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We, at Walking Terra Christa, are experiencing a deeper meaning occurring within our work and personal lives.  Since the energies of 12:21:12 activated upon the planet we have been guided to share as much knowledge as possible not only to assist every individual person but it takes us into deeper levels of our consciousness. 

When Lord Adama shared in the Telosian Way course that “This was only the beginning”, we did not realize the depth of that statement.  We now understand that it truly is like starting each day refreshed with new wisdom to uncover.  Our bodies are being infused with higher chakras as we experience levels of timelines being removed.  Then we go to bed, work on the Inner Plane, and then it starts all over again.  This time, again, it is not a return of the old, but a new way of existing in each moment.
This is the way we are going to be experiencing life upon the planet as she transitions so the depth of our essence will change.  We need to embrace each moment as if feels like we are going through a death-and-rebirth experience from awakening into the Inner Plane back to awakening on the planet again.  This means that what we are feeling within ourselves is going to be reflected into the outside world.  So the process of healing through our dream state or traveling into the Innerplane each night is going to set the stage of the following day.  It is important for us to continually work with our tools of healing, transforming, and becoming the person we want to be as we reflect our Highest Essence within the four-body system becoming One Body of Light.
We are about to experience another full moon occurrence that is going to assist each of us into the depths of our beings as it represents our inner and outer reflections.  The full moon of Leo within the Sun Sign Aquarius occurs January 27th, 4:40 GMT and January 26th, 8:40 PM Pacific which represents Illumination as we reflect our Inner Self and Outer Self to come into balance.  The aspects of this moon are being called a “cradle effect” in which we are being nurtured to bring up the parts within us that does not fit our present awareness.  We are doing a special ceremony on January 23rd at 5 PM PST to celebrate these energies.  [Please join us at th number listed in the schedule below. You may also download the MP3 file and listen to the meditation and channeling once it is posted.]  We connect with Lord Adama within the forest of Telos along with Tribal Elders around the globe to celebrate the essence of Grandmother Moon’s transition at this time.
This is why we are being guided by the Team of Light headed by Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos, to offer as many programs as necessary.  Our weekly calls are taking individuals into more depths of their soul to actualize the highest essence within our four-body system.  Check into our many programs that we are offering presently in which some of them are email programs such as the 22 Rays of God, The Venusian Rays of God, and several others. 
We hope you will join us during this very powerful time of acceleration.



~ Blessings in Love & Light,
Mel & Mike


Methuselah Tree Teachings

The Team of Light is now presenting a new teaching through Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden that will help an initiate to fully accept their present pathway of service.  This teaching will assist in creating the changes that are necessary and allowing for the illuminated light to be fully grounded within their physical existence.
Methuselah was the son of Enoch and grandfather of Noah who by standards of the biblical writings lived to be the oldest man on this Earth.  The Methuselah Tree Teachings represent the ability to live a very long life as a master by initiating its energies into the depiction of the Tree of Life. 
We will be working with several Ascended Masters through this six-session program to help us fully ground our Higher Self and I AM Presence within our physical body.  We are the tree, grounded to the earth, with many branches of timelines that we need to acknowledge to receive our full potential.  This course will help an initiate to bring forth those timelines to fully accept their Divine Potential Manifested within the Physical Creation as we prepare for the energies of 2013. 

In addition accessing these energies will help each individual to live a full life to help access a healthier, more prosperous and beautiful life that can last for hundreds of years as the Masters before us have done.

We invite you to join now, the first class is available for download to those who enroll.

Click here to see more details and dates.




