Background Ascension Topics / Esoteric Spiritual Definition Terms mentioned in this article:

  • Light Body / Subtle Energy Body: The Life Force of the Human Soul that animates the Four Body Structure to be held within a physical manifestation of the Human Body.
  • Four-Body Structure: The collective interconnected symbiotic Light Field consisting of the Energetic Mental Body, Energetic Emotional Body, Energetic Etheric Body, Energetic Physical Body. Collectively this is our Life Force which includes the physical self but also the subtle energetic self. The Physical Body is the denser material form that is at the center of the subtle energetic bodies, yet while it has a vibratory rate that enables it to be materially manifested to the five human senses, it also is part of and completely intertwined within the other energetic bodies that have less density and cannot be perceived through the ordinary five senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing or seeing. From an energy perspective, similar to the concepts of how atoms and subatomic particles operate, the “physical body” is within a wider bubble or force field of Subtle Electra-Magnetic energies that are “too fast” to be perceived by the five human senses. Some of these energies are “less dense than one another and operate farther out from the center. The “energetic body” that is “closest” to the physical body is the Etheric Light Body. The Etheric Light Body is the vibration holder or governance authority for the actual rate of frequency which the entire Four-Body Structure. The Etheric Body is the force that “inhabits” and animates the Physical Body through the Chakra System and the Antakarana Bridge. The Antakarana is the Central Canal or “tunnel” of Light that extends through all the Chakras and also “up” into the higher dimensional realms of our Higher Self, Monad, and I AM Presence of the God Source). This “Force Field” of the Etheric Body extends outward so that the other energy bodies of the Emotional and the Mental are within it’s governance of rate of frequency. The Emotional Energy Body extends outward from the center of the Etheric Core (The Chakra’s and Central Canal) beyond the Physical Energy Body (our material body) in a wider field of energy. The Mental Body also extends outward from the Etheric Core yet it extends even father out than the Emotional Body. The entire “Force Field” of the Four-Body Structure is a torsion field, yet also each of the Chakra’s (there are actually 8 major ones within humanity presently) are also torsion fields of energy. Each one, as a field of energy in itself, effects and interacts with each of the other energy fields much like the planets and celestial bodies interact with one another. This means they directly effect and are intertwined within the wider Energetic Bodies of the Emotional and Mental.
  • Ascension: The actual process of Accelerating the Vibration Rate of the Four-Body Structure from existing as Carbon Based Life Form into a Crystalline Based Life Form
  • Timelines: Your “Wisdom and Knowledge” gained from using your Mental and Emotional Bodies from life experiences within prior physical incarnations (lifetimes) that you have retained as a soul to be the “best” way to act or react to physical, emotional, mental energetic perceptions. This is “learned behavior” that is now within your Etheric Energy Body to be used again Emotionally and Mentally whenever you incarnate.
  • Dimensional Bodies: The Four-Body Structure operates at a specific level of dimensionality, which is the base energetic rate that enables a mass consciousness to become a collective and shared reality. Humanity upon Earth is primarily at a 3rd Dimensional level and acquiring the experiences of some 4th Dimensional reality aspects (such as seeking Collective Truth over Dictated Truth, and Self Determination over Enforced Programming). The 4th Dimensional reality dispels many former belief systems and structures that the 3rd Dimension held as factual. Energetically, accepting the higher vibrational rate of the 4th, requires individuals to break apart those energies within their own Emotional and Mental Bodies first, so that the Chakra (Etheric) rate can “advance”. This process of change can be very painful or traumatic to the fixed energy structures/patterns within the “Mind” and “Emotions” that are held within the Etheric Emotional Mental Bodies, which directly translates into how a person perceives/views/interacts as physical self in the world. All of Humanity is able to use the Third-Eye Chakra even if they are not considered “Psychic”. The ability to know beforehand that the process of broadening their energies beyond a 3rd Dimensional rate to include a 4th Dimensional rate will be potentially very challenging can serve as a strong physical self avoidance or deterrence to even desire to attempt it.  When a person is able to increase their rate of frequency through the transformation of the Four-Body Structure (which includes the physical personality) to accept new emotional and mental concepts, ideas, perceptions, sensations and realities, they are able to perceive and exist in 4th Dimensional Vibrations. The transformation process requires cleansing, clearing, deprogramming, and then building, strengthening, accelerating and maintaining the Chakra Structure so that it collectively matches and holds the new rate of vibration. The Chakra System has traditionally operated within the 3rd Dimensional Grid but it can be elevated to take on the 4th Dimensional Grid and eventually the 5th and higher Dimensional Grids. These Grids enable the Higher Light Bodies beyond the Four-Body Structure to also become activated energetically.
  • Carbon-Based Body: The Human Physical/Material Body has for eons of time been a product of the vibrational rate of the dominate “energetic rate” of the physical planetary structure of Earth. The “energetic density” of Earth is primarily due to the “energetic density” of its dominant atomic structures, which are primarily “carbon” based elements. Therefore the Human Body is also “Carbon-Based” in terms of it’s Energy Matrix or Life Force, which includes the Four Body Structure in terms of vibratory rate of frequency.
  • Crystalline Body: The time portal gateway upon Earth that occurred in the year 2012 was a culmination of a tipping point of Cosmic Light Accumulation that had been building up exponentially in intensity from the God Source to assist Earth. With these Cosmic Light Emanations came the potential within the Human Energy Field the ability to develop a higher vibratory rate within the Chakra/Etheric Light Body which includes the Four-Body Structure. This new potential ability was never before possible upon Earth for Humans and now introduced the ability to change/transform the Chakra structure to take on more frequencies of Light into their subatomic electric-magnetic properties. This transformation entails releasing the lower density of a Carbon-Based Structure and accepting the new structure that is based on higher density elements of Light filaments that are Crystalline in their structure. Crystalline forms are able to hold more Light energies than Carbon ones. This transition will occur naturally over many hundreds of years for the Human Race and Earth as these Cosmic Light Rays are continually received by the planet. However, in terms of going through the transition sooner by use of Self Determination within one’s Divine Will, real Ascension practices (what we term “Ascension Mastery” which is not just the idea or concept of Ascension within being a better person but applying specific vibrational methodologies to “DeAscend” higher energies into the Four-Body system), make it possible for the human form to transition into the Crystalline Light Body. The Crystalline Light Body interacts much easier with the Higher Light Bodies beyond the 4th Dimension. (The process of building the Crystalline Light Body such that the Emotional and Mental Bodies become less dense within the Chakra Structure takes many years of dedicated use of accurate higher dimensional frequencies of Light to be brought into a persons active consciousness so that it shifts and changes the Energetic Light Bodies as a result of that activity, much like the changes created through any focused and dedicated 3rd dimensional pursuit).


