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IP Market Updates
July 29, 2016


 United Patents files legal challenges against top three patent trolls of 2015
Ars Technica
A once-upon-a-time company called "BusCall" advertised its product in a video, pictured here. Its patents have become the basis for hundreds of ... (more...)

 Applications for patents decrease
Taipei Times
The number of new patent applications filed in Taiwan by domestic and foreign entities fell 2.55 percent year-on-year to 34,494 in the first half of this ... (more...)

 Xiaomi US Debut Imminent as OEM Buys 1500 Patents from Microsoft
Nashville Chatter
Xiaomi products could soon be available in the U.S. thanks to a bunch of patents that the Chinese OEM has just bought from Microsoft. According to ... (more...)

 Is Patent Licensing or Sales Part of Your IP Strategy?
The challenge for IP groups is to identify the most important patents in a portfolio and to clearly define the value of their patents. This is a crucial ... (more...)

 Federal Circuit Rubberstamps 50-Year-Old Practice to Save 10000 Continuation Patents
Immersion sued HTC for infringement of three haptic feedback patents. The three patents were serial continuations in a patent family where the first ... (more...)

 The 13 craziest Google patents
Tech Insider
From self-driving cars to drone delivery, the tech giant always seems to have a futuristic project in the works. So we decided to dig through a bunch of ... (more...)

 Bill targeting Mass. patent trolls stalls
Sentinel & Enterprise
Eric Lesser and Richard Ross plan to take on patent trolls -- people or companies that claim patent infringement and demand payment of a licensing ... (more...)

 BlackBerry Ltd Wins Patent Suit Against MTel
BlackBerry recently won a patent infringement dispute in which technology company MTel accused it of infringing upon five patents covering ... (more...)

 Yahoo, Verizon Deal Clears Way for Patent Sale
Bloomberg Big Law Business
Bidders for the patent package include a mix of operating companies and those interested in monetizing the patents through licensing, according to ... (more...)

 As Korean, French and Japanese sovereign patent funds gain traction, other countries warm ...
Recently published research has shed new light on the strategies employed by the world's three leading sovereign patent funds (SPFs) – while ... (more...)
 Samsung vs Huawei Patent Wars, Episode IV: A New Lawsuit
The problem revolves around patents that Samsung says, in a Chinese court (in Beijing) that Huawei infringes on its patents with some of its products, ... (more...)

 Uber IP: A primer on the patents, trademarks and copyrights owned by Uber
It appears that Uber's main strategy in protecting its intellectual property is through the use of utility patent protection. As Uber currently owns several ... (more...)

 GAO report on USPTO quality highlights the big challenges the agency continues to face
The recent report on USPTO patent quality by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) would not have made for easy reading at the agency. (more...)

The Rush for Augmented Reality Patents Has Gotten Silly
The people behind these patents must be a particular brand of eccentric. If it were the 1940s, these brains would be spitting out pulp science fiction. (more...)

 NASA releases 56 patents to public domain, creates searchable database portal for commercial ...
These patents cover thousands of technologies which are already in the public domain, but NASA has made it much easier to examine its patents by ... (more...)
 Are Biotechnology Patents Dead?
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
Inventors have never had it easy but now that patent protection for biotechnology inventions is diminishing, frustration is building. (more...)

 Protecting your assets: Are patents for trade secrets stronger?
Unlike patents, trade secrets have no built-in expiration date. The information remains legally protectable as long as it retains commercial value and is ... (more...)

 Intellectual Ventures says Enfish saves its patents, telecoms beg to differ
Patent holding company Intellectual Ventures has told a federal judge that recent decisions by a U.S. appeals court that resurrected patents save its ... (more...)

 Demand Driven Patent Acquisition: Time to get busy
Acquisition I have been in the patent game for 30 plus years at this point; doesn't seem possible given my youthful visage, but alas, tis true. It has been ... (more...)

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