Our documentary Waste Deep is now online!
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Hot Diggity Dog, it's here! Together with our documentary partner Ecostore, we're proud to bring you our short film, Waste Deep. Watch it by clicking the image below, like, now:
Food and packaging waste is not simply something that ‘goes away’ when we pop it in the rubbish bin for collection by our garbos. Waste has an insidious, long-term impact on our environment, our wildlife and ultimately our own health. But how do we avoid it? In an age of excess consumption and a mindset of convenience-at-all-cost, is it possible to truly be waste free?
Right now, delve into the world of waste and zero waste living with our online short documentary, Waste Deep.

The free-to-watch documentary shows how food and plastic waste can be avoided, drawing attention to much of the unnecessary packaging that is choking our lives, oceans and animals. It also gives an insight into the environmental and social impacts of our wasteful ways.

The film features some pretty rad people such as environmentalist Tim Silverwood, blogger, author and TV presenter Sarah Wilson and exuberant host of ABC's Gardening Australia, Costa Georgiadis.

Watch it today and share it with your friends, family and workmates. The more people see this, the closer we'll get to zero waste living and a brighter, healthier and cleaner future.

In addition to the generous people who donated to our Pozible campaign, we'd like to thank our supporters and documentary partners:

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