It is my pleasure to be with each of you in this moment.  I Am Master Vywamus and my role is to assist each of you in understanding how the higher levels of chakras are being activated within your physical body.

We would call this the Light Body Technology which is the cornerstone of my expertise.

I want to also help each of you to understand the depth of what is occurring presently within the Earth and each of you.

I know that many of you are very aware of the challenges of what is occurring within Gaia and each of you presently; but what happens after the exchange of the higher energies within your physical body? I also am apprised of the fact that many souls truly have a misconception about what is occurring presently and how it is all going to come into fruition for Gaia and the New Earth.

Let’s first talk about Ascension Symptoms. Why do you have to experience these elements within your physical body?

Well, of course, your carbon-based body is not prepared to go through an Ascension process. That is why previously on this planet that when one received the 7th Initiation of the 8th dimensional body, they had to ascend and transform the physical body into pure light.  There was no question; a soul within a higher light body could not exist on and within this planet.

That has all changed in the last 15 years. Gaia is readying herself to receive more just as each of you is doing the same. You, as a soul, have chosen to walk through the doorways of density into pure Openness. But, that transition is the hardest journey that any soul can experience within the physical body. So the process of the body to first become crystalline was birthed.

The energetic exchanges of this year have taken this planet and each of you into a purely new existence than you can ever imagine. I know you have felt them personally but collectively, it takes the element of acceleration in a physical existence into a new level of understanding. That is why I want to emphasize how important it is to fully embrace the changes that are happening, allow the body to accept the transformation, and be honored that you have chosen to be on this ride of your personal metamorphosis.

Your bodies are feeling the exhilaration, the changes in both of your emotional and mental bodies, along with your consciousness changing into a higher level of understanding. Your four-body system is allowing the acceptance of your higher bodies to be grounded within you.

This takes great courage and tenacity to keep moving forward through the renewal of the planet.

The power of the present energies cannot be measured by anything you have experienced on this planet as it is taking each of you into a space and continuum of a higher dimensional frequency. It depends on how you deal with it and bring it into fruition into your physical body that will determine how much you can hold and how little will be realized.

Yes, it is all up to each of you personally to decide how to take these frequencies of light that are occurring that will allow you to walk through a new doorway within your physical existence.

But, the challenge in that journey is how are you going to assimilate the higher energies within your physical body?

It is important to realize that the Rays of God are truly your guidepost into allowing your physical body to become the Higher Body of Light. It will not happen automatically.

You will need to cleanse, purge, and remove elements from many timelines of the Etheric Body that are being put into the light. It is important to understand that it is a time of complete healing on all levels. The programming that you have held onto in your previous lifetimes will appear and try to challenge you. It is important that you have healing work done by a professional that is experienced to see, know, and feel what you are experiencing. Yet it is also important that you understand how to get there through your Higher Body of Light as knowledge is very crucial as that brings understanding along with the wisdom that will occur.

The Rays of God become your higher chakras. That is how you learn to command elements in your life from the perspective of the God Source and not from the physical way of existence. The first seven rays become intertwined with your present chakras to prepare your body for the higher rays to become the chakras.  Every soul upon this planet must adhere to these standards in order to sustain yourself within a fifth dimensional frequency. It is not something that is a choice ~ but it is a requirement of living in the New Earth.

It is not taking you into the 5th dimension but it is carrying you within your bodies to receive that light. You see, the planet does just not become 5th dimensional and then everyone is safe and secure. First, every soul must accept it within themselves.

That, in itself, is a huge challenge.

But it is a blessing being given to each of you. Those of you that know what I am saying is true, will understand within themselves that the destiny of this planet, Earth, is in your hands. That is one of the reasons that you have come to Earth, as you are the future destiny of GAIA.

It is so beautiful what your role represents as it brings more acceptance of whom you are as a Soul with your Higher Self and I AM Presence to be fully activated upon this planet. It pleases me deeply to be part of these energies with you as it has always been a dream of mine to see this earth flourish as it should have been many eons ago.

I look forward to walking with you into the New Earth.

I Am Master Vywamus at your service of Light Upon this Planet.


MP3 AUDIO SEMINAR SERIES – BUILD THE LIGHT BODY: Learn the actual processes involved to Raise your Vibration, Increase your Light Quotient and Bring in the Crystalline Light Body Using the Cosmic Light of the 22 Rays of God. Receive Healing and gain Higher Dimensional Understandings from Dr. Lorphan, Lord Melchizedek, Master Babaji, Lord Saint Germain, Master Vywamus, Lord Adama, Lord Saint Germain and Lord Metatron. Instant download. Seven (7) classes. Approx. 10 hours.

As the Cosmic Frequencies have been hitting the Earth, we are already changing. We are being restructured in our full body system of the mental, emotional, etheric and physical. The octave of vibration within us is shifting from a 3rd Dimensional energy into being the higher resonance of both the 4th and the 5th Dimensions. Many individuals are feeling this directly like a punch in the gut. Literally. Our Solar Plexus, being the center of gravity for the body, is feeling these energies in the form of discomforts, disturbances, pain, bloating, and other gastrointestinal issues. Most often they are issues that are unexplained through diet specifics or other lifestyle circumstances, and they leave allopathic physicians at a loss to explain how to remedy or treat.

