthcare Bluebook helped us prove it.
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Medibid: Knee surgery for $3500
Member Letter: Cindy Woodcock
With Medibid doctors compete on quality and price, and you could save tens of thousands of dollars.
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Rebuilding communities from the ashes, Part 2
by Rob Slane
The selfish individualism that causes a breakdown in community can start in the Church. There is a tendency among modern Christians to view their relationship with God as principally a personal one, with worship being seen as primarily about “me and my God.”
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36 percent of women who have abortions report they attend church
Member Spotlight: Randy Stonehill
by Marcia Krahn
After decades of touring, Christian Music Hall of Famer Randy Stonehill is more passionate than ever about knowing and serving God. 
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I received 90 percent discounts on nearly a million dollars in bills
Member Letter: Shanna Bassinger
One thing I learned when I had my third child prematurely, nearly lost my own life, and faced nearly $1 million in hospital bills, was to put complete trust in God!
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Healthcare Bluebook and Medibid helped me save on a colonoscopy
Member Letter: Betts Baker
Are you looking to save money on a routine test that is not a shared expense? I learned that some colonoscopy prices are four times as much as others.
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Researchers say breast cancer screening and treatment are too aggressive
by Kathryn Nielson
 “Screening saves lives” has been changed to “discuss both the risks and benefits of screening with your doctor.”  
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Member Letters
"When we hear about all the turmoil surrounding the Affordable Care Act, we are so thankful God led us to follow a different path... "
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The main purpose of God's Word
by Ray King
One of the ironies of Jesus’ life on earth was that He was rejected by people who thought they were carefully following God’s Word in their beliefs and practices.
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More Opportunities
Cheitian Community
Support Samaritan with your banking
CCCU will give you $100 dollars when you open an account, plus donate $50 to Samaritan.
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Career Opportunities
Job openings and descriptions are now on our public website at
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April 2017 Save to Share Needs
Jackson Buttle (2), son of Joseph and Sarah, is being treated for a rare neurological disorder which causes seizure-like episodes. Please pray for complete healing.

Sally Carlson had surgery on an aggressive form of brain cancer. Please pray for complete healing.

Johnpaul Moses suffered multiple injuries from a car accident. Please pray for complete healing.
The needs above were assigned to Save to Share™ members. They are listed here to enable all members to pray for them.
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  1 (877) 764-2426
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