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Did You Know?
That Oregon’s Coastline is among a few places in the world that has the key elements to tap into wave energy?

That Oregon can enjoy an abundance of energy generated by ocean waves?

That our state contains internationally-recognized experts who are leading the efforts to responsibly develop wave energy?

That Oregon has capacity to build, maintain and deliver sustainable wave energy power to the grid?


Why support Oregon Wave Energy Trust?
Wave energy is one key part of the comprehensive alternative energy solution for Oregon. And thanks to a combination of unique characteristics is the only source of energy where Oregon enjoys such a clear competitive advantage. As a result, Oregon’s wave energy industry provides countless opportunities to deliver significant economic benefits to the state.

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Our Founding Partners
Oregon Wave Energy Trust was funded in part with Oregon State Lottery Funds administered by the Oregon Business Development Department. It is one of six Oregon Innovation Council initiatives supporting innovation and long term economic growth.


Nov 05, 2010

From the Executive Director

It’s official. The 2010 Ocean Renewable Energy Conference – collocated this year with EnergyOcean Pacific in Portland, OR on September 29 & 30 – was a huge success. Our attendance was up nearly 30 percent and the feedback regarding the quality of the information shared and speakers was uniformly positive. We expect to announce the dates and location for the 2011 conference soon.
Immediately prior to the conference, nearly 40 participants attended a “Developers Summit” hosted by OWET. The purpose of the summit was to bring together technology and project developers, utilities, policy makers and others to create a blueprint to expedite the commercialization of ocean renewable energy – in Oregon and elsewhere – by 2015. The blueprint will be published in November and available on our Website at
On October 27 & 28 I attended the Ocean Renewable Energy Group (OREG) annual conference in Vancouver, BC. A big thanks to our sister organization from the north for the opportunity to participate.  I was struck by the common issues the industry faces regardless of location.  And I was encouraged by the universal support for cooperation and sharing of information, especially environmental data. 

While I was in Vancouver, B.C., I met two companies that are interested in opportunities in Oregon, SurfPower and Renewable Energy Research (RER).  Both companies have promising technologies and expressed their interest in exploring their options in Oregon.  As usual, Oregon's reputation as a great place to do hydrokinetic projects preceded OWET's participation. Seems our message is getting out:  Oregon has amazing marine energy potential, we've got the right policies and services to promote the industry, and OWET is here to advance the responsible development of ocean energy in our state.


Jason Busch :: Executive Director

OWET Project Updates

Project: Wave Energy Community and Marine Spatial Planning Stakeholder Outreach
The Oregon Coastal Zone Management Association (an extension of local governments on the Oregon Coast) was awarded $50,000 to spearhead the gathering of community information needed to create an Oregon ocean plan.

Specifically, they will (1) engage the recreational and commercial fishing industry in outreach and activities on wave energy and the gathering of information required to support the development of a spatially-explicit ocean plan for Oregon’s Territorial Sea (state waters) and the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) in federal waters, (2) engage local communities (counties, cities, ports and other organizations) and other Oregonians in outreach and activities on wave energy to support OWET’s outreach activities to inform the public in Oregon about OWET’s mission to promote responsible wave energy. The project will be complete by the end of 2011.
Project: Outreach & Support for Fishing Groups Involved in Wave Energy
OWET will provide an additional $30,000 to support fishing industry groups that are involved in wave energy. This funding will assist organizations – including FACT, FINE, SOORC and FISHCRED – to participate in planning, meeting directly with project developers, attend wave energy related programs and conferences, and connect with one another through meetings and conference calls.
Project: Electromagnetic Measurement Methods Study

Final report has been received and will be posted to the OWET Web site by the end of November.
Project: OSU Sediment Transport Study - Phase II
Final report has been received and is being reviewed. Will post to OWET Web site once accepted by the OWET Board of Directors.

OWET Board Member Honored

Chandra Brown, OWET Board Member, United Streetcar President, and Oregon Iron Works Vice President is being honored by the Apollo Alliance as one of our nation’s outstanding individuals whose work exemplifies Apollo Alliance's mission to catalyze the new clean energy economy. Congratulations Chandra!
Under Brown’s leadership, United Streetcar built the first American-made streetcar in nearly 60 years, which they unveiled in July 2009. The company already has a contract to build 13 of its streetcars for the cities of Portland and Tucson, Arizona. In August 2010 she was appointed to serve on the U.S. Manufacturing Council by Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke. Oregon Iron Works is in the process of manufacturing Ocean Power Technologies’ Power Buoy 150 for the Reedsport Oregon Wave Energy Project scheduled for deployment in 2011.

OWET in the News
Oregon Wave Energy Trust was recently featured in articles in Portland Monthly and Sustainable Business Oregon on the recent traction of wave energy planning and development in Oregon.

OWET Funds Projects
In September, U.S. DOE announced the winners of its R&D grants, which included Ocean Power Technologies ($2,400,000), M3 Wave Energy Systems ($240,000), Shift Power Solutions ($240,000), and Northwest Energy Innovations ($1,818,000). These awardees are also recipients of OWET R&D matching grants.
OWET also announced the recipients of a Industry Matching grant for feasibility studies: Wave Power A/S, Aquamarine Power, Principle Power, and Northwest Energy Innovations.

Partner News
OWET Project Reports Archived by OSU
OWET project reports provide useful information for those interested in the latest developments of marine renewable energy in Oregon. OWET provides ready access to these reports as they become available.  They are posted on the OWET website as well as archived at the OSU Libraries digital repository. This partnership with OSU reflects both organizations' commitment to providing permanent, free access to information important to Oregonians.

About Oregon Wave Energy Trust

Oregon Wave Energy Trust (OWET) is a nonprofit public-private partnership funded by the Oregon Innovation Council. Its mission is to support the responsible development of wave energy in Oregon. OWET emphasizes an inclusive, collaborative model to ensure that Oregon maintains its competitive advantage and maximizes the economic development and environmental potential of this emerging industry. Our work includes stakeholder outreach and education, policy development, environmental assessment, applied research and market development. For more information visit,

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