Participant Comments from this Series:
“It was beyond my expectation. I especially felt an energy seal and switch after the method of bringing the energy around the body and closer and closer to my heart center… as soon as Master Vywamus started his closing session and took us to his retreat! It was a brand new experience for me, I felt so blessed, and so grateful.”
ο  ο  ο

“…Felt lightness again and a sense of higher part of my essence within, not struggling on the physical level so much any longer. Just did the 2nd time, and it was very powerful…Excellent. After the class, feel like cleansed with ocean wave, clarity, calmness and hope about my future, a sense of totality. Still fighting a little with the deep breathing, but as I try to focus as much, I think it really assisted through the process as well.”
ο  ο  ο
“I enjoyed how everything was broken down and made really simple for us to understand, the creating a sacred space, journaling, crystals, breathing techniques, and spiraling energies. I also loved connecting with the higher spiritual energies although I need to work on that more. I would change nothing …By the end of the experience I felt light radiating from my arms and I was overcome with a cool crisp temperature…could feel the energies…”
ο  ο  ο
“I very much felt the energies. I knew that all of our bodies are all interconnected; but now I understand so much more about ascension symptoms and that they are not just within the physical body as I previously believed. I enjoyed this class immensely.”
ο  ο  ο
“Very good. I was able to relate to some of the things that were brought up. The class helped me to see new perspectives. It has also helped me to be more patient and accepting with the healing process.”
ο  ο  ο
“Excellent…provided more clarity. It helps to understand what the energy does to our bodily system, and why we experience certain symptoms, and how to deal with it better”
ο  ο  ο
“Fascinating… Much of the lecture was very helpful to me. The explanation about why we feel ascension symptoms I found very helpful. I used to think that when I had strange feelings in my legs or my lower part of my brain and teeth tingling or whatever, every week something new, that I was being downloaded but that is not true. It is my body assimilating and integrating my new crystalline body meridians and energetic light pathways. A great deal of value…I would recommend it.”

Series Background

We put together this course series in 2015 as a broad overview of the elements involved in Building the Light Body and the actual Frequencies and Processes required to start to help individuals do so accurately within proper Ascension understandings, including the Chakra work. As 11:11 is an awakening energy each year, it will assist. 11:11 is also is always a Spiritual Doorway to go deeper within your Spiritual Self Essence of the Higher Soul you are. Many people have a 3d habit of using a teaching once and never returning to it. For these true Ascension Mastery audio classes, the exact opposite is the case, as repetitive use creates a deepening level of acceptance of the higher frequencies of light to be incorporated into the Light Body.

Every Spiritually Significant date (and every Equinox, Solstice, Full Moon, New Moon, Eclipse, Solar Flare, Planetary Alignment) is full of Cosmic Energy being directly guided from the God Force to assist the evolution of Earth.

As we experience these waves of light, each one represents a new level of conditioning that is POTENTIALLY able to be harnessed. It does not matter if you are finding this “Awakening” now, or already knew about these types of global shifts prior to it. The energies must still be consciously activated.

As Souls inhabiting a Human Body, we now need to know what these energies mean for us individually and collectively if we desire to be SPIRITUALLY RESPONSIBLE as best that we can. If you are keeping pace with the “not very mainstream” news sources, you will already know many are talking about the the shift of energy that happened to humanity. This was the energy many expected in December of 2012. It is a glorious and magical event that opens a much deeper level of potential awareness for newly awakened souls, and enables those already aware to bring in much more light quotient.

That does not mean an ‘easy’ or ‘smooth’ event, but it does mean every single soul upon the earth will get an opportunity to embrace the Cosmic Energies, or by contrast, perhaps choose to consciously ignore or even fight against them.

Free Will is always the key. So what you should also know, as with all shifts in Energy Transference that hit our planet, the outcome to bring forth the most magic and acceleration of consciousness, is not always a certainty. It is not a given that we will fully ground the energies within each soul.

When we speak about Energy Transference, it does take conscious focused action to take the Cosmic Energies that are hitting the planet in these events and kick them into high gear within our own electromagnetic field, that is, into our full body system of the mental body, emotional body, spiritual body, and physical (and by extension our etheric) body. This is a quantum level experience when it is fully activated consciously because it is the Crystalline Body and DNA structures that are enhanced.

Why is this important?

Yes, earth is a place of mass consciousness where the group as a whole tends to dictate the level of consciousness (or behavior) attained by the many, but the tipping point is created by the few. It does not take a majority to create a shift.

And since grounding Higher Octave Energy is not something Humanity has done very well before, to make it occur now we need specialized guidance and teaching from beings who already understand Higher Octaves of Dimensional Reality.

The Ascended Masters

This is why at Walking Terra Christa we work extensively with fringe esoteric concepts and teachings that some know of as being called “the Ascended Masters Teachings“, “the Lost Words“, “the Way“, or “the Path to Enlightenment“. The truths they hold are actually universal to all Souls but were simply not of great attraction to the mass of consciousness. With every new Celestial Event, many more individuals will find they are now attracted to these teachings that once held no interest for them.

As Master Albert Einstein’s wisdom held, our current problems cannot be solved by the minds that created them. We therefore need access to the “Higher Mind“. And that can only be done by harnessing the power of the Higher Cosmic Frequencies. Fortunately, this is exactly the opportunity that is being given to us right now.

In our opinion, the best available wisdom we can access is to directly tap into the wisdom of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Ascended Masters. It is, quite plainly, a perspective not available from more traditional sources.

We provide here a series of essential understandings on How to Transcend Energy. Specifically we delve into understanding why the Wayshowers, Torchbearers and Lightworker Pioneers, (that is ‘the few’ amongst humanity at large) are experiencing the Shift that is occurring, and how they can learn to “Transcend” those energy conditions in a manner that assists them as a Soul upon an awakening planet, not in a manner that they do not understand or are left feeling helplessly buffeted by unknown forces.

