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IP Market Updates
May 17, 2016


 How expiring patents are ushering in the next generation of 3D printing 
These expiring patents — many of which were issued just before the turn of the century and are reaching the end of their lifespan — are releasing the ... (more)

 Patents Can Be Dangerous to Inventors' Welfare 
Applications for nearly a half-million patents a year is not necessarily a sign of ... Americans ought to wonder just how much patents had to do with our ... (more)

 Some hope for software patents in the US after the CAFC's Enfish decision, but this is no game-changer 
IAM (registration) (blog) 
Since the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Alice, many in the US patent community have been searching for a case that provides greater ... (more)

 Industry Responds on How to Proceed When Faced with a Patent Infringement Claim 
Printing Impressions

Unfortunately, companies threatened by patent trolls are often inexperienced in dealing with lawsuits, are intimidated by being served legal warrants, ... (more)

 CAFC Finds Software Patent Eligible Under 35 U.S.C. §101 
JD Supra
Microsoft reverses the California District Court decision that several patents related to a “self-referential” database were invalid as ineligible under 35 ... (more)

 Why Nike Has More Patents Than Lockheed, Ford And Pfizer 
Investor's Business Daily 
Nike (NKE) has more U.S. patents than a defense contractor making stealth jets, a pharma developing cancer-fighting drugs, and an auto giant ... (more)

 Wilmington jury: Cisco must pay $23.5 million over patents 
The News Journal 
Cisco Systems Inc., the biggest maker of networking equipment, was ordered by a Wilmington jury to pay more than $23.5 million to a nonprofit ... (more)

 A World Without Patents 
On the surface, Cuozzo Speed Technologies v Lee is about whether the Patent Office (PTO) can use a different standard in hearing challenges to a ... (more)

 Industry Self-Regulation Will Best Address Abusive Patent Practices 
best-practices Recently I had the opportunity to testify before the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship in a hearing entitled An ... (more)

 How Patents Can Have a Multiplying Effect on a Startup Company 
The best patents are those that multiply an investment and actually generate money on their own. Some companies have devolved into purely ... (more)

 Big Banks Stake Fintech Claims With Patent Application Surge 
Wall Street Journal (blog) 
Big banks and credit card companies, looking to protect their investments in innovation, have accelerated efforts to patent methods linked to key ... (more)

 PTO Rule on Continuation Filing Jeopardizes 12000 Patents 
Bloomberg BNA 
May 6 — A technical nuance in the Patent and Trademark Office's rules for filing patent continuations may put at least 12,000 issued patents in ... (more)

 Study: Media use of the term “patent troll” negatively predisposes readers, courts 
“Patent troll,” the term employed by leading newspapers, magazines and online publications to describe how some patents are owned and used, ... (more)

 Why Does It Cost So Much to Prepare Patent Applications? 
gold-guy-question-franklin-dollar Preparing and filing patent applications in the United States can be a daunting undertaking. Indeed, the cost of ... (more)

 IBM Is the World's Biggest Patent Troll 
PC Magazine 
IBM's real value is with the R&D folks who have helped IBM top the list of companies with the largest number of US patents granted year after year. (more)

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