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iEARN Project Activities

  • Daffodils and Tulips Planting
  • Earth Stewardship Project
  • New Music Project! Singing with Mexico

Resources, Contests, Websites and Announcements

  • ROTA's Annual Youth Conference Empower 2017 Application Open

Upcoming Events

  • iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit 2017 in Morocco, July 16-22, 2017

Recent Events

  • iEARN at the Global Education Conference, November 13-16, 2016
  • iEARN Moldova Celebrates International Education Week

iEARN Projects and Activities

Daffodils and Tulips Planting

This week, classrooms around the world choose daffodil and/or tulip bulbs to plant for the start of the Daffodils and Tulips project. Throughout the next few months, students will follow their plants growth and track when they blossom.

In this interdisciplinary project, students apply math skills (such as graphing and convsersions), practice science skills (creating a hypothesis, collecting data, comparing and analyzing data), share and share their local geography and culture. Please join project and plant Daffodils and Tulips with your class!

Earth Stewardship Project

solar-explorers-main-image (2).jpgAre you interested in global collaborative projects for a science classroom? Check out the Earth Stewardship Project where students around the world investigate the physical aspects of soil in their school environment and how soil quality impacts plant growth. 

In this project, students study physical composition, water infiltration and permeability of soil mediums. Students analyze the density of soils from different locations and experiment with different soil mixtures that results in optimizing production of plant growth. Check out the Earth Stewardship project activity on the Collaboration Centre and read the project facilitator's blog post on the project. 

New Music Project - Singing With Mexico 

iEARN has a new music project! In the Singing with Mexico project, students collaborate with other children all over the world and explrore Mexican songs in Spanish and other languages. In addition to studying and creating music together, students also informally disucss foods, traditions, landmarks, culture,and lifestyle through videos, presentations, pictures.

The final group product for this project is a video featuring the song "Cielito Lindo" where children from all over the world and create a video together singing this popular mexican song in different languages.

Resources, Contests, Websites and Announcements

ROTA's 9th Annual Youth Conference Empower 2017

ROTA’s 9th Annual Youth Conference EMPOWER 2017 will take place from March 2 - 4, 2017 in Doha, Qatar. This year's youth conference theme is Sustainable Tourism for Development “A Youth Perspective”. International youth participants are encouraged to apply to attend the event and a few scholarship opportunities are available.   

EMPOWER 2017 is a three day youth conference event that includes a combination of seminar panel discussions, keynote speeches, small group workshops, seminars, off-site activities, exhibitions, social programs and youth artistic expression activities.
Since 2009, EMPOWER has developed  a reputation for being the first youth led conference to focus on equipping young people in Qatar to take active roles in building their communities and having a voice on global issues.

Upcoming Events

iEARN Conference and Youth Summit 2017 in Marrakech, Morocco, July 16-22, 2017

MEARN (The Moroccan Education and Resource Network) will host the 2017 iEARN International Conference and Youth Summit in Marrakech, Morocco. The event will reinforce communications and develop partnerships between educators and youth locally, regionally, and globally and will provide an opportunity for educators and youth to share successful classroom project examples and develop new collaborative project ideas.

In addition to educator and youth led workshops, the event also features cultural excursions, cultural nights, and presentations by Ministries of Education, businesses, and educational organizations working in the field of global education and virtual exchange. Visit the full story on for more information and updates and stay tuned for the launch of the conference website.

Recent Events

iEARN at the Global Education Conference, November 13-16, 2016

Congratulations to all of the iEARN teachers, students, and project facilitators who presented and participated in iEARN at the Global Education Conference 2016. This year, there were 18 iEARN presentations from 14 different countries including Uganda, Tunisia, U.S., Taiwan, Israel, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Algeria, Moldova, India, Brazil, Tajikistan.

To view recordings of the sessions, check out the news feature on

iEARN Moldova Celebrates International Education Week

DSC_0438.JPGIn order to celebrate International Education Week, active teachers and students from iEARN-Moldova national network organized a special event in collaboration with Ministry of Education from Republic of Moldova. Over 65 educators from all around our country attended a workshop with presented our most successful iEARN projects and encouraged novice teachers to try to global learning and project based instruction. Olga Morozan, the iEARN Moldova Country Coordinator, continued training a new group of teachers who joined the community following the event. ​

About iEARN

iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) is a global non-profit network that empowers teachers and students worldwide to use technology to collaborate on projects designed to make a meaningful contribution to the health and welfare of the planet and its people. Started in 1988, iEARN is currently active in over 140 countries, with 2,000,000 students participating as part of their education.  iEARN-International:
[TOP BANNER PHOTO : Students in Taiwan practice their photo editing skills as part of the Alternate Reality Project]

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