With the level of applied wisdom from Spiritual Masters, combined with the level of consciousness that a few souls can make, this clinic will increase the amount of Higher Light Frequency that is brought into the Crystalline Body of each participant, and therefore, the amount that goes into the Earth.

We have learned that it is essentially important to prepare the body to receive the initiations of light so that those energies can assist in raising the Light Quotient within the body and become grounded within the individual’s “FOUNDATION”.

The Foundation is located under the Earth Star and can be seen as a spiraling light formation that is created within an individual’s field. If that Foundation is filled with other elements that do not fit the higher dimensional levels that are entering the body, then the incoming energies cannot be held within the full body system.

In the second class we provide some tools and techniques and explain why they are essential. Some of the subjects will be:

  • Protection for the Self and Your Environment – key elements,
  • Art of Journaling – working with the Mental Body,
  • Breathing Techniques – Preparing the Body,
  • Relaxation of the Physical – A visualization to go through all the body parts to prepare for the higher energies. We will pass on a special guided technique called “Spiraling Light”, which is a meditation that Dr. W. Brugh Joy developed that we infuse with the Higher Octave frequencies of the Rays of God.

We work with Lord Melchizedek to bring all of these steps into initiating the four-body system to prepare for the accelerations of light:

As awakened individuals, we have to go through a process to receive the energies, which will in turn, facilitate the process of healing. Without the proper foundational steps, the higher forms of healing do not take root. This is why we have to go through the purging process of removing the old elements such as fear, anger, frustration, low self-esteem issues, co-dependency issues, insecurity within the self, (just to name a few along with the Ascension Symptoms), as well as the many lessons that we encounter in order to fully accept our Divine Self Embodied Within.

It is when we go through these frequencies of the planetary changes that these elements arise within our full consciousness for us to look at them, acknowledge them, so that they can fully be put into Oneness. Many of these elements are coming from the Etheric Body, which has housed debris from the many timelines we have experienced in other times. Without going through this process, the Lower Ego can stay intact too long and cause many particles to arise within an individual that then create the opportunity for more lessons that are necessary to make the changes.

It can also cause the Mental Body to be so active that the Emotional Body cannot go through the many feelings that need to be processed. We have come from eons of the Masculine Divine being the rule of the world. As this is no longer in alignment with the Higher Octave Energies we are experiencing, it can be very challenging to step into the awareness of the emotions, allowing the Heart to heal within. This is the process of the Feminine Divine blending with the Masculine Divine, (which is exactly what the New Earth requires to come into full creation).

What all this means is we have to prepare the four-body system (Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental) to receive the Higher Bodies (of the Higher Self, Monad, and I Am Presence) so that we can expand into the seven-body system.

It requires a step-by-step process to allow the energies to full be integrated through the four bodies. When an individual can automatically go into the higher state of awareness, it makes it easier, but it takes great diligence and practice to get there. As individuals, we have to teach each of our four bodies to work with one another through this process.

Sometimes we have to go back to the beginning and restructure how we achieve things in our life. As our body changes through the process, we need to be cognizant of the tools that are necessary to allow this flow of exchange. This is what our work brings forth so that a pathway that can be more easily walked to the New Earth is created.

A Message from Lord Melchizedek:


It is my Divine Pleasure to be part of these teachings. As many of you already know, I work with all of the initiates within the Mastery Pathway, and my energies are an integral part of Walking Terra Christa.

Let’s speak about what it means to have “Energy Posture”.

As a human, your body is not accustomed to receiving the higher light frequencies. It is in a period of adjustment so that it can be aligned with your Soul’s Essence from the higher realms. Some individuals become easily adjusted within this focus, but many do not. The majority of awakened souls on this planet do not know how to deal with the ascension symptoms as they come in various degrees of light frequency depending upon the lifestyle and consciousness that a person can hold within themselves.

As you prepare your body to allow the frequency to be integrated within your full consciousness, you become very aware of whom you are, what works for you, and how to get through your days within the higher frequencies of light.

Holding the higher light quotients within the body takes great diligence and patience within the soul. It does not happen automatically although many individuals may think just the opposite. You see, you have come to earth, the planet of Gravity, of Duality. You, as a soul, are probably very enlightened in the higher dimensions of light, but yet, on Earth it is more of a challenge to hold the vibrational essences within the physical body.

So the body has to become accustomed to the process.

As I said, it can be very overwhelming especially if you have not been trained to hold the light within you and ground it. Many individuals have the ability to bring in the higher essences but hold it in their higher chakras so the lower body does not receive the benefits of the higher frequencies. It is imperative to fully ground these energies not only for each of you, but for Gaia, as you are her Beacons of Light.

I believe that what we will embark upon in this class is to help you realize your full potential from a soul’s purpose to fully be acknowledged within your physical body. Meleriessee and Mike have some wonderful tools they want to share;  I will assist in bringing “the whole package together” with my energies. My role is to help you cement all the parts to come into Oneness of the Self.

Working with each of you and this class will give me a deeper opportunity to continue this journey on a more personal basis.

I look forward to working every person that attends this class, as our affiliation with each other will be connected on a more personal basis.

Many blessings and Light, Lord Melchizedek


The changes that are occurring within your four-body system are changing directly every time. These changes are reflected within each human upon this earth. No one is slipping away from the changes of Gaia, within Gaia, and around Gaia as each of you are a part of them.

The acceleration of the Earth is now upon us. You are in the transition phase of the New Earth.

Many think that the New Earth has arrived. But that would mean that the Higher Dimensions of Light are completely grounded within the core of Gaia and each of you.

I want you to believe that this requirement of completion is a true requirement. Otherwise, there would now be no wars, there would be no aggressive behaviors, there would be cohesive understanding without arguments, there would not be a monetary system; and the Beings of the Inner Earth Cities of the Agarthian Network would walk with each of you along with each of us in the Spiritual Hierarchy.

This means you would be existing in a 5th dimensional body and beyond. You would have grounded the higher chakras within your physical system and that you can heal yourself in a moment’s notice.

We still have a long way to travel until we reach those moments, but believe me, we are on the journey of renewal and rebirth together.

