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Macbeth Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Press Review

"The characters in the audio drama are exemplary as they explore the Williams apposition of the decline of basic human morality, greed, unbridled versus suppressed sexual desires, and even mortality."

Listen below to excerpts from the show!

Excerpts from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

"Big Mama (Linda Monchik) stops by, praising her little baby boy, Brick, and blatantly alludes that Maggie is childless due to her not being attentive to Brick’s needs in the bedroom. The Oedipal tension and this the tension between the two women is fierce and well played by Lippe and Monchik."

"Other standout performances include Lindsay McAuliffe and Mark Prokes as the scheming and avaricious couple, Mae and Gooper."

"While a bit protracted, the production is quite impressive and well worth checking out. The convenience of the audio drama also allows for either listening act by act or spending the entire time lost in the world of one of the most corrupt and dysfunctional southern families ever scrutinized."

"Like Psych’s sister show Macbeth, the audio drama for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is impeccably designed (by Adam Elliott Rush) and ideal for any classroom use where Tennessee Williams is being explored or for one’s own simple enjoyment and personal use."

— Kevin T. Baldwin


**** PLEASE NOTE: The narration for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof has been updated for your listening pleasure! ****


Wendy Lippe

Eric McGowan

Big Daddy
David Lee Vincent

Big Mama
Linda Monchik

Lindsay McAuliffe

Mark Prokes

Reverend Tooker, Doctor Baugh
Adam Elliott Rush

Larry Segel

Creative Team

Larry Segel

Original Music, Sound Designer, SFX, Director of Digital Communications:
Adam Elliott Rush

Recording Engineer, SFX:
Doug Greene

ArtLifting Intermission Artists:
Romani Berlekov
Peter Perrino
Susan Spangenberg

Director of Audiovisual Marketing:
Zachary McConnell

Director of Social Media:
Michael Mazzone

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