We all know that not everyone on the planet believes in Ascension. In fact, the vast majority think you are a little bit off the beaten path if you spout such crazy talk. Or maybe they think you are totally out of your mind. They say “Life is just Life right?” They say you are not going to step into a Magical New Reality of an Ascended Earth where there really is Global Peace and All People are able to live a life in Joy and Happiness. They say to you that is just a Myth.

And when they say those things you feel a little disrespected. But in truth, also a little depressed. Depressed that they don’t feel as Hopeful as you, depressed that they can’t find it in their own hearts to Believe. Yet, the biggest disappointment to your own heart is that they seem to be choosing a reality that is, well, depressing.

That’s because you are a True Believer. You just KNOW it is Earth’s DESTINY.

You are 100% convinced in your bones that Ascension is REAL.

So, as we are experts at the actual vibrational truth of Ascension Mastery in life and living, let’s delve in and do a little Myth-Busting and Reality-Checking regarding Ascension.

Are you ready to accept the Myth or the Reality of Ascension on Planet Earth?

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FIRST UP: BELIEF CHECKING and the “Lightworker Trap”

The Social Media feeds and channeled articles for Lightworkers, Wayshowers, and New Age believers is overflowing with Positivism for the Ascension Energies of 2020: 

“Love and Light has Won”, “The New Age is Here”, “You are Source”, “All Discord Will Work Out As You Are In The Higher Realms”, “You Are Here As An Embodiment of the Christ Consciousness to Help Earth”, “Our Karmic Debris Has Cleared”, “The Promised Land of True Salvation Has Arrived Due To Your Hard Work”, “You Are Now Multidimensional”, “The Dark Cannot Help But Fail As They Have Already Lost”, “Do Not Be In Fear, Be Patient, As You Have Already Won”, “We Have Never Been So Close to the Boundary of Tipping Into 5D”, “Ascension Is Yours and You Don’t Need To Do A Thing Other Than BE YOURSELF!”

So, permit us ask you a personal question in a moment, before you read over that paragraph a second time, take a deep breath and tap into your feelings first. Now re-read them.

Our question is this: How do you FEEL after reading them? Digest that for a moment more.

Now, if you are not already feeling AMAZINGLY HOPEFUL, then try reading them a 3rd time, because they are as POSITIVE as POSITIVE can be.

ASCENSION FACT: Most everything in that paragraph is FALSE. BOGUS. NOT REALLY TRUE.

What! How can that be????

Well, first, we can tell you this: If you examine the entire population of Earth, and see the facts of wealth disparity across the globe, and see the truth of poverty, which means unbelievable material extravagance for a very very small few, and incredible pain, suffering and hardship for a very large majority, you have to face the truth: clearly Love has not won and the Dark has not lost. The Fifth Dimension is no where near becoming a Reality on Earth.

There is no getting around this. And for many Lightworkers who read that above paragraph, and LOVED it, it IS DEPRESSING to see and, more importantly, FEEL that sadness of the REALITY OF EARTH. That’s why that above paragraph chock full of Positivism is so inviting. As catnip is so alluring to a kitten, Positivism is the Drug of Choice for the New Age. It is what we call the “Lightworker Trap”.

Here is what is really going on with most Lightworkers: You feel deep inside that if you do not embrace that Positivism you are giving up on HOPE. And that is simply not true. Instead it is about facing the Truth of that HOPE for what it is, and is not.


Because you are right. You DO feel it in your bones. You know that YOU are THAT Hope, but not just you holding that hope. You, personally, really are THE HOPE for Earth. However, in terms of Ascension, it is all about how you understand what it means to be the hope that makes ALL the difference when it comes to Ascension as begin a Myth or a Reality.

A cold hard truth to face: there is a tremendous effort by the DARK to take over your UNDERSTANDING of what you must do with that HOPE. Which in turn means what you will do for Ascension to manifest on Earth.

“Hope” can be a feeling, or it can be an ACTION. And sadly, for most Lightworkers upon Earth currently, it remains a feeling, a belief. That above paragraph and the feelings it creates are fueled through endless channeled messages and articles, but at the end of it all, that is all they are, “Positivism without True Ascension Action”.

Positivism is the Drug of Choice for the New Age. It is what we call the “Lightworker Trap”.

And that positivism is the one drug that creates a delusional reality where true Ascension will never happen, and it won’t happen by exactly the souls that are here to make it happen. You.


