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IP Market Updates
March 23, 2017

We are resending this newsletter as our email service provider inadvertently inverted some of our text in the version we sent yesterday ... If you did not realize this, then you read too fast and this is your chance to make it up  ;-) 

As the song goes, “What difference does a day make?” Well, imagine a few weeks of business travels without regularly disgorging the basket full of news that has filled up daily in the wonderful IP market space since I last wrote this column. So, with no further ado, here’s the abridged version of what you missed if you spent March skiing.

First things first; we had a rare US Supreme Court decision earlier this week and - Oh surprise!- an even rarer one because it was actually favorable to patent owners. Let’s pause a moment and enjoy the warm feeling it procures… Not that the SCOTUS has suddenly become patents friendly; but they do like to harmonize federal laws and there was a discrepancy between the way copyrights and patents treated the doctrine of laches. In short, “laches” is an equitable defense that an alleged infringer can raise when the patent (or copyright owner) has waited too long (from the defendant’s perspective) to bring a lawsuit. This is rooted on the premise that it would be unfair to sit on the sidelines watching an infringer invest significant resources to build a successful business over time, only to come back years later and ask for a slice of it.  Laches were usually triggered after 6 years of inaction (assuming the patent owner knew all along about the infringing acts) and it also meant that you could no longer claim past damages against an infringer, only future damages (which cannot be quantified).  Well, this defense is now gone. Finished. Hasta la vista!   Although the actual impact of this decision is hard to measure just days after the fact, it can only be seen as a positive outcome for patent owners who can now take their time to bring their suit against patent infringers. This should normally help increase patent valuations over time, especially if one considers the other Supreme Court decision last summer that lowered the threshold required to prove willful infringement and thus be awarded enhanced (2 to 3 times) damages.  

This decision came just as we were getting some up-to-date data about patent sales in the last quarter of 2016, which reflect a flat market over the previous quarter, with asking prices hovering at around US $250K/per US issued patent (prices of non-US patents were around US $150K). Given how dire the market has been lately, a relatively flat quarter is actually not bad and our own experience so far in 2017 points to a more active marketplace. Below is a list of the top 10 seller and buyers in Q4 of 2016, with the usual caveat that most transactions are kept confidential and many buyers either buy through some special purpose vehicles (SPV) to hide their trail, or simply wait indefinitely before recording their title with the patent office. Plus, the number of packages below reflects a rather small universe. But we’ll take partial data over fake news anytime, won’t we?

One interesting piece of data is to see Intellectual Ventures (IV) back again at acquiring patents. This is like seeing your grandma resume training for a triathlon. Recently, IV had been in the news a lot more for their divestiture of patents they were stuck with, than for their buying, as they sold a large portfolio to NPE Dominion Harbor just a few weeks ago. It appears that they could not resist going back in the market to spend that new cash!

Another surprising acquisition was Microsoft announcing the purchase of about 100 patents from the beleaguered semiconductor company Toshiba, relating mostly to the design, manufacture and packaging of semiconductor devices. This is an interesting play for MS, which does not build chips. This could be related to its decision announced last week to run some of its cloud operations, as well as its flagship Surface Pro laptops, using AMD chipsets. Were these patents meant to provide some air cover to AMD in case Intel decides to flex its muscles? 

Regardless, it still remains a tough environment for patent owners and NPEs. In this regard, Sovereign Patent Funds (SPF) have not escaped this reality. Last week, the CEO of Korean SPF Intellectual Discovery abruptly resigned. Meanwhile Japanese SPF, IP Bridge, is marred in so many challenges to the validity of its patents in the US that, it is having a hard time monetizing any of its assets. Just like those raptors in Jurassic Park, no fewer than four semiconductor companies have teamed up to hit the patent fund operator with 24 Inter Partes reviews (IPRs) at the USPTO's Patent and Trial Appeal Board (PTAB) in the space of just one month! …  Which brings us back, once again, to the question, has the PTAB has simply become the place where patents go to die? One must wonder what the unintended consequences are on innovation. 

This is also a vivid reminder that IP is still a “full contact” sport and that any company that wants to stay in business, and succeed in the long run, cannot survive without a sound IP strategy in place.

Other relevant news below. 

Happy reading!


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