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“I was taking so many methadone at times that I wasn’t sure if I was going to wake up the next morning. But I felt like the world would be better off without me so it really didn't matter."

Brian’s battle with addiction had reached a breaking point. Brought on by years of depression and anxiety, he lived in constant shame of the person he’d become.

Writing in to afternoon host Joy, Brian shared about a WayFM interview God used to reach him when he thought all was lost...

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Wrong Number?

By Wally, The Wally Show

People call the radio station all the time by accident.

For DJs it is a time-honored tradition to mess with people who have called the wrong number. Recently this happened to me, but how the call started and where it ended will stick with me forever as a reminder of why I love what we get to do every day at WayFM, and why it is so important.

Here is what happened....

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Invite God to Do What Only He Can!

Thousands of people are seeing this promise fulfilled in their lives through the WayFM Prayer Wall.

People like Joelle...

“I am going through a divorce right now and have found myself in a very rough spot. I know God has a plan in all this craziness and I am trying to let Him have the reins, but it’s hard sometimes...” 

Read more about how Joelle found hope...

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Surprised by Peace in Hard Times

By Bekah, Co-host and Producer, The Wally Show

On March 13 of last year, my phone rang at 4 a.m., which is never a good sign.

“Hey, someone at the station has a fever. Why don’t you work from home today?”

Because of my husband’s health issues and his lack of an immune system, my coworkers were being overly cautious. I had no idea that I wouldn’t be returning to the office for an entire year...

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Letter from John

Hi Friend,

Have you taken stock yet of what this past year has taught you?

I know, it almost feels too early given how crazy things still are today – but God has made a couple things clearer to me than ever before:

God never stops pursuing people with His love, God never falters and God calls you and me to join Him in changing lives...

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