We can tell you “Ascension is Very Real”. It is just not the version of Ascension you have been lead to believe in.

You have been lied to and misled. And in a very sophisticated way.¬† There are thousands of channeled materials that circulate among the “alternative news” that Lightworkers seek out. Trust us, we know. Within those articles, those “sources of information”, there might be 90% to 95% of intellectual truth to them. (Note the use of the word “intellectual”).

But then, there is also hidden within that truth a lie. A deep fake as it were, a lie that even the channel does not know is there. It is a hidden message that directs you in such a way as to totally derail real Ascension. After all, it is maybe just 5% of the full text of the message. And that 5% locks you into the emotional impact of how that channeling MAKES YOU FEEL.

100% of the time, how it makes you feel is GOOD. And with that feeling you then accept the overall information, including the lie.

MYTH BUSTED: Real Ascension is indeed very much about YOU. But the Myth is that YOU don’t need to do anything other than be your God Created Self, as YOU ARE SOURCE, and by using all your Gifts for Good, lo and behold, Ascension happens.¬†

We know. That sounds GOOD, right? How else could Ascension happen?


Here are the true facts of Ascension, and be aware, emotionally you may not want to agree with these based on the “facts” as you have been given them by all those other “sources”, so try and keep an open heart, even if it hurts a little:

  • Ascension is not about the mental mind. That is the masculine dominance that this earth has been under for eons of time. Instead it is about the Divine mind, and that part of you has never been accepted into your physical existence. (If it had, you would not be in human form upon Earth.) Most all channeled New Age material feeds your intellect and fills it up with mental curiosities like space/time insights, it answers questions and gives advice, and most importantly it tells you how you are doing as a Soul, or how a specific collection of Souls (read Lightworkers) are doing. It does this because you are, for want of a better word, mental. You are what you eat, and on this planet using your mental mind is what we do and have done for thousands of years. Everyone knows the DARK suppressed the Feminine Divine. SO, it is a Myth to think that “mental” materials will have you stop being mental. No, they keep you being mental. And, therefore, keep you from accessing your higher feminine intuition because you become locked into “intuition as mentally derived”. (Which many think is their feminine side.) To help see an example of allowing the higher feminine intuition, in the words of Rev. Ara, “I was addicted to reading these messages of “hope” for well over a decade. I read everything there was to find from any and all channels. They really had me believing that life on earth was improving and the Light was winning. Not only that I went to many healers. I traveled, sometimes multiple times, to sit in front of Barbara Brennan, Kryon, Adyashanti, The Group, Mooji, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, and many others, not to mention listening and reading volumes from the likes of Art Bell, Dr. Steven Greer and David Wilcock. I mean, I was in it. Then one day I read a new message channeled just the day before, and I realized it was pretty much the same exact message I had read over 14 years ago. I realized in that moment something was not right. I realized there was actually no new news after all those years. Nothing had really changed. I had thought I was awake and aware, but that moment was my true awakening. And that happened for me in 2010. Imagine how many more messages are out there now just repeating the same thing, having people think change is happening.”) What we have seen firsthand in teaching real Ascension practices is that most of humanity does not actually know what their higher feminine intuition feels like and instead simply relies on how things FEEL in the physical self, (i.e., if it feels right and resonates, it’s all good).

  • Ascension is deeply personal. All the great Masters (think of Lao Tzu, Confucius, Lord Buddha, Master Yeshua, or the many India saints such as Paramhansa Yogananda), as information found in the Upanishads, Bible, the Koran and many other spiritual sources encourages the “inner journey” as the path to Enlightenment. It has always been “known” to us that the “inner road” is the only real road of Spirituality. But such a path is actually never pretty. It never makes you “FEEL GOOD” as it is about removing all the delusions held in the personality that separate YOU as a SOUL from the true essence of GOD realization. And having your delusions ripped away is one of the most traumatic events that anyone can experience. It is not at all something that can be covered over by “Positivism”. One of those BIG delusions is that you are here to SAVE EARTH. You are here to save earth, but not by changing others, or getting them to “awaken”. You must change yourself first. As Master Mahatma Gandhi said, ‚ÄúIf we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him… We need not wait to see what others do.‚ÄĚ Yet, concerning how to change yourself into a person who holds an actual higher vibrational truth within the full physicality of who you are, that change he speaks about is a profound and tremendous act. It takes literally years and years of serious dedicated effort. It does not just happen by getting an attunement to upgrade your DNA strands. Instead you need to clear out the dark parts of your earthly soul that had you incarnate here to begin with. And that HAS to be done PERSONALLY using your little used DIVINE SELF. And just as it has always been, only you can walk that walk.

