This is how you get way ahead of your competition in networking

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So far this week, I've talked about the importance of planning your networking activity, and how to get your 40 or 60 second introduction just right. If you missed either of those, you'll find them on my website - Planning your networking for 2016 - Part One and Planning your networking for 2016 - Part Two.

This is Part Three, and I want you to think about what you do AFTER the networking event.

Once you leave a networking event, a number of things happen. You'll have a missed call to deal with, or you find you're running late for your next appointment, or you've just got an Email from a really important client. The fabulous introductions you listened to, and even the really interesting 121 you've just had, starts to slip down your list of priorities as "real life" gets in the way. Once you're back in the office, or your next meeting, your mind starts dealing with all of the normal day to day stuff, and your networking conversations slip even further down.

Guess what? Everyone else, in the world, has the same challenges as you. They have other meetings to get to, they have important clients to deal with too. 

When you own a business, no matter what that business is, it is YOUR job to remind people that you exist and not their job to remember you.

The brilliant news is, that in 2016, you have so many options to keep in touch with people. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Email marketing (hundreds of people read my Emails, quite a few people reply personally), the telephone (yep, you're still allowed to actually call people).

The even better news, is that most people won't bother and if you're that person who diligently keeps in touch and talks to your networking contacts regularly, you are already putting yourself way ahead of all the people who don't.

Even better, if you get onto their turf, and keep in touch with people in a manner which suits them, and in the place which suits them, you will be head and shoulders above most businesses.

Make 2016 the year you turn that pile of business cards, into actual, predictable business for your business.

You know where to find me on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Let me know how your networking is working, and, on the last day of 2015, I hope you have a fantastic New Year and look forward to working with you in 2016.


p.s. Follow up is so vitally important to my clients' networking success that I offer several ways to work with me, and build a follow up strategy which will just work. Check out how you can work with me at

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