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Okay, so this is our first update! Woo! Bet you thought we'd forgotten you eh? As if we would! But, just like we said, we didn't want to be a dung beetle and bug you.

So just a couple of points really, keep you up to date and then we have a little experiment at the bottom - just for a bubble bath / giraffe / any other word that rhymes with "laugh" in a feeble attempt at comedy rhyming slang. is coming - don't panic. We are a web development agency at heart and had to finish a few large projects for our clients first - however - we have had a little bit of a reshuffle with internal resources and we can confirm that the initial build will be starting soon! - ish!

Of course as soon as it's built we're going to need some testers - and we figured we'd offer everyone who is signed up for updates access to the initial build for testing. Try it out, give us feedback - tell us the fonts are upside down - you know the deal.

This offer of closed beta testers stands until we have finished the build, so if you know anyone who might be interested in a first glimpse - tell them to sign up now.

Equally we are looking for some really high quality fonts to get us started, we would rather 10 top notch fonts than 10k rubbish ones - so if you have a font or know a designer who wants to become famous with @font-face - please get in contact. Obviously being first is an advantage before all the other designers come to font-face. Quality is the key however.

That's about it - to conclude... hello, we're starting the build, you get first access, your mates can too, give us fonts - lets revolutionise web typography! For free!

Thanks X

Oh yeah, the little experiment.

Well we're using @font-face here. In this email. Yep we know - we're mad - we know support in emails is dire, but we figured - why not?!

We'd love to know if it works for you - please let us know. Application/mail client/browser/operating system etc would be helpful.

Test should look similar to this if WORKING

Test should look similar to this if NOT WORKING


font-face test examples @font-face is an Inmeres Solutions service. The Old Surgery Moulsham St Chelmsford, Essex CM2 0JJ United Kingdom
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