  • Ascension is actual real work and not created by intentions. There is an old saying, “The road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions”, or “Hell is full of Good Meanings and Wishes.” Humans have always striven to hold good thoughts, it’s what we do. Very rare is the evil villain of the comic books or movies, the “Dr. Evil” who sets out to do evil, instead the personality self does what it thinks is right. The now infamous “Corporate Villains” actually feel that humanity needs guidance and leaders who will “help them help themselves” such that any byproducts (i.e., pollution, chemicals) of “giving consumers what they want” are simply what is necessary to accomplish that goal. In other words, most employees of such corporations hold a “higher intention of service” for what they do. And yes, by performing that service they get to earn a living, some of them will even make lots of money. But the money is not what helps them sleep soundly at night (that just makes them more comfortable), it is the belief system that they are just doing what they are being asked to do by the customer. More importantly, they get to see what they do and believe, in terms of intention and belief, that what they do is Good (and responsible), and that in turn helps the personality self to FEEL GOOD about itself. And yes, some corporation leaders are now striving to look at a bigger picture, and are seeking to serve humanity as a whole, not just their customers. So we are, in this example, just pointing out the mindset of intentions VERSUS actions. Concerning Ascension, YOU as a person can’t just intend that a New Earth will happen as long as you are GOOD and BELIEVE. The “fact” is, you need to get down and dirty into the inner work of removing almost everything inside you that has you feeling all those dark things you pretend are not there. Because we know they are. We see it all the time in Lightworkers. You do have ANGER. You do have FEAR. And those feelings are the REAL ENEMY of your achieving any progress within true ASCENSION.¬†

  • Ascension can only be taught by those who have Ascended. Taking driving lessons from a guy who has never sat behind the wheel of an automobile is not only silly, it’s very dangerous. People will get hurt. Humanity as a whole has not Ascended. We exist in a lower frequency in a collective dimensional reality of our own Group Soul’s Collective Karma. It is just a fact. Individuals, and in the quantity of a very few, have Ascended. They are known as the Ascended Masters. They walked the Earth as a human, for 100’s of lifetimes, just as you. They made all the same mistakes you do. They felt all the lower emotions you do. They wanted to change the world – even make it change – just as you have tried (or are still trying). They know exactly what it takes to transform themselves, as they did it. They speak from experience. but what they have to say is not going to make you FEEL GOOD. That is not the goal. As Yogananda wrote, the job of a saint [the Indian Guru or Ascended Master] is to tell you what others will not, as it is the saint who can see the truths that you do not. Yet. don’t fall into the ego trap of believing that if you read about such things, and the words of the Ascended Ones, that means you are “doing it”. That is not so, for if knowledge were the path to Enlightenment, every person in every town that has a library would be Enlightened.

  • Ascension is actually a Frequency. It really is Vibratory. Imagine that there was something like those airport scanners you walk through that could perceive specific vibrating frequencies within you. What would it see? Would it clearly show a black spot where you held the anger you had for a wrong done to you? Imagine that it does. Then imagine that only people who don’t have such spots on the screening are allowed through. The truth is, concerning Ascension, very few, maybe less than 100 people upon earth would get through. That’s because the black spots of darkness are so pervasive within human beings. Lord Melchizedek has shared in our teachings that each person on earth has had many many lifetimes, maybe well over 200. Old souls can even have up to 1000 but they are usually much wiser than the norm. Normal humans have what are called “moments in time” in each lifetime. Those moments are choice points that occur in any lifetime that resulted in creating positive karma or in creating negative karma. To be more specific, every such moment is termed “a timeline”, which means that specific positive or negative moment. Suppose in one lifetime you were in great fear and failed to defend a friend who was being bullied. As a Soul, you are not judged, but that would still be a lost opportunity to be have done better, and so it would carry some negative timeline energy for you as a Soul. He also shared that being human gives one the opportunity to rectify those timelines better than any other form of incarnation. And that is because Earth is so toxic energetically. It is the one place where you can “prove” your light. Concerning Timelines, the Ascension Fact is this: the average human being holds a range of 95%-98% “dark timelines”. As a Soul who accumulated them over hundreds of lifetimes, that could represent thousands of moments where choices were made from the perspective of physical existence, out of fear, hate, anger, etc. The flip side? Very few humans have “light timelines that exceed 5%”. Those are truths of vibration that can’t be escaped. As a Soul, what “FEELS GOOD” to you is based on what hat Soul experienced in prior lifetimes and LIKED. When you stole the rich mans grain and gave it to your village, it FELT GOOD. But that does not mean it was the most productive spiritual solution to what you wanted to do. It may have seemed you were correcting unfairness at that moment, but you still handled it in a manner that caused you a dark timeline. But delve deep into that… If you have 95% Dark Timelines, of course certain things resonate with you today as who you are. That does not mean they are the right things for Ascension. Which means what FELLS GOOD today for you may not be spiritually Good for you. Ascension means rectifying those timelines to become almost the complete opposite of what they are now, flipping it to 5% dark and 95% light.

