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IP Market Updates
May 31, 2016


 Toyota Patent Activity Soaring
Automotive News
From 2011 through 2015, Toyota and its engineers were granted 9,807 patents for inventions related to alternative-powered vehicles, a recent ... (more...)
 Huawei Slaps Samsung with Lawsuit Over Alleged Patent Infringement
YIBADA English
Huawei Technologies has filed a lawsuit against Samsung Electronics over infringement of patents covering smartphones and related technologies. (more...)
 The California Institute of Technology Sues Apple over Wi-Fi Technology
Patently Apple
The California Institute of Technology has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Broadcom and Apple (and Avago Technologies owned by ...) (more...)
 VirnetX Goes After Apple for iMessage, FaceTime
PC Magazine
Say what you will about the business techniques of VirnetX, a company that has been called a patent troll by quite a few publications as a result of its ... (more...)
 Samsung Registered 5000 Patents in US Last Year Alone, Second to IBM
Following the lawsuits from Apple, Samsung Electronics is now faced with a patent battle with Huawei. Actually, in preparation for such a possible ... (more...)
 Tesla's Patent Strategy Opens the Road to Sustainability for Transport and for Itself
What makes Tesla unique? How about everything. Mention patents to most people and their eyes glaze over. Worse, they think of patent “trolls” that ... (more...)
 A Glimmer Of Hope For The Eligibility Of Software Patents
Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
After the Supreme Court's decision in Alice v. CLS Bank, many in the patent community have faced frustration in trying to understand when ... (more...)
 Abuse of the Patent System Threatens NY's Medical Innovators
Crain's New York Business
The 6,500 bioscience-related patents that New York companies have been issued in recent years are a testament to the explosion in innovation ... (more...)
 Huawei Sues Samsung Over Patents
PC Magazine
The company announced this week that it has filed lawsuits in the US and China over claims that Samsung is violating patents it holds related to 4G ... (more...)
 Inventor Behind Priceline Bemoans Broken Patent System
PBS NewsHour
Walker is named on more than 500 issued and pending patents in the U.S. and internationally. But his enforcement of that intellectual property has led ... (more...)

 The Business of IP: Choosing Between Patents and Trade Secrets
Patents and trade secrets represent two of the most common methods to protect IP. However, the most astute lawyers know when to favor one over the ... (more...)
 San Francisco's Increasing Dominance Over U.S. Innovation
The figure below charts the staggering trend, comparing the top ten metros with the highest shares of patents in the U.S. Look at the surge in ... (more...)
 Protecting Intellectual Property in Your Startup with Patents and Trade Secrets
The National Law Review
Mike Van Loy, an Intellectual Property Member at Mintz Levin, discusses intellectual property strategies, the latest developments in patent law, and ... (more...)
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