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IP Market Updates
July 11, 2016


 5 Things Inventors and Startups Need to Know about Patents 
For example, the Patent Office treats admissions by the applicant as prior art. This is true whether your application will be examined under pre-AIA
law ... (more...)

 Federal Circuit Offers Path Through Section 101 Thicket for Biotech Method Patents 
JD Supr
CellzDirect, Inc. and Invitrogen Corp., the Federal Circuit held that patent claims directed to an improved method of cryopreserving certain liver
cells ... (more...)

 T-Mobile US Sued By Huawei Over Unauthorized Use of 4G Patents
Consumer Eagle 
Huawei offered to license its patents to T-Mobile in 2014, but the companies were unable to reach an agreement on the fair valuation of the patents, ...

 Asia Is Getting Its Own Patent Police 
For most of its six years, Xiaomi didn't worry much about patents. The Beijing company built its business selling cheap smartphones in China. But as ... (more...)

 What Is a Patent Cliff? 
Fox Business 
A patent cliff is what happens when a company's revenue starts plunging, or falling off a cliff, because an established product's patent reaches its ... (more...)

 US Keen to Shelter Chip-Tech Patents from China 
Nikkei Asian Review 
The U.S. and China have gone through similar rows over intellectual property rights in a number of fields, but this area of technology patents is of ... (more...)

 The 3D Bioprinting Patent Landscape Takes Shape as IP Leaders Emerge 
3D Printing Industry 
Complementing this growth, 3D bioprinting patent filings are trending upward. 3D bioprinting is a hot area for intellectual property (IP), given the ... (more...)

 Bloomberg Diagnostic Patents Suffer Another Setback In US As Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Sequenom ... 
One is the 2013 judgment striking down gene patents. The other is a ruling from 2012 that rejected the patenting of basic medical diagnostics, in a ... (more...)

 Copyrights versus Patents to Protect Software Innovations. IP For Start-Ups, Part V
The National Law Review 
In this fifth “IP for Start-Ups” video, “Copyrights versus Patents to Protect Software Innovations”, Mike discusses the pros and cons of using copyrights ... (more...)

 Could Brexit be a Death Knell for the European Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court? 
Science Business 
UK withdrawal from the EU will fundamentally change the basic scope of the Unitary Patent and the associated Unitary Patent Court. This could ... (more...)
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