Soul Truth and the Royal Teton Retreat

Touch the Souls Truth in the Royal Teton Retreat by Walking Terra Christa

Honoring the Truth of your soul is not easy yet it is attainable.

It is not easy because it requires one to place themselves into the domain of the soul. And that is something that one cannot do while only engaging in daily physical life distractions and routines.

Earthly life is a physical experience.

The soul’s life is an eternal spiritual experience.

Most of you reading this would say you very much believe in reincarnation. You would very much agree that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience, that such knowledge is a given, and that “you” are so much more than the person everyone sees.

So it instead becomes a question of how much you are able to HONOR who you are by connecting to your SOUL ESSENCE to assist your walk in the physical realm.

For if reincarnation is a given, then the soul’s history is real. Which means the events and circumstances of Who You Were Before, are actually just an expression of Who You Are Now.

And that means, Who You Are Now, as a soul and as a person, if you desire to evolve, must certainly seek to acquire the WISDOM that having many past lives can bring forth into your soul.

For the vast majority of people on the planet, such a concept is too complex and is not a matter of life for them to consider.

But there are those who do consider it. These are the soul’s that have spent the time between lifetimes seeking that Wisdom so that when they once again step into a physically incarnated body, they will have a better chance of USING that WISDOM to advance and evolve.

Otherwise the wheel of reincarnation places them back into the situations and circumstances they require as a soul to re-experience, relearn, or even repeat.

The Karmic Board and Ascended Masters

Which is why the Karmic Board and the Ascended Masters are deemed as being so important.

The ranks of the Ascended Masters are the soul’s who have advanced and now desire to help other soul’s do what they have done, achieve what they have attained.

Yet, it requires any soul, any person, who desires that assistance to formally seek it out from them, personally and individually. It can’t be a wish or an intention. It must be as real as that person who is seeking such assistance can make it.

The ROYAL TETON RETREAT is one of the most significant and powerful ways for a person to gain intervention, intercession, and spiritual support in reference to acquiring the Wisdom of the Soul. It is a real occurrence that happens only 2x each year.

It is limited to only twice a year because the Ascended Masters within the Spiritual Hierarchy are also very real beings who have great responsibilities in their role’s within the Spiritual Realm preforming other extremely important functions for humanity.

More importantly, for a living person to place themselves at their doorstep and ask for assistance is a matter of great weight both spiritually and physically. In other words, it is not something you can do anytime you may mentally or emotionally think or feel would be a good thing to do.

Within Universal Law, everything has a right or proper “time and place” that is within the full alignment and supportive energies of the universal structures.

The first session of the Royal Teton Retreat occurs immediately AFTER the THREE HIGH FESTIVALS OF WESAK have concluded. (Today is in fact is the FESTIVAL OF HUMANITY/GOODWILL, or WORLD INVOCATION DAY, which is the final Festival of Light of the Wesak Energies, and then the Teton Retreat formally opens at midnight tonight).

The timing of this is because the individuals who have invested themselves into these Sacred High Energies within these Festivals have already set into motion a full 90 days of Spiritual Action that demonstrate they are committed to, and invested in, their own Spiritual Growth. Such a demonstration and personal commitment is deemed as a sort of prerequisite by the Spiritual Hierarchy, as they only desire to assist the ones who are deeply sincere.

(Walking Terra Christa held a full Ceremony to commemorate and activate the Spiritual Frequencies of the Festival of Humanity which you may listen to in our online library, which also has the first Festival of the Three Festivals, the Festival of Humanity, to be listened to immediately.  The middle festival, the actual “Wesak Festival” is the only Festival of the year that we require a donation be offered (though we do encourage it for every event as they are a great deal of energy to provide) so the Wesak Festival is linked separately to download and listen. Each of THESE CEREMONIES OF LIGHT contain messages and attunement activation’s of the purest and most accurate spiritual alignments with the God Source. They do not expire even though the previous full moon cycles have passed. They will assist in your preparations for attending the TETON RETREAT VISITATIONS in your meditative and sleep states).

The second session during the year of the opening of the Royal Teton Retreat happens in December, as the calendar year is winding down, and as the new year is beginning (December 15th to January 14th). This is a very important time of year for every soul to accept what they have been through during the year and make spiritual preparations for their physical life as they step into a new year.

Both opportunities are a great gift for a soul to actually meet with and gain advice and spiritual counsel from the Ascended Masters who are ready and willing to do so. They are very important spiritual events to invest oneself into doing.

It is a special time for really declaring to the Highest Part of Who You Are (your Higher Self, your Monad, and your I AM PRESENCE) that you really do desire to not only be more, but that you actually take spiritual action that backs up that high intent within your actual conscious reality.

This is what enables the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Ascended Masters to truly support you in your physical life walk.

While anyone taking such an action and declaration demonstrates that higher degree of sincerity which the Ascended Masters Honor, we also know as teachers of true ascension spirituality instruction, that the physical self of the personality you are can also benefit from training and assistive meditative energies. To that end we have created a very affordable class and meditation to make your own TETON RETREAT VISITATION during the next 30 days. We feel it is very helpful. (Clicking the above link also has more detailed description of the Royal Teton Retreat from Lord Saint Germain).

We extend to you all the Blessings and Benefits of the FESTIVALS OF LIGHT and the TETON RETREAT experience for your own spiritual growth and wisdom.
– Rev. Mahlariessee and Rev. Ara of Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery.

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