This year of 2020 is another huge increase in the Spiritual Energies that are being projected for Humanity to step into. It is truly another BIG Ascension GATE. But it really only benefits an Initiate living the Ascension Mastery way, that is, the one who is actively practicing and studying how to “do Ascension”. For the rest of humanity, including “awakened” Lightworkers, yes these Big energetic Gates (like the year 2012 which was the previous one, and the year 2000 before that, and the 1987 Harmonic Convergence), do help you. however, it turns out these energies might give you a passive 1%-2% boost to heal those dark timelines.

Now, think on that… if you need 51% of your Dark Timelines of Karma rectified to Ascend, and you were already “awake and aware” in 1987, you have passively gained maybe a 5% karmic boost. If you awakened in 2012 you are not yet even that far along (more on this later).

Which means 2020, as the Next Big Gateway, (for those who really care about Ascension), it is another perfect opportunity to delve deeper into your dark timelines to resurrect them into the light, and therefore create more light timelines.

But… given the actual reality of Ascension and not only how it works, but what it takes to work, not the Myths, well, to put a blunt face on it: How many of you reading this will actually start to do what it takes?

Ascension is only real if you make it real

From the pre-2020 acceptance of True Ascension Mastery that we see within humanity’s understanding of what real Ascension requires of them, (a real direct personal investment in themselves as Spiritual Beings first and foremost), very few humans have any desire to face the deeper truths of who they are as a Soul.

Why? For unaware souls, the 3d life is just too distracting for them even to consider that there is more to their existence. For awakened souls, the untruths and falsehoods within the Lightworker/New Age propaganda materials are just too powerful emotionally to allow for anything else. It is a form of “group-think”, tribal (tribe) exclusivity that reinforces positivism feelings over the truth of quite uncomfortable self-revelation. Very few see past it.

Why? Well look at it from the perspective of a human who reincarnates 100’s of times. As a soul within a physical vehicle they develop some pretty entrenched habits. Quite honestly, that part of you is terrified that it will cease to exist.

And that part of you is 100% correct. Now tap into that truth.

So again, we ask you to take a deep breath. How does hearing that sound?

No way you are going there, right?

Look we have been there and we know. “Doing” Ascension is going to be terrifying to those 3d parts of you (which naturally, as a human, is most of your psyche presently). But that fear knows nothing of the truth of your Divinity that lies on the other side of the Veil. You really do have a Higher Self, a Monad of 11 other Higher Selves, and a Group Higher Soul Essence of 12 Monadic Souls (which means you are 1 of 144 collective Higher Self Souls), who are ALL IN YOUR CORNER to assist you in doing this. And then, lets not forget there is the entire community of Ascended Souls and Masters.

Your 3d physical personality self just can’t see them.

Since it wants that “material verification” in order to trust and have faith in them, it finds it very hard to believe in them. (Which is what it will always struggle with, as that is all it knows.)

Ascension is the practice of learning (and it takes practice) that you need to start putting Faith and Trust in your Higher Truth. A Truth you will not ever get “verification” from by the mental mind of the physical self.

ASCENSION SYMPTOMS: YUP, and thOSE are not going away.

We can share with you, that even if you are one of the few who does see the truth about the “Lightworker Trap” and are diligent within your self-discovery, we can assure you that the energies to come in 2020 will, more than ever, test your dedication and courage to stand strong in what you are learning as that initiate and who you are in your soul’s truth. Because: Ascension Energies are real.