The Transitionary Phase of the Earth’s Healing is one that has never been experienced before. You are going from a planetary system that has been based on the Masculine Divine and not the Feminine Essence so that means that your structures are changing to accommodate the newer frequencies of light to accept the balance within the Masculine and Feminine Divine to occur.

It is not an easy time at all. You want to believe that it has changed but yet there are elements that arise in your system that tell you otherwise. On the other side of the spectrum is that you have changed in so many ways. Your consciousness is higher, your experience with other individuals can be elevated, but yet your bodily functions are still existing within the 3rd dimensional construct.

As your healing takes place, many changes have to occur within your system. When you start to interact emotionally and mentally on a higher level of consciousness, then the body can feel the changes that are happening.   The chakras can become infused with other elements that you were unaware of previously. This is because the Etheric Body is becoming more active within your Physical Body. The interaction between the two is very closely related but until you are aware of feelings, changes, and elements in your life then those two bodies do not interact with each other except in the dream or meditative state.

The awareness of people within the earth is also changing. When you take a look at the media, entertainment, movies, TV, radio, and internet, you see information about how important meditation can be within a person’s life; or people helping people, assisting those less fortunate, and any other third dimensional acts that are occurring.

These elements are important as they contain thought forms and feelings that are being sent out to the Universe and being returned into the Core of Gaia’s essence. This then starts to change the energy patterns within the earth. The transmitting of these energies are awakening people to another part of themselves, their Souls and Higher Self energies.

Now each of these souls that have not fully awakened within their consciousness fully do not understand that there is a higher frequency of light occurring within the planet.

What they do see is that living on this earth may be changing than the way it was previously. So that thought form results in more thought forms of Healing for Humanity.

I want to say that each of you that are part of the movement of bringing Light Awareness and Interaction into the planet have helped tremendously, because as you are growing, learning more, all of those thought forms are being transmitted not only to the specific individuals you interact with but in all areas of this earth.

This is allowing the higher vibrational energies to be emitted into the earth so that more individuals can awaken into the next octave of light that they can handle.

People are Healing because of what is happening currently.

What is occurring with this process is that Gaia is feeling more secure to hold more light frequencies within her. This means that the planetary activations become stronger as more souls bring forth the Love Consciousness into their existence.

This is why we call this the Transitionary Movement within GAIA.

Unfortunately, this is only the beginning. Many individuals talk about Love Consciousness being Oneness, which in truth, it is. But it represents so much more than that. In order to fully embody Oneness within the Self, the entire structure of the physical body must be able to hold that light. This is where the Ascension Symptoms arise in individuals, and I believe, that even those on the 1st Initiation are being affected by these energies.

What happens through this process is that people need to change in the way that they go about their internal healing. As the elevation of the energies arise within the planet, each physical embodiment, including all life forms, are being effected by the continual rise and fall of the energies. This takes a toll on the physical body; as the changes are occurring, the newer crystalline structure must be actualized through not only the physical self, but also the Etheric, Emotional and Mental bodies.

Everything has to come into Oneness ~ not just within the consciousness but within the physical self.

What happens through the process of accelerations of the planetary changes is that the energy is being intertwined within the four-body system of the physical – Etheric – Emotional – Mental bodies in order to receive the Spiritual Body of the Higher Self, the 5th Body of Light.

This means that the Seven Chakras as we have known them are going to change. Think about it ~ you cannot access higher dimensions of light and ground it within the earth without change the structure of your physical existence. As the earth is arising in its vibrational levels, every human body must do the same.

This has never occurred before as when a person accelerated themselves into the higher dimensions, they turned into pure light usually at the 7th or 8th dimensional frequency and the 7th Initiation. The earth could not hold that person so they turned their body into Pure Light allowing them to move between dimensions at will. That was the ascension process of the past. It is no longer true.

GAIA is changing so now each of you have the capability to live in a world acclimating all parts of yourself in a vibrational level that is quite different than before. This is when you have the ability to transform and heal any part of yourself into pure light, but then walk within the earth.

Life will change drastically through this process.

This means that the Science of Understanding the Chakras must change. Your carbon-based body will change which means the chakras are being modified to reflect the higher levels of vibrational shifts that are occurring. This movement into the Crystalline Structure needs to be addressed by utilizing the Seven Rays of God within each of the chakras as your present chakra system is going to increase in vibrational levels within the physical self. This means that as the chakras change they represent the higher cosmic levels incorporated by the Rays of God into the physical self to help the body to transition to the Crystalline Structure.

Many individuals are already feeling the changes within the bodily system, but the problem may be is that if a person has no idea how to utilize the Rays of God within the physical structure, then physical problems will arise. The Seven Chakras incorporated into your present bodily structure hold the elements of your soul’s past history. If those particles of debris are not taken care of, then illnesses can appear out of nowhere and the medical community will not know how to treat the patient.

This is why it is imperative that awakened individuals understand this process first for themselves and then for others. Healers are in demand to do this kind of work but the process must occur first within the healer themselves. This is very imperative.

Learning to access the Seven Rays of God into each of the specific chakras will align each soul with their higher purpose, their own Rays of God they have brought with them within the Physical, Personality, Emotional, Mental, Soul, and Monad levels. This in turn, will allow for the deepest healing to occur within the present chakras to be raised into the Cosmic Level. This then allows these chakras to be given the opportunity to raise your consciousness to allow for the higher chakras of the 4th and 5th dimensional bodies to be utilized. This is only the beginning. Within the ascension process, you can then allow the 50 Rays of God to be integrated within the Body of Light creating the higher chakras through the 7th Initiation or the 8th Dimensional Frequency to occur within the Physical Body.

I want you to know that this is how you are going to access your higher bodies of light, to be able to allow the anti-aging process to occur, to heal any part of your body, and walk as an Ascended Master on the New Earth.

Accessing the first Seven Rays of God will help the ascension symptoms to dissipate, as the carbon-based body becomes the crystalline structure. But care and diligence is very important to access these energies and not be haphazard about it. Yes, it can be challenging, and will not occur overnight.

