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A ‘Macbeth’ for the senses
by Terry Byrne

As a psychologist with a background in theater, Wendy Lippe’s Psych Drama Company produces plays that “go for the emotional jugular,” she says. “We need these stories that speak to joy and pain.”

Finding those connections often means the company’s in-person performances blur the boundaries between actors and audience, making the experience more intimate and the audience more complicit in the action onstage. Rather than allow the pandemic to frustrate her efforts, Lippe says it offered new opportunities.

“Lots has been written about how bombarded we are by overstimulation,” she says, “and how it is killing our imagination. We decided we can tell great stories by focusing on the language with an audio play, heightening the experience by relying on the imagination to conjure the images.”

While many local theaters have turned to an audio format, Lippe says her company has stayed true to its immersive experience by creating a “3-D audio surround-sound experience.” This month, Psych Drama is presenting two audio dramas, “Macbeth” (Sept. 10-24) and “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” (Sept. 11-25).

Psych Drama’s 90-minute “Macbeth” is produced in association with the Audiovisual Center Dubrovnik and features the music and sound design of Zarko Dragojevic. Far from simply performing the play to a microphone, Dragojevic’s original music, and the use of what Lippe calls “whispers,” add to the dramatic tension.

As Lippe was considering how to explore the lushness of a performance with no visual stimulation, she happened on the website ArtLifting, which featured the vivid, abstract paintings of Nick Morse.

“I looked at this abstract painting and when I flipped it, I saw Macbeth, holding his sword with the Witches and the fires of hell behind him,” says Lippe. “Normally, I might worry about offending the artist by flipping it, but Nick’s dad, [former Globe pop music critic] Steve Morse, said Nick doesn’t mind which way you want to hang his art, as long as you love it.”

While Lippe connected with one of Nick Morse’s paintings specifically for “Macbeth,” she says she was drawn to many of his works on the ArtLifting website.

“We decided the opportunity to see many of his paintings provided the perfect ‘intermission’ in the play,” Lippe says. “It also allows more people to see Nick’s work and learn more about ArtLifting, a platform for artists “impacted by housing insecurity and disabilities.” Nick Morse, who is on the autism spectrum and nonverbal, communicates through painting.

“Nick’s paintings are so full of color and emotion, they allow you to get lost in other worlds,” says Lippe. “We hope our audio adaptation of ‘Macbeth’ allows audiences to do that, too.”

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by Terry Byrne

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Macbeth is a 90 minute, immersive fully reimagined audio drama adaptation. It is a 3D audio experience using full-spectrum binaural panning to bring the story to life around the listener. It is best enjoyed with headphones. Because of the international collaboration involved in the creation of this audio drama, the music and soundscape is globally and multi-culturally inspired. It celebrates the timelessness of diversity in its creation and its performance.

Delve deeply into the psyches of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as they navigate their internal struggle between fear and desire, preservation and power.

In addition to the feature presentation, there will be a streaming art exhibit during intermission.
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is a 2.5 hour audio drama adaptation presented by special arrangement with Tennessee Williams and Dramatists Play Service. We have adapted the 1974 version of this Pulitzer-prize winning play, with original music by Adam Elliott Rush.

In addition to the feature presentation, there will be a streaming art exhibit during intermission, highlighting the play's motifs of sexuality and mortality.
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