That 1%-2% of new energy hitting the planet, in relation to human existence as we have know it over millenniums of time, is, by comparison, very STRONG.

There is so much going on in the world that will pull you away from the pathway of your Soul’s Truth, such that you slowly slip and slide into the same 3d consciousness that most every human is experiencing now. The political situation in the USA, the fires in Australia, other disasters, hate and shootings, the threat of renewed conflicts between countries… each post and news story you read does absolutely chip away at the higher consciousness energies you may have attempted to create within yourself.

As we have often shared, holding onto the progress you have achieved as an initiate in our work is not a given and it is not easy to do even if everything was calm on our planet.

Remember “Ascension” is the act of creating a “dimensional shift” of consciousness. As stated, that requires a HUGE FORCE in itself.

In this case YOU are that FORCE.

It’s quite daunting. It is yet another reason to allow your lower self ego to buy into your fears and say, “That’s really not for me.”

The truth of Ascension is that this challenge will not become any easier in 2020, or beyond it. In fact, there is a “building effect” of these energies, as the Cosmic Frequencies are putting great pressure on Humanity to awaken Spiritually into Oneness.

If you are just awakening right now, that 1%-2% in 2020 includes the energetic weight of the previous 4%-8% that preceded it. So you are feeling the full weight of a 5%-10% Cosmic Force of Light pushing against your dense vibration of the dark timelines you hold. Even though, as an awakened soul in 2012, you might not have had the opportunity to rectify that 4%-8%, you can still feel the pressure. It feels exponentially strong.

Quantumly speaking, it is a huge pressure on your Soul’s Psychology (which is what Ascension Mastery is really about balancing). That pressure is something the 3d self wants to run from and is why many Lightworkers are retreating into the fantasy world of magical thinking and positivism.

But as Souls incarnate and awaken, eventually the pressure (or the awareness that they have been lied to about Ascension) does get to be too much. They either go into a huge depression, write articles about how they “Quit Being a Lightworker” and chuck in the whole idea out the window to embrace 3d life fully; or, they commit to start on the path of doing the real work they became human to do.

Which brings us to this: we as the leaders of Walking Terra Christa and the Academy of New Earth Mastery are here for those that are ready. We are pretty sure that what we know and teach you will not find elsewhere.

And yes, though we have lots of free-donation requested material, the classes we offer require an exchange. Which we know does not fit in with the “Lightworker propaganda” that says Spirituality should be free (even though all churches going back 100’s of years have requested a tithe, which is 10% of your earnings). We will just leave it to you to figure out who really benefits by having such propaganda everywhere.¬†

The truth is most people can afford what we teach. They just are not used to investing in their own Spirituality versus investing in their cell phone or TV and other 3d “necessities”.¬†

All we can say to humanity at large is this, especially those of you who are willing to concede there might be some real truth in what we are sharing about Ascension Mastery:

If 2020 is not going to be the year to make real gains in Ascension Spiritual advancement, which is directly for your own Soul’s Higher existence to become more of you, what year will be?

Because… heads up… 2022 is next!



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Decrees ~ Becoming Your Own Spiritual Intention & Inspiration

pink orange flanancia 1-2020

Walking Terra Christa presented the Ascension Mastery Teachings in the New Year of 2020 with their program entitled BE THE MASTER.

The first cycle of these teachings was centered upon BECOMING YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL INTENTION & INSPIRATION.

Our journeys into the Golden Etheric City of Flanancia (over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) represented the focus of this cycle with Ascended Masters Lord Maitreya and Lord Enoch who represent the Pink-Gold Flame of 5th Dimensional Divine Intent.

The Pink-Gold Flame is the Integration of the Christ Consciousness by allowing the intention of our thoughts, and feelings to be guided through the power of this ray.

The¬†Pink represents the 3rd¬†Flame of Creative Actualization¬†‚Äď being compassionate, having Divine Love within, a softness that is representative of Divine Mother God. Additional characteristics are Divine Love and Adoration for the Self, having Mental Illumination, Perseverance, and Clear Mindedness with no regrets in any way. It is representative of increasing the Love Quotient.

