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February 3, 2017

A belated Happy 2017 to all!  This is our first newsletter in a month and it already feels like we live in a different world than the one we left in 2016 when I last wrote this column. Wherever one might live on this planet, one couldn’t completely escape the daily barrage of news that the new US administration has brought in and which saw its own counter reaction worldwide.  

One thing that all incoming administrations do is usually to replace agency directors, and USPTO’s Michelle Lee was no exception. As she was expected, Mrs. Lee - who has had a rather controversial tenure under the Obama administration- tendered her resignation a few weeks ago, as did most other agency leaders. Ten days ago however, rumors started circulating that she might stay on, to everyone surprise-  and to many observers’ chagrin- as her potential successors were well known and respected in the overall IP community and were thought to be bringing to the PTO a much-needed balance and pro-patent bias that has been sorely missing these past years.

Fast forward to today and the suspense continues; we still do not know who the USPTO director is and no one will either confirm or infirm anything. One of those who would like to replace Mrs. Lee is former US Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Randall Rader, who wrote earlier today that he remains interested in replacing Mrs. Lee and that he could “make patents great again”! I wonder where he got that idea ...

Meanwhile, the PTO website shows the director’s job as being “vacant”, which could actually not be a bad thing considering what happened under Mrs. Lee’s watch. And this may be a coincidence, but the USPTO just announced yesterday that it would support some changes in the Patent Act to better clarify the threshold for eligible subject matter, since the US Courts have created their own version of an “American carnage” by eviscerating so many inventions through a test for patentability that many consider unfair to inventors. If adopted by Congress, such revisions would hopefully restore some confidence that it is still worth pursuing innovation. Unfortunately, the only signals we have seen from the new Congress is Senator 
Godlatte, the perennial troll hunter, reiterate his calls for patent reform to curb the ever elusive “abusive litigation” that he seems to find everywhere he looks.

Elsewhere, the Brits are too busy planning for their Brexit to really give too much attention to how they will implement -if they ever do- the upcoming European Unitary Patent & Courts. To be continued… Going further East, China is leaving everyone in the dust by continuing to demonstrate leadership in its eagerness to replicate what was until recently the best patent system in the world. They just announced recently the potential creation of an IP Appeal division that would mirror the US Federal Circuit.  Apple, didn’t wait for this announcement though to prove once again that the US is rapidly losing its spot at the worldwide IP arbiter; it recently sued Qualcomm in China, in parallel to an antitrust claim filed in the US, alleging that Qualcomm’s licensing practices are discriminatory and unreasonable (i.e. they are asking for too much money). Many have difficulties imagining Apple as the victim being bullied. But it gets better; 
Hawaii-based NPE GPNE (which stands for “Garage Pioneers of New Electronics”, of all names), recently sued Apple in China for patent infringement, after losing their case on the same patent in the US. So we now have not only Chinese Dragons, but Chinese Trolls too…

The patent market continues to be tight and both Microsoft and Erikson, two bellwethers in the IP licensing world, have reported a lowering of their licensing revenues in 2016. However, some continue to see the strategic value of having deep IP expertise and we saw the recent announcement that investment bank Houlihan Lokey had acquired Silicon Valley IP advisory & brokerage boutique firm Blackstone IP. 
On our end, we are off to a great 2017 with one deal closed a few weeks ago, a second one in closing and numerous consulting projects underway. Let’s hope this reflects a new normal where IP is again valued as it ought to be.

Below is news of interest and other related topics.

Happy reading!


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