If you have a genuine interest in being part of the New Earth as a Leader or participant, these elements must be put into place. We have been waiting to offer this information, as people need to be ready and prepared. These energies are the stepping stone to allow your Foundation to be balanced, integrated, and fully aligned to allow for the integration of the energies to be at the best possible level.

I, as Lord Saint Germain, am deeply grateful to walk with each of you through this process. I look forward to our journey together.

Lord Metatron Speaks About The Metatronic Seals

I AM Lord Metatron and my role in this moment is to share some important facts about what is occurring for each of you during this intensified time of great change. I am excited to be part of each of your essence as you read this message. I bring with it intertwined with higher light frequencies to help you relax and be One within yourself.

Let’s all take a deep breath together as we move from the space of physical existence into the space of multi-dimensional essences coming together as One.

This is truly the journey that each of you has stepped upon within your physical body. You are learning how to access the other parts of your existence while still being grounded in your life. Or are you?

That is a big question, because as the transitions of each planetary acceleration comes into focus, you change with each small increment of light that occurs within you and around you. You are moving so quickly that at times you are unsure who you are and what is becoming of you. The movements of light frequency are moving so fast that it is hard to ascertain within the physical self what is occurring in each moment.

Each year since 2012 has been tremendous for every soul upon this planet. But the ones that are aware of the other dimensional frequencies that it almost feels like you may be in a science fiction movie. Your life has changed, but yet it has not. You are traveling by the speed of light into another phase of your multi-dimensional self. But yet, parts of that self are not aligned with who you are, on the Earth. So there can be much confusion that occurs through this process.

Please do not allow the lack of understanding that you have held you back from the potentiality that is occurring. You are not crazy; you are moving very quickly and by the speed of light. But yet, your body has to catch up to the higher part of your essence that is trying to become integrated within your four-body system.

That is truly when the confusion sets in because the Mental Body is trying to figure out all it is all happening within the mental structure that you have always known. But that is impossible, because your Mental Mind of the physical self can never understand what your Divine Mind is creating for you. Until you are able to sit back, allow yourself to enjoy the ride you are on, then you will always be in this state of confusion.

Many of you are so very gifted that you have the ability through your psychic abilities to perceive realities that are truly beyond your comprehension of the physical world. This is when you can activate only your Third Eye, instead of your Divine Mind. It happens very easily with those souls that enter into the body and realize there is more to their reality than what others may think. The problem is that these souls are only accessing their Third Eye and Crown Chakra. The rest of the chakras do not become initiated in the process. This is only because training has to occur within the physical reality.

So what has occurred since the Equinox is that more light elements are becoming activated within the planet. Every person that has the ability to tap into these realities do so within their higher chakras which means the lower chakras become lost and confused. The Etheric Body is not initiated within the process so the old emotional and mental elements from the past timelines become very activated as the frequency of light comes into the four-body system all of the chakras are initiated through this process. So the mental attitude of the physical system can be relating on the third dimensional construct as that is the only way that part of the bodily functions can relate; but, yet, the upper chakras are becoming so very active that it causes hyperactivity within those areas.

The Heart Center is the core of the upper and lower chakras so it will be hit the hardest with the dysfunctional thoughts and emotions that are being emitted. This is, when the true work needs to occur in order for the body to accept the higher accelerations, all parts must be initiated.

Individuals that have a difficult time relating emotionally will also be a target for these energies to create mass confusion within their system. This is because they can be interacting only within the mental faculties instead of a balanced heart of the Masculine and Feminine Divine. So the important focus during this time is to allow the Higher Mind, the Divine Mind to have the accessibility within your four-body system. This can only occur as you allow the frequencies of light to intertwine within all of your chakras so that the higher chakras can be initiated through the changes that are occurring.


I am a soul that has embodied upon the planet of density. The environment can be very disrupting to my higher thoughts. But yet, I know I have timelines from other lifetimes that are lodged within my lower chakras. So I will take the time to let the lower chakras know what the higher chakras are experiencing and vice versa. I now call upon my Solar Angel, the Bridge to my Higher Self to assist me within the process.

What I am trying to convey to each of you is that you cannot forget any part of your existence. You must acknowledge all parts of your bodily functions, all the chakras, your Etheric Body, and your Higher Self and Divine Mind which is your I AM Presence. Your Solar Angel will assist you to connect to your Higher Self, the first step of acknowledging your Divine Self. This is mastered within the 4th Initiation of Mastery.

The intensity of the energies will increase from this point forward into 11:11. And, they will not stop at that point.

My question is:   How much are you willing to do for yourself in order to walk through the doorway into your next reality that is trying to be One with you?

Make a list of your challenges, but yet also your successes. Try to reflect on how you felt in the past, and now at this stage of your acceleration.

Taking these steps will allow you to know more of whom you are, what you desire, and possibly what you did to help you get through the challenges more easily?

Allow your chakras to become more intertwined with the higher frequencies. Work with the Rays of God to increase the energy you can hold in your full body system. The more you are able to hold at this time, the more you will able to understand your transitions.

The beautiful part of these present energies is that once you have the ability to hold one small fragment of light within yourself, you will see the change that occurs within you. When you feel the increased light, and then forget about it, this will frustrate you as your body won’t be able to hold it. In order to ascend into the fifth dimensional level of existence, your light infractions must change, but it’s not just about the light. It is about your shadow side and what needs to be adjusted, removed, and then the readjustment will happen.

Please know that these planetary alignments will continue and it is up to you to look to see how you were able to get through the change and realign your entire system.

This I call, Gaining your Nuggets of Wisdom, because it represents the journey from the beginning to each moment. Every time you feel differently, you may act differently. You will readjust within your four-body system to allow for the increased energies to be held not only within your consciousness but within your seven body system.

The potential of the future energies is to be able to hold these frequencies, but you must know what you need to do in any given moment. The only way to do that is to understand what you have gone through, what tools did you use, were those tools helpful, and how you felt afterwards to that you could balance your light within the body.

