The importance of mindfulness around the holidays
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The importance of mindfulness around the holidays

The practice of being mindful is a useful tool all year round, but can be especially helpful during the busy times around the holidays.  Meditation is one tool that is frequently used to introduce mindfulness into our everyday lives.  Meditation has been shown through studies to provide a lot of benefits to those that practice it regularly. 

It can reduce stress, improve your concentration, increase self-awareness, increase happiness, slow aging, and improve your immune system.  And it's free! Who wouldn't want to try! 

I am organizing a meditation challenge starting January 1st and I hope you'll join me! Together we can provide support and inspiration to encourage everyone in the group to meet the 30 day goal!

See below for some resources that I think will be helpful!


Happy holidays and best wishes for the end of 2016 and beginning of a New Year! 


How do I meditate?? 
For those of you just starting out, here is a step by step guide to meditating

1. Find a quiet spot 
2. Set your phone alarm: 5 minutes? 10  minutes? Even 2 minutes! 
3. With your eyes open take three deep breaths 
4. Close your eyes 
5. Breathe
6. Focus on your breath
7. When your mind wanders (and it will!) acknowledge that your mind drifted, and bring your focus back to your breath
8. Repeat until your alarm goes off

See! It isn't so bad! 
Resources to help you meditate

For those of you that need more guidance, consider these resources. 
1. Headspace- download this app! It provides 10 guided meditation days for free. There is a monthly subscription that would give you access to all types of meditation for all different situations- anxiety, pregnancy, love, travelling, sleep, etc. This is what I use to meditate and I love it! I encourage you to use at least the free 10 days (over and over again if you want!) 
2. The Meditation Podcast- There are a few meditation podcasts out there you could use as well. This is one I've listened to a few times, but look around and try to find one that works best for you! 
3. 10% Happier- A well written book by newsman Dan Harris who was as skeptical as I was about meditation. He brings his sarcasm and wit to a topic that kind of needs it sometimes. The book offers practical advice and great humor. His website now offers introduction classes to meditation as well! I haven't done those, but I really enjoyed his book!
4. Real Happiness- This book by Sharon Salzberg offers a 28 day meditation program which by the end will have you reaping the benefits of mindfulness! The print version comes with a CD with guided meditation and it is also available as an audio. Her website also has a lot of meditation advice and guidance! (I learned about her from Dan Harris' book- see above) 
Because I love science...

Here are some additional resources that discuss the benefits of meditation in case you needed more convincing that a 30 day meditation challenge is a good idea! 
1. Does Meditation Affect Cellular Aging?- A 3 minute video from that recaps studies that show meditation (along with other healthy lifestyle changes) can reverse aging. Sign me up! 
2. TED Talks- Meditation: Here is a whole page of TED talks and information on meditation from the experts! 
3. 5 Tips to reducing stress- This article discusses some startling statistics on stress and provides some tips on how to reduce it! Spoiler alert: Healthy eating and proper nutrition is one of the tips! ;) 

*Just a note, I am not affiliated with any of the links above and gain nothing by you clicking on them except gratification that they are helping you! 
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