We've made it to Medellín!  Read on to hear what's been going on...

Alex and Maggie happy to be reuinted with Juan David.

Corey overlooking the future site of the Medellín Bible College.

Our first pastors meeting in Antioquia.

A view of southern Medellín.

Vendors selling jewelry at an open air market.

Beautiful plants and flowers are in abundance.


Going on a missions trip is a life changing experience.  If it's an adventure you'd like to be part of, speak with your church about planning a trip to Colombia.  What do teams do?  Here are a few explanations:

Corey is helping with the development and construction of the Medellín Bible School as they make updates to the existing structure and prepare to build a new buillding.  If you'd like to be a part of this project and bring a team of people down to help with construction, let us know! These teams generally bring funds with them to help in the construction effort.  While construction experience is a plus, there are many jobs that can be taught to everyone to take part in the project.

Evangelism teams are great for youth groups and people who want to get out and share the Gospel.  Evangelism teams may find themselves in city parks, school assemblies, vacation Bible school or other locations sharing stories, skits, testimonies, etc. and reaching out to help the local church reach more people in the community.  These teams may also include food distribution, medical clinics, sports camps or any other outlet where you can meet people face-to-face.  There's plenty of room for creativity, so let us know if you have an idea that you'd like to bring to Colombia.

We're In Colombia!

We apologize for the delay in sending out this update.  Since the end of April we have lived in various forms of temporary housing.  (Seven, if I've counted correctly.)  Even today, we write from an apartment we have leased for a week, but at least we have the opportunity to grab a few minutes to send you an update. 

At the end of April we graduated from language school and left Costa Rica.  We went stateside to request the visas that give us permission to live long-term in Colombia.  It was a crazy few weeks.  What may have been up to a three day experience became a three week experience because of a couple of papers that were missing.  While we enjoyed seeing family we had a very busy few weeks traveling between Michigan, Chicago and Atlanta to get everything worked out.  While in Atlanta, Corey and Tona had their ordination ceremony, a very special time we were so honored to share together.

On May 27th we boarded a plane in Flint, Michigan and made our return to Colombia!  It was a beautiful day as we arrived to see a missionary friend and a Colombian friend waiting for us at the airport.  Almost three years had passed since we departed that airport and the joy we felt from the return was overwhelming!  We spent just one night in Bogotá before beginning our discovery of Medellín.
Our friend, Jonathan, waiting at the airport.
Over the last few weeks, a wonderful missionary family has housed us and taken extremely good care of us.  They've been helping us learn the city, look for housing, get things in order for a Speed the Light car and meet many churches and pastors.  We are very grateful to have friends help us out.  This is a big city! 


We are in the beginning stages of developing ministry.  There are many things on our hearts that we'd like to help develop.  Over the next few weeks we'll be talking with key leaders and pastors, making sure we are taking steps in directions that will be effective.  We have seen needs in the area of youth outreach and have some burdens we are hoping that doors will open to allow us to pursue. 

Prayer Requests

We appreciate your prayers!  Here are a few things on our hearts and minds right now:
  • As we learn more about this city we are asking for wisdom and guidance as we determine where God wants us in ministry.  There are many opportunities and we want to be sure we are doing what He has set for us.
  • We'd like to get settled into a house or apartment this week.  Please pray that God will give us wisdom in choosing the right place and favor as we go through the extensive paperwork required to rent.
  • Our STL car should be here tomorrow.  We are praying for a smooth transaction.
  • Allergy relief - changes in country introduces new plants and pollens to our systems which is causing all of us to sneeze and sniffle.
We're praying for you. Please send us your prayer requests so we can pray in agreement with you!

A New Way to Give

We want to thank all of our supporters for their continued faithfulness.  It is because of each of you that we are able to be here in Colombia.  Assemblies of God World Missions has created a new way to manage your giving online through this link: http://giving.ag.org.  Read the FAQs on the right hand side of the site and follow the instructions to get set up.  Once you log in, through the "Give Now" tab you can make a one-time donation or set up a recurring withdrawal from your debit or credit card.  Other tabs will let you see what your giving history and any recurring payments you have set up.  
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