Doing all that I suggest will assist you to receive more of the Metatronic Seals that are destined to be part of your reality. Many individuals think that the seals represent an essence that is already part of their existence. Part of this statement is true, but in order for them to be revealed within your physical you must be able to access them through your Divine Mind, your I AM Presence. Your Solar Angel is your friend and ally to help you acknowledge the Higher Part of yourself. It is important to connect to this part of your existence. As of June 2015 during the Solstice, all Solar Angels were initiated to work with all souls upon this planet.

My role is to help individuals such as each of you how to de-ascend your Highest Essence into the physical consciousness in order for the Metatronic Seals to become a true reality. I am truly exhibiting the highest frequency of light within the planet as that is one of my tasks, along with Master Vywamus and Lord Saint Germain to help as many souls to have true remembrance within their essence as a physical being. I am working with my colleagues and several others to bring forth an understanding of what needs to be accomplished in order to fully activate and actualize the Metatronic Seals that have been waiting to be revealed for each of you.

What are the Metatronic Seals?

The Metatronic Seals represent 12 steps of creation from the Golden Solar Angel and Solar Angel that you are that are being embodied within the physical body. The seals assist in creating the multi-dimensional self within the physical and are a step-by-step process to allow the existence of your I AM Presence to be fully acknowledged within your physical consciousness and bodily structure.

The seals are not just integrated but each initiate must go through a process within themselves to accept the higher seal within their physical body. They work hand-in-hand with the initiation process of mastery to help the initiate to command the higher light forces while grounding the essence they represent. It brings forth the ability to access the characteristics of each seal within your physical life, through the energetic transmission that occurs within each of the seals. They assist in your journey of the mastery within your life.

Each soul is activated with a Star Glyph which holds the ability to bring forth all 12 seals. They are protected by the Guardians of the Metatronic Light. When an individual is ready to accept the work that needs to be done, the Guardians along with myself will help direct the energies within you. Now each seal is a step-by-step process to be acknowledged within the four-body system. They align with the Initiations of Mastery which allows a soul to fully access their full mastery through the process.

The Seals are represented by these characteristics:

1.) Integration
2.) Grounding
3.) Masculine Essence
4.) Feminine Essence
5.) Integration of Masculine & Feminine Divine
6.) Awareness of Wisdom through the Ages
7.) Acceleration of Wisdom
8.) Application of Wisdom/Gifts
9.) Remembrance of Angelic Presence
10.) Special Gifts and Knowledges of the Past
11.) Accessing all Parts – Formlessness, angelic, intergalactic, inter-planetary, human and work on the Inner Plane in between lifetimes
12.) Induction into Service with Lord Metatron of the Illumination of the Golden Flame

The activation of the Star Glyph allows for the seals to be initiated within your consciousness. When the seals are initiated, it is then your responsibility to continually work within the seals. Initiation of your Golden Solar Angel is Actualization (fully embodying) your I AM Presence. You become One of all things within you, the multi-dimensional self fully actualized in your physical body.

I have been working with Walking Terra Christa through several classes to assist in this process. Otherwise, it occurs naturally as you walk through each of the doorways of the Ascension Mastery Initiation process. I am continuing this work with them to help align individuals to the Seals in their Awakened State of Awareness.

This time upon the Earth is challenging, but it is rewarding not only as a soul, but a spirit of the Light inhabited within the physical body. By utilizing the Metatronic Seals, you will be able to access your multi-dimensional self in a way that you have never achieved previously.

Again, please remember what has occurred for you previously and how you were affected by it. Knowledge is a very important element and you cannot gain the Wisdom without experiencing the knowledge first-hand.  This is why the Metatronic Seals are so very important.

The process that you are experiencing without the knowledge of the seals will still take you into a journey of mastery. But, utilizing all tools to help you through the doorways along with accepting the present energies to become You, will truly assist you in a more focused manner.

I walk with you through every step of the way and honor each of you for opening your heart unto your Divine Essence to become manifested upon this Earth.

All my blessings in Light and Love of the Christed Essence We Are,

Lord Metatron


This home study course offering is designed as a series, which means that it is recommended to go through each class in order. A Series Discount is offered for those who can do so, however, for those individuals that desire to order each class separately that option is also available. Each class is approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours. (See below to order).

energy-body-001◊ CLASS 1: INTRODUCTION ASCENSION CLINIC: UNDERSTANDING THE FULL BODY SYSTEM ~ HEALING WITH DR. LORPHAN. Our first clinic features one of the more significant members of the Spiritual Masters whom we work with frequently ourselves, (but not typically in a more public manner like this clinic). DR. LORPHAN (from the Great White Lodge of Sirius), well known in the Spiritual Realm as one of the best Intergalactic Healers within our universal system, focuses in-depth on explaining how these energies affect the CRYSTALLINE BODY. After the lecture he brings forth a Meditative Healing Attunement with other Intergalactic Healers to work with each individual using this teaching. Our introductory class with Dr. Lorphan on the Crystalline Light Body gave an excellent background and Healing for anyone interested in learning more about, or already experiencing, the challenges of incorporating the Light Body (including what are termed “Ascension Symptoms”).

With LORD MELCHIZEDEK as our guide, we look at not just the tools and meditative techniques we can use to raise our Light Quotient, but beyond that into specific practices we must acquire to make our lives more in balance to make it happen. We go into teaching on the subject of preparing the full body system to receive the higher accelerations. In the first class we learned that it is essentially important to prepare the body to receive the initiations of light so that those energies can assist in raising the Light Quotient within the body and become grounded within the individual’s “FOUNDATION”. The Foundation is located under the Earth Star and can be seen as a spiraling light formation that is created within an individual’s field. If that Foundation is filled with other elements that do not fit the higher dimensional levels that are entering the body, then the incoming energies cannot be held within the full body system. In this class we provide some tools and techniques and explain why they are essential. Some of the subjects will be: Protection for the Self and Your Environment – key elements, Art of Journaling – working with the Mental Body, Breathing Techniques – Preparing the Body, Relaxation of the Physical – A visualization to go through all the body parts to prepare for the higher energies. We will pass on a special guided technique called “Spiraling Light”, a meditation that Dr. W. Brugh Joy developed, in which we then infuse with the Higher Octave frequencies of the Rays of God.