The Gold brings forth the Christed energies representative of the 12th Flame of the Christ Within. It allows for the direct alliance to the Source Energies; it is a process of allowing the Higher Light Bodies to work directly with the Initiate. This represents a union of the physical and spiritual selves working in harmony. This flame is allowing the Christ Consciousness Quotient to accelerate in an Initiate’s pathway.

So, the Pink Gold reflects all the characteristics of each of these flames to become united as One within the Self as the 5th Dimensional Intent is to become all of these attributes within the full consciousness; thoughts change, feelings change, and then the response in the physical world changes.

Our first visit to the city was guided by¬†Lord Maitreya,¬† holds the Office of the Christ¬†frequency for GAIA which represents higher evolution.¬† He is the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy while working directly with Lord Kuthumi, and is often referred to as the ‚ÄúMaster of the Masters‚ÄĚ.¬† He shared the body of Jesus Christ known as Jeshua during his last days on this Earth so is an aspect of Lord Sananda.¬† He also oversees the Chohans for the¬† Rays of God under the direction of the Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace.

Our goal was for each individual to work with their Higher Self to guide them into the Intention that is desired to focus upon for this year. The objective was to consider what tools are needed, as the Initiate, to stay focused throughout 2020?

January represents the beginning stages of stepping into a new world that needs to be acknowledged by a person’s Intentions that will help them to become their own Inspiration by accessing their Higher Self and Bodies of Light.

Lord Maitreya guided us into the Valley of the Christed Self in which each participant experienced an elemental from the Rose Bush to ignite the blessing of love. We walked down a beautiful stream being gifted with the crystalline waters and walking across a bridge unto the Temple of  the the Eternal Soul to fully receive the divine energies of the Soul, Monald, and Higher Light Bodies that makes up the I Am Presence.


The year 2020 has now arrived,

It is being called the Year of Mastery;

As an Initiate, I desire to become more of my Higher Self and I Am Presence,

Than I have been able to access previously.

Since that is my Intention,

I have decided to travel to the Golden Etheric City of Flanancia,

Which resides in the 5th dimensional earth over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

It is representative of the Pink-Gold Flame of Becoming the Christ Within;

I am excited as I feel I can receive the assistance I desire,

To learn how to set my intentions from my Spiritual Self,

Instead of trying to create them from my physical consciousness.

I arrive within a valley of pure light,

I see the Pink-Gold everywhere I look,

It is shining through the land and the ground I walk upon.

I now see that I have entered a very magical oasis,

It seems to be in a valley,

There are many pathways through this pristine garden,

I see a small lake at the center,

With flowers and bushes that are sparkling with this Divine Light.

I am met by Lord Maitreya,

Who is the speaker of the Christ Consciousness,

I feel very small compared to his essence,

But yet he tells me to relax and breathe in the energies.

We walk together along a magnificent pathway that is strewn with rose bushes,

The smell is absolutely amazing,

I feel a sense of deep love surrounding me.

Lord Maitreya tells me that I must take the time to smell all the flowers,

They are representative of God’s Love that has been given to humanity;

I, then, can see little elementals dancing around the flowers,

They are giggling with each other.

I feel one coming unto my Heart Center,

It is in that moment that I feel the presence of Divine Love,

Being emitted into my own essence.

This little elemental dances around my aura,

I feel a sense of openness and sharing coming from her essence;

Lord Maitreya and I find a place to sit in front of a stream,

I listened to the water and feel a sense of movement within myself.

He tells me that it is now time to take what I am feeling and put it into words,

I breathe deeply and can feel the essence that my elemental friend,

Left for me.

Lord Maitreya tells me that this is my Inspiration,

To continue my journey of Love,

As it has been expressed to me,

But yet it is part of me.

All that has occurred has opened me up to see for myself,

That I am Divine Love, with a compassionate nature within my soul’s essence.

I am now ready to work more deeply with Lord Maitreya,

As he shows me how to full create my Spiritual Intentions and Inspiration,

That will assist me with the journey I walk upon within Planetary Mastery.

I breathe into what I received,

And feel that my four-body system is changing,

Within this process of my Divinity.

Thank you Lord Maitreya for showing me the way,

Of the Christ Within.

I Am that I Am that I Am

Our second, and final journey, was guided by¬†Lord Enoch, who is considered the ‚ÄúOne That Walked with God‚ÄĚ for 300 years.¬† He is the father of Methuselah (who is considered in Biblical terms to have the longest life among men ) and the great grandfather of Noah.¬† He is also considered the messenger of Sanat Kumara.

