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INGREDIENTS: a documentary film
Shooting Ingredients Hawaii
A look at Oahu's food web

Last week, we began another round of filming for Ingredients Hawaii. Focusing on the island of Oahu, we were able to capture Fran Butera (seen above), who combines her gardening, teaching and design skills into a business called Foodscapes. Her work with homeowners and apartment dwellers is intended not just to grow food but to grow gardeners.

On the nearby He’eia pier we unexpectedly found chef Mark Noguchi, an alumni of Town restaurant, starting his own place and dishing up some unbelievably good food. Mark represents the next generation of chefs who continue to elevate the ideas and practice of eating local.

And then there was Paepae o He’eia. Paepae o He’eia is an 800 year old traditional Hawaiian fish pond being restored and brought back into the community as a food and educational resource. The project is run by the young and passionate Hiilei Kewelo.

Hawaii's Rooftops
Looking up

Filming on a “FarmRoof” and taking farming to a whole new level. On top of The Sweet Home Waimanalo restaurant, Alan Joaquin has developed an efficient and remarkably productive system for making the tops of buildings a new source of farmland. Joanne Kapolu, Sweet Home Waimanalo partner, is a cancer survivor who healed herself with a fresh organic vegetable diet, rather than traditional chemo and radiation. Three years later, she's cancer free and is living proof that food is medicine!
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We're still looking for guest bloggers! We've recently given our blog a facelift, and with Ingredients Hawaii in the works, the debut of After the Harvest, and so much happening in the world of food, we're looking to post more and more and continue the dialogue our chefs and farmers have started in our film. And we need help! If you've seen the film and are curious and passionate about local food, we want to hear your story—and feature you on our blog as a guest blogger. If this sounds like you, or even someone you know, shoot us an email here and tell us a bit more.

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