  • Wednesday January 23 @ 5 pm PST FULL MOON OPEN GROUP TELE-CALL
    PHONE: 530.881-1400
    CODE: 148525#
  • Saturday January 26 @ 1 pm PST The Telosian Ambassador Group Call
  • Monday January 28 @ 4 pm PST The Clarion Temple of Oneness
  • Wednesday January 30 @ 4 pm PST The New Earth Consciousness Circle of Light
  • Monday February 4 @ 4 pm PST The Clarion Temple of Oneness
  • Wednesday February 6 @ 4 pm PST The New Earth Consciousness Circle of Light
  • Monday February 11 @ 4 pm PST The Clarion Temple of Oneness
  • Wednesday February 13 @ 4 pm PST The New Earth Consciousness Circle of Light

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The 24 Elders
of the Throne of Grace
on The Energies
We Have Been Feeling

"Rainbow of Lights"

We come to you from the Elders Surrounding the Throne of Grace.  We want to share a special message that we think that you will enjoy.
Rainbow of Lights are filtering within and around the Earth at this time.  The activations that have been ongoing are creating waves of frequency to allow the essence of Divine Completion to be created.  We all know that everyone is being challenged by the integration of allowing the Rays of God to be infiltrated within them.  As you know we represent the 12 Rays of God through the Christ Consciousness.
We have been working hard to allow these essences to be blended within the Earth’s atmosphere.  Some areas are receiving more deeply than others but with the activation of the Angelic Presence on January 11th we have been able to access the hemisphere more directly than previously. [To hear this message click here.]
We call this the Rainbow of Lights transition as we represent all 12 Rays of God and our activity is becoming more prevalent within the creation of light unto the planet.  This effect is causing some individuals to go deeper into their essence and for others it is causing them to feel the ill effects that are within them.  Divine Mother and Father God opened up the doorways for this frequency of the combination of light to be integrated into the Earth’s atmosphere during the 1st Angelic Communication of the 11th.  What is happening through this process that individuals are feeling the effects of the Rays of God within them and around them.  It will assist GAIA and inhabitants of the planet to feel more deeply within our thought processes and emotional feelings.
Changes are taking place and it is important that we assist every individual as deeply as we can to transition into their higher self.  We take this frequency of light and allow the rainbow effect to blend through the skies into the atmosphere of Gaia.  As we do this, the essence of each of the rays is felt through the particular wavelength of the spectrum of that ray.  In other words, individuals may feel a particular essence to embrace their present energies.  Each of the 12 rays represents the facets of growth into a higher existence than was previously felt.  The Spectrum of Light ranges from the ray emitting a color that is very light and subtle.  In fact, many individuals may not be realizing what is happening, but it will help others to wake up into a deeper thought process than they would have engaged in previously. 
This activation is helping initiates to access particular Rays of God that they are not integrating presently as everyone needs to fully allow each of the rays to be part of their essence.  Individuals may find that they are particularly attracted to a color they have never experienced before and that is due to the fact that color is being emitted to them through their Higher Self to help them in their present life circumstance.

