The 02-22-2020 Energy: Is Earth Becoming 5D?

The Higher Light Frequencies of the Cosmic Rays of God flooded into the earth’s atmosphere this month in unprecedented levels for humanity, with a peak energy on the 22nd of February.

It actually all began around the planet this past New Years Eve as Mother Gaia approached the birthing of the 2020 year, one that would propel into us the frequencies of the “22” Master Number that represents acquiring more Alchemy and Mastery in one’s life.

Ever since then, due to these energies the social media for Starseeds, Lightworkers and Wayshowers has been full of the news proclaiming that the “Fifth Dimension is Arriving”!


Already happening around the globe, for some the 2-22-2020 energy may have felt more peaceful, more connected. That aspect is a crucial part of the higher vibration of ONENESS that this frequency of Light and Love represents.

For many others however, it may have felt chaotic, unsettling, disruptive. This is because, given the magnitude of these kinds of electromagnetic charges, the energy that does not hold the new resonance must be discharged.

Which means, most of humanity is experience that releasement of the lower “old earth” dynamic of who we are as humans. It is a multi-faceted collection of interwoven frequencies that make up not only who we are as individuals, but who we are as a collective body of life upon Gaia, and indeed, Gaia herself.

Whenever these energies hit us, we will feel it in all ways, in our hearts as the emotional charge, in our thoughts as the mental charge and in our physical energies.

For some it may be encouraging and energizing, and for others it may be draining and exhausting in any of those facets. One can feel overwhelmed emotionally, that there is just too many tasks they must organize and plan in their mental mind.


In terms of how we just described the experience of the 5D activation’s, yes very much so. The Fifth Dimensional energies are indeed occurring!

However, the real question that we each should be asking ourselves is this:

“How MUCH of the Fifth Dimensional Energy is Occurring?”

Tapping into that truth to arrive at the correct answer is not easily done for most humans.

Consider that if we were having 100% of the 5D energy engulf us, and that if we as humans have to discharge or release all the lower 3D energies that currently make up the bulk of our human self, (which is basically 95% of who we are),  releasing those physical, mental and emotional charges from our DNA and cellular makeup (through our mental and emotional bodies) would literally require us to explode them out, to actually de-materialize them when being hit by those higher frequencies. If that happened what would be left of us?

At a 100% rate of 5D frequency, we would literally cease to exist if we stepped fully into a 5D level of reality.

Which actually means, when looking at it as many do, no, the 5D reality is not here, it did not just “switch over” on the date of 2-22-20 or as those on the other side of the globe write it, the 2-2-22).

If it had, (meaning we didn’t explode), we would all have awoken in a totally new reality of Oneness. There would have been instant planet wide peace and a true brother/sisterhood of love and community all around the globe. Poverty, sickness, disease, and all lower forms of energy like hate, greed, abuse would all now be gone from our collective reality.

You may confirm this by looking about in your own world. Do you see or hear about individuals acting very irrationally and disruptively? Do the weather patterns or geological conditions seem to mirror the same?


The intelligence of GOD would never force humanity to de-materialze our physical bodies by having us to move from one dimensional reality into another. It must be done more slowly to give each of us the opportunity to participate consciously as a soul of God’s light and love.

Life on Earth for Humanity has always been about the Divine interplay between Free Will and Karma. That is what makes Life here on our great and beautiful planet so wonderful and unique. If God moved us from one dimension to another, it would not involve our Free Will/Karmic bond.

(Oh we may feel we DESIRE it in our Free Will, but that is only the magical thinking that we as humans don’t have to release our individual Karma so the collective of all of Humanity can heal).

The reality we live in requires that we must use our own Free Will to transform ourselves from the 3D person that we are into becoming that 5D person. Taking up such a practice of Self Mastery is the only way in which we will be able to create that level of transformation.

And it is a journey only an individual can take, a choice by their own hand, using their own Free Will. A Will we must use to change our personal Karma, actively and consciously. Which means we do the heavy lifting ourselves to accept those Cosmic Rays so that we take on the transformation they offer us.

There actually have been individual humans who have individually traversed this exact path, they have gone from the confines of all those lower emotional and mental energies into being integrally connected to that Oneness that is the Higher State of existence. We know them as the “Ascended Masters” because they have accomplished it. They have indeed “Ascended” into that 5D reality.

As one of the most well known of the Ascended Masters, Lord Saint Germain shares this understanding about the Alchemy of Ascension Mastery (attaining 5D):

“It cannot be done from the Personality, but must be accomplished through the Spiritual Self… It is imperative to realize that you as the Personality, must remove the lower elements, and fully become the Higher Light Body.” (excerpt)

What he is saying is that, if we approach achieving Ascension (Fifth Dimensional in the Full Body structure) in the same manner which we do for every other earthly human accomplishment, it can’t occur.

We can’t just “will it” or “believe it” into happening or treat it like we do any normal training program by reading and practicing what we are learning. No, we must learn instead to approach it Spiritually, that is, by not using our personality that has built in likes and dislikes. From the personality view, if you don’t like the words in this article, you will dismiss them as not important to your life. In 3D reality, this is how we all operate.

However, in order to attain 5D reality, we each must actively choose to create it within ourselves, which means taking on an acceptance of actions that our personality self would actually resist.

This is the concept that, Spiritually, we must undergo vast changes, that we must take on energies that we would not normally be drawn to as a “personality with preferences”. Which is why another great Ascended Being advised us, “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” There was only “one truth” for Lord Buddha, and that was the truth of his spiritual essence above and beyond a preference toward his physical one. What he speaks of is not just an interest in being or feeling more spiritual, it is entering into a true practice of transformation just as he experienced.

In truth, this is exactly what becoming “5D” means.

For those who desire to transform the energies of the mental and emotional self parts of the personality to become more 5D in your Spiritual Self, that is, those who are ready to step into the “unusual strangeness” that true 5D teachings involve, read more insightful words from Lord Saint Germain on transforming into becoming more of your Spiritual Truth as he shares in Transcending the Lost Self by Accepting the Loving Self”:

“As an Initiate working through your challenges, which we call the Initiations of Ascension Mastery, you will experience many different moments of exhilaration and insecurity within yourself as you are allowing your Higher Essence, which we call the I Am Presence, including your Monad (12 Essences of Light) and your Higher Self to become more important to your consciousness.  

This transformation is what we call Transcending the Old Self so that your four-body consciousness (Physical-Etheric-Emotional (Astral)-Mental) are able to hold the higher light frequencies within them. 

This process is one of great proportions for the Lower Mind, Lower Consciousness, or what we call the Personality within your Physical Body.

This is due to the programming that is lodged within your Subconscious Mind of all remembrances of what you should be based on your experiences of your past lives and timelines (increments of time in any lifetime). These elements are very much apart of your consciousness; in fact, you probably are accessing this programming presently within your reality as a human upon the Earth.

Once you fully accept you are walking the pathway of Initiations in your


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