iEARN Newsflash, February 2020
Students from 5177 Beitou Elementary School in Taiwan conduct a cleanup of Keeling Peace Island as part of their Water is Life project activities. Click here to view of the video of the students' island cleanup.

Project Updates


Water is Life - Call for Participation

Looking to start a new project? Join Water is Life, which begins on February 10th! This project enables students to work together on an issue of global importance: the health and sustainability of the world's water. Beginning with research, refection and planning, followed by collaboration, each class develops a Community Action Plan to make a difference in their community on the issues of water. 
A drawing by students from 5177 Beitou Elementary School in Taiwan depicts their island cleanup.

One student in Taiwan reflects: “The water is life group makes me really think about environmental damage for the first time. For example, we can start with children, do garbage sorting, reduce Save water and clean beaches. We also learn to care about disasters in various countries and learn to help them. Recently, a forest fire broke out in Australia, and 500 million animals were buried in the sea of fire. I hope Bob and Virginia can be safe and sound. Everyone should also care and assist them. The earth is everyone and everyone must learn to help each other. May the situation will become better.” 

Learn more and join the Water is Life project in the iEARN Collaboration Centre.

Dreamline World - Call for Participation

Also running from February - June 2020 is the Dreamline World project, which invites students to share their dreams with the world through art, words, technology and community action. The project includes curriculum materials and access to a free mobile app for uploading and sharing the dreamline banners that students create. For more details and to join, visit Dreamline World in the iEARN Collaboration Centre.
Dreamline Banner created by a student at MS8 Private School in Dubai

De La Mano de Mis Abuelos - Call for Participation

Are you looking to join a project conducted in Spanish? Join De La Mano de Mis Abuelos! In this project, students interview their grandparents about their memories, favorite places, and events from the past. Students then share these stories and their conclusions in a weekly radio broadcast. Visit the De La Mano de Mis Abuelos project in the iEARN Collaboration Centre.

Virtual Peace Education Camp - Call for Participation

Virtual Peace Education Camp invites students to think about what peace means to them and where they feel peaceful. Nurturing skills of empathy and helping to develop interpersonal peace, the project encourages children to think critically about war, to explore its human cost, and to think about what they can do to build peace together. Learn more and join the Virtual Peace Education Camp project in the iEARN Collaboration Centre

Healthy Generation and Traditional Cuisine - Call for Participation

The goal of this project is to positively influence children’s food-related preferences, attitudes, and behavior. Students identify their food preferences, share their attitudes regarding their traditional national cuisine, get acquainted with it through preparing and tasting dishes, and discuss the dangers of fast food. View the Healthy Generation and Traditional Cuisine project in the iEARN Collaboration Centre!

iEARN Learning Circles - Register for March - May Session by February 29th

Are you new to iEARN and looking to join your first iEARN project? Learning Circles is a great way for beginners to engage in their first global project experience. The "Hello World" Learning Circles starting on March 1st are 5 weeks long and are designed for beginners. They are highly interactive and facilitated project experiences among a small number of schools located throughout the world. Participants identify and implement a classroom project related to the theme, then gain input and feedback from partner classrooms before developing a final product. For more details and to register by the February 29th deadline, log into the iEARN Collaboration Centre, and visit the Learning Circle page.

Resources and Opportunities

iEARN Videoconference Support

Are you an iEARN Project Facilitator or Teacher looking to connect with a partner via video conference? The iEARN Support Team is happy to help! We currently have a few iEARN Zoom Rooms we can schedule out as they are available for iEARN Member use. To request to use an iEARN Zoom Room, complete this form and our Support Team will gladly assist you.

Looking for tips and guidance on using videoconferencing tools in your classroom? Download the iEARN Videoconferencing Guide and watch a powerful video of classrooms in Algeria and the United States connecting via video here.

iEARN Pre-Project Surveys - Please Participate!

Did you just start an iEARN project or will you be starting one soon? If so, we would so appreciate if your students and you could complete a brief iEARN Pre-Project Survey in support of our evaluation efforts. Below, please find the links to access the surveys, and thank you in advance for your and your students’ participation!

iEARN Student Pre-Project Survey:

EARN Educator Pre-Project Survey:


iEARN Featured in World Economic Forum’s Report on Innovative Education Models

iEARN has been featured as one of the top 16 innovative models of education in the World Economic Forum’s January 2020 “Schools of the Future: Defining New Models of Education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution” Report. The report, which is the result of a widely consultative process with educators, policy and business leaders, education technology developers and experts, is part of the Forum’s Education 4.0 Initiative. It is an incredible honor for iEARN to be featured as a school model that can for transformational change in education. Learn more here

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