Mahavatar Babaji – a drawing from Autobiography of a Yogi, commissioned by Yogananda and based on his own meeting with Babaji. (source:

â—Š  CLASS 3 – CREATIVE VISUALIZATION: WHY ACTIVATING THE THIRD EYE IS AN ESSENTIAL STEP FOR INITIATES TO BRING ABOUT MASTERY ADVANCEMENT. We learn how to prepare the bodily systems to access the full power of the Sixth Chakra by understanding why it is first necessary to utilize the higher octave state of consciousness in order to affect changes in our lives. We will discuss the Five Steps of Creative Visualization which include Relaxation, Imagination, Feeling, Believing, and then Detaching from the creative process. The seven steps to full creativity come through Power, Love, Wisdom, Intuition, Illumination, Inspiration, and then Perfection. MASTER BABAJI will guide us through each of these phases to help us understand why we create elements in our life that can be challenging or life changing, and when we create moments of synchronicity that it is a direct result of our connection to our Divine Self.We continue with our series of classes to assist in learning how to individually incorporate and ground the current Cosmic Energies that are hitting planet Earth so that we learn to prepare and receive more higher octave light from the 11:11 Event this year. Mahavatar “great avatar” Babaji “revered father” is an Ascended Master who instructs on how to attain the deepest states of Higher Consciousness. In this class we will use this energy to work on CREATIVE VISUALIZATION within the THIRD EYE so that we can use this frequency to better connect to our Higher Self and I AM PRESENCE Consciousness.

Saint Germain picture by Charles Sindelair, first published in 1935. (source: Wikimedia Commons)

In our next Class with MAHACHOHAN LORD SAINT GERMAIN, we bring the latest teachings on how we can accept the Cosmic Energies within our Physical Body to assist us to prepare for the 11/11 transferences. The human body structures of the Seven Chakra’s are not going to be the same within the New Earth as we now know them through Eastern traditions. Understanding and grasping how to consciously change our bodily energy signatures to incorporate the new Energetics in the Chakras will assist every human being greatly. We go into the basic characteristics of the Seven Chakras, how they affect the bodily systems, and the way that they are changing with the acceleration of the Earth presently. The Seven Rays of God are being integrated within each of these chakras to assist each soul upon the earth-plane but these higher light frequencies can be damaging if a soul is not ready to accept the higher vibrational energies within the physical body. We will look at what it means to be ready and how to properly use the Ray Frequencies to assist in the transition from the 3rd Dimensional Chakra grid to that of the 4th and 5th. This 2 hour class will assist each participant in understanding what is happening to the human system, learning how to better self diagnose and balance each Chakra using the Rays of God. Lord Saint Germain will give the teaching in this class, and for the basic Chakra Balancing component, Dr. Lorphan and his team of healers join us. We also accept assistance from the Shamanic energies to be present with each participant.

Photo: Rodio Kutsaev-Unsplash

â—Š CLASS 5 – SHIFTING OCTAVES: HOW CREATING A HIGHER BODY OF LIGHT INTEGRATES THE SELF OF THE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL PERSONALITY. In this class within our Ascension Clinic Series, the advanced characteristics of the Seven Chakras for the 4th and 5th Dimensional Chakra Grid is explained by MASTER VYWAMUS. We also bring in the Higher Rays 8 to 22 from the RAYS OF GOD to instruct on how to initiate and activate them in each participant and then once we are prepared for it, Master Vywamus has a special energy attunement for us. We expand on the prior class with Lord Saint Germain of the first Seven Rays in the Seven Chakras to now properly use this Higher Ray Frequencies to assist in the transition from the 3rd Dimensional Chakra grid to that of the 4th and 5th. This Ascension Clinic begins with a review of what we learned with Lord Saint Germain so we can see the link of why infusing the Chakras with just the first Seven Rays (1 to 7) is not sufficient to equalize our frequency to that of the 11/11 Event Gateway. (The class audio references specific Celestial Events that occurred during the time of the class but ALL Celestial Events are part fo the Ascension process). We then go into how the Higher Rays will become intertwined into the same chakra system allowing for the accessibility of balancing the four-body system for the 5th Dimensional (5D) creative process. IF POSSIBLE PLEASE HAVE THE CRYSTAL FROM CLASS 4 WITH YOU TO USE FOR YOUR CHAKRAS.

As discussed in class 2, “Journaling” can be just writing down how you feel and think so you gather your thoughts and emotions more clearly. It can be used to clear and purge the energies within you. It can be used to document and keep a record, as in a diary, of your life. For most individuals, the act of using a Journal ends there. What if it could be used as a tool for transformation?  In this class LORD ADAMA assist us as we look deeper into how to elevate the Journal to be an Art form for transformation and accessing the wisdom of your Higher Self.

â—Š CLASS 7 – HIGHER GROUNDING ACCESSING THE FULL BODY SYSTEM ~ GROUNDING ALL BODIES OF LIGHT. In this final class within this Ascension Clinic Series, LORD METATRON takes us on a guided tour of the SELF, in which he will ignite the essence of his Metatronic Seals to help us to move into the next space of our experience. This is stepping into the unknown, looking at what we have not seen before, and accept our inner truth as we gain nuggets of wisdom to help us move into a deeper form of the 11:11 doorway with a presence of grace and embracement that we were not previously able to do. Lord Metatron instructs on the final aspects of what it means to TRANSCEND ENERGY into the HIGHER OCTAVE.  As we advance our LIGHT BODY we will be reincorporating the METATRONIC SEALS (or KEYS) that we had as ANGELIC BEINGS in the higher dimensions. We cannot do so without applying the knowledge and understanding of what those keys mean for our human self.






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