The focus was to concentrate upon the elements that were instituted last week with the Pink Flame of Compassion, Mental Illumination, Perseverance, and Clear Mindedness to guide each individual to work with learning how to command the 5th dimensional intent through one’s thoughts and feelings so they become their action in the physical world.

The Intention should be to be Inspired through the integration of the Spiritual Self, representing your Higher Self, Monad, and Higher Light Bodies that are helping the Initiate to create their Transformational Self.

This is a process of getting used to becoming more of the Higher Self by working within your Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra to integrate the higher vibrational energies within the Etheric Self which will assist to create the grounding of the Pink-Gold Flame within the Three Minds (Conscious; Sub-Conscious; Super-Conscious).

Lord Enoch guided us through the Forest of Illumination where the Tree Spirits helped each individual to feel their Divine Light so that it could be integrated within each individual’s four-body system (Physical-Etheric-Emotional-Mental). The end of the journey is where we experienced the divine energies at the Mountain of Intention within the Temple of Exquisite Beingness to fully become the Spiritual Intention and Inspiration that was shown to each individual.

Decree: Surrendering Unto the Divine Light of the Pink-Gold Flame

As I travel into the Golden Etheric City of Falanancia,

Which resides in the 5th Dimensional Earth,

Over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada,

I am reminded that I can change my thoughts and feelings,

By allowing myself to become focused upon my Spiritual Inspiration.

What is Spiritual Inspiration?

For me, I am realizing that it is not what I achieve,

In the 3rd dimensional world;

But allowing my experiences of my Higher Essence,

Guide me into the unknown world of that Inspiration.

That is why I have decided to arrive in this miraculous city,

With all its splendor of the Pink-Gold flame;

I am met by Lord Enoch,

And am deeply enamored by his essence of light.

We walk down a golden pathway together,

Into the Forest of Illumination;

I can understand why they call it by this name;

As the vibrancy of light I feel,

Is immediately flowing through my body;

It seems like the energies of the Pink-Gold are everywhere we look,

While the excitement in this forest is extremely high.

Lord Enoch tells me that it is important for me to realize,

That taking such walks as this into a magical Kingdom of Light,

Is essential to be able to hold the higher vibration.

I do feel a sense of the lower elements leaving me as we take each step,

The anxiousness I felt earlier is being released,

As I feel the essence of my Divine Self guiding me.

It is interesting

As I did not specifically call upon this essence to help me,

But yet it is here,

Ready to be with me.

We look around us,

I see the trees are sparkling with the Pink-Gold Essence,

The aura around the land and the trees speaks to me,

I feel as if I cannot contain myself.

Lord Enoch takes my arm,

And says unto me, ‚ÄúI am glad you are enjoying the ride;‚ÄĚ

You are not only walking through this magic,

You are literally becoming One within it.

I agree whole-heartedly with Lord Enoch,

As I feel a difference within my Heart Center;

He then asks me to reflect on the feelings I am having,

I tell him there is a sense that all is fine,

I have no misgivings about anything;

I am excited for the chance to feel this beauty within me and around me,

He tells me that is exactly how an Initiate should feel in the Forest of Illumination.

We then arrive into a clearing away from the forest,

An opening unto a beautiful mountain,

He calls it the Mountain of Intention;

The Temple of Exquisite Beingness is located right in the middle of the mountain;

It is shining with massive light energies not only within the temple,

But through the entire mountain.

We walk towards it and I can feel the higher vibratory energies,

I feel a small electrical force in the ground, as it moves up into my Etheric Self;

I then look and can see the same force of light spinning around the area;

I see the flame extending out of the temple into the hemisphere above us,

As I am completely in a state of love and adoration of this moment.

Lord Enoch tells me that it is now time to fully embrace,

The change I am about to become,

As that is your quest, isn’t it not to become your own Spiritual Inspration?

Yes, It is;

I am excited and ready to walk into a new existence of my Divine Self.

I Am that I Am that I Am

©Rev. Christine Mahlariessee Hayden, Integrative Channel
WalkingTerraChrista.com/January 15th & 22nd, 2020; New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light. 

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can become an Academy Student or participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase any of the MP3 downloads separately for the the classes to receive the highest vibrational energies available (upon your payment please make a note about the date of the class you are requesting to receive).

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