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IP Market Updates
August 15, 2016


 US patent system may be biggest obstacle for inventors
Is it possible that the biggest impediment that innovators face today is the U.S. patent system — the very system that was created to protect them? (more…)
 Rockwell accuses two companies of infringing patents
Drives & Controls
Rockwell is already involved in two litigations against 3S-Smart in a Texas court over alleged infringements of its patents. Rockwell alleges that (more…)
 Provisional Patents: What are they and why do you need them?
Patent Pending The first thing to say is this: there is no such thing as a provisional patent. You can, however, file what is known as a provisional patent (more…)
 European Unitary Patent And Unified Patent Court After Brexit
Mondaq News Alerts
On the other hand, the European Patent Convention (EPC) is not an EU institution, and various countries outside of the EU are member states. (more…)
 80 Percent of Patents Belong Solely to Men
The Nation.
Female inventors are only claiming a tiny sliver of patents, reflecting a gender bias in technological and scientific invention. (more…)
 $96M in OLED Patents, "Fruitful" Purchase for 2017
The National Law Review
Included in the package was more than 500 granted and pending patents relating specifically to BASF's fifteen-year love affair with PHOLEDs, the (more…)
 Pokemon Go developer Niantic owns three patents on location-based gaming
Niantic's mobile-based gaming business is currently protected by a portfolio of 3 U.S. patents which are directed to what the company refers to as (more…)
 GM Joins License On Transfer Network To Protect Its Patents
GM Authority
To fight off what the industry dubs “patent trolls”, or those that don't produce any products but have long plagued the tech industry with lawsuits, the (more…)
 Honda & GM Get Under Google's Patent Protection Umbrella
Android Headlines
Silicon Valley has had an issue with patent trolls as long as anybody can remember. Called “patent assertion entities”, these firms don't do anything (more…)
 Knowledge of Related Patents not “Actual Knowledge” for Awarding Pre-Issuance Damages
Ignorance of patent applications may be a justifiable way to avoid damages for patent infringement, even amidst a lawsuit for infringement of a related (more…)
 Blackberry turns into patent troll
A patent lawsuit has been launched against internet telephony outfit Avaya. However in making its case that Avaya should pay royalties, BlackBerry (more…)
 Automakers own most vehicle infotainment patents despite gains by Android Auto, Apple CarPlay
Taking a look at the U.S. patent landscape for vehicle infotainment shows automakers far ahead of consumer electronics companies in terms of (more…)
 UN needs to look beyond patents for improving access to medicines
But leaks from the panel's highly secretive proceedings suggest that the secretary-general told the panel to focus on intellectual property and patents (more…)
 Will Pokemon Go Be Stopped By Patent Courts? 
If you've seen mobs of people walking the streets with eyes glued to their smartphones, then you know that Pokemon Go has become a huge (more…)
 America's Next Big Export? Troll-Friendlier Patent Courts
Time was the Eastern District of Texas was the global center for patent litigation. Companies from around the world went — or were dragged — to the (more…)
 Opposition to Venue Reform Misses Target
One reason for the disproportionate number of patent filings in the Eastern District of Texas is that the district employs procedural rules and practices (more…)
Louis Carbonneau, Founder & CEO
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