This is going to help initiates and those of ready-to-be initiates to allow themselves to move into a deeper part of their essence that has not been acknowledged previously.  We want everyone to realize that this has never occurred before as a mass exodus from our essence into each human being that is ready to acknowledge new parts of themselves.  This, in turn, will activate each of the overlighting Masters and Beings associated with that ray to work with that individual on a more personal basis.  This will come through the dream state, meditative state, and then aware state.  This process is quite different as we usually work with the Ray Chohans, first and foremost.  Everyone on the planet is being given a divine dispensation to allow the 12 Rays of God to be embodied within them.
Just by example, if an individual needs to be assisted within their strength and courage, then they would be more aligned to the color of the Blue of Will and Power; Golden Yellow would represent someone looking for a deeper meaning of truth and expansion of the mind which is Love and Wisdom; Deep Pink relates to the need to create and manifest while having mental illumination of Creative and Active Intelligence; seeing Crystalline colors in sparkles would relate to need to balance the emotions and the mind and changing them through Harmony & Balance; feeling the need of Greens, Gold, and White would represent the ability to open One’s psychic abilities and looking for answers of Scientific Research; when an individual needs to feel peace within themselves they will feel the Ruby Red which is reflected in a very dark red of Inner Devotion; feeling the spectrum of light represented by Purple and Violet would be attributed to looking to create ceremonies and invocate energies by words of God of the Ceremonial Structure and Magic; feeling the essence of Sea-Foam Green is wanting to go into a higher state of healing while accessing the Divine Qualities of the Higher Self; the color of Blue-Green is representing of allowing the body to receive a higher light quotient; feeling colors of Pearlescent represent the balance happening between the masculine and feminine aspects within the physical body while surrendering the mental mind allowing the soul to fully merge; when an individual is ready to walk into the new world physically the colors of Pink-Orange are very attractive to them; and when an individual fully accepts their Christ Body they will start to see the Golden Flame within them.
Now this does not mean that every individual will be activating all of these rays, but we will see a definite improvement upon the quality of people’s lives as the Rainbow Frequency is being received.  This new frequency is now the vibration of this Earth and will help to move the essence of Gaia into a new existence.
So if you, as an initiate, have been feeling a pull towards certain colors that may not have been in your attraction previously, move towards them.  You are being guided by each of us to help you go deeper into the aspects of yourself.  You may also find that the colors will change as you need to interpret a deeper meaning of the spectrum of light.
We know you are probably asking yourself, “What does this mean for me”.  Well, we are coming to that point.  The Rainbow of Lights is going to assist each individual to feel better about themselves and to move through the processes of their acceleration within a deeper level.  In order to receive the fifth dimensional body each of these rays are embodied within each of you.  If you are not ready to receive a certain frequency, then there could be an adverse effect.  On the other end of the spectrum, if you already hold a vast amount of this ray then it needs to be disbursed through your four body system to align each of the levels to become One Body of Light.  Each of these rays become intertwined within your chakras and the higher rays of 8 and upward become the higher chakras integrating within the first seven.  So it is imperative at this time that each of you understand the process you are going through within an esoteric view.  Everything is not as it may seem.
During this process you may have felt uncomfortable within your body, painful areas may become more painful, lack of energy, and periods of acceleration but then needing additional sleep to compensate.  Whatever is weak within the body, may become weaker.  Eventually it will all even out within your full body system activates, but until that time there is going to be changes occurring within you.  Each day when you awake may be quite different.  The changes within the planet are affecting you greatly and vice versa.
The planetary consciousness is also going to feel these emanations of light but in a lesser degree.  You may find individuals waking up more easily and then others fighting the process.  Unfortunately, this is a necessary part of transition of either waking up or staying asleep.  This is a divine dispensation that has been given directly from the Cosmic Frequencies of Divine Mother and Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun.
That is why we are here.  We want you to understand from the Cosmic perspective what is occurring in these phases of acceleration.  If you allow yourself to comprehend it within your physical consciousness, the rest will happen very quickly.  Some of you already know there is something more happening within you.  We are here now and this is not going to change but the acceleration of the Rainbow of Lights will increase with each passing full moon and cycles of the planet.  Right now our energies are very subtle to assist as much as possible.
We know you realize you are changing but it is time for each of us as the Elders representing the 12 Rays of God to become more fully actualized within the consciousness of GAIA and that includes each of you.  Assistance is here. Take some moments and breathe deeply to see what colors you are envisioning through your third eye.  You may receive one or all of them depending of what you need most within that moment.
We are The Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace
Representing Rays 1 through 12:
Alura & Aluri ~ Ralya & Ralyio ~ Seelea & Seeleo ~ Esteela & Esteelo ~ Zatheeah & Zatheeia ~Astia & Fratia ~ Teesian & Teesio ~ Aheliohah & Ahelieoh ~ Aselow & Aselay ~ Helleiasa & Helleaso ~ Sannalia & Sannaliare ~ Ahheliah & Ahhleeio
-In the Light of the Divine Sharing our Rainbow of Lights, We Are One!



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