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  • The Carlson Commision Action Steps (Click Here)
  • Milton Murray Foundation Offers Conference Scholarships (Click Here)
  • Videos for Both Types (Click Here)
  • PSI and Maranatha Collaboration (Click Here)
  • Conference on Philanthropy Teaser (Click Here)
  • PSI & ACS Conference Scholarship Deadlines (Click Here)
  • Database Help (Click Here)
  • Tax Exemptions Video Podcast (Click Here)
  • Nonprofit Sustainability Book Available in PSI Lending Library (Click Here)
  • Conference on Philanthropy Award Nominations (Click Here)

The Carlson Commission Meets and Recommends Action Steps

On April 24 and 25, 2012, PSI convened a Think Tank to determine what practices and services are achieving results and what other work could be added for maximum benefit of all PSI clients. In order to address some specific aspects formulated through the participants’ discussion, a little more than a year later another group was invited to PSI’s home offices. Chaired by Dr. Dennis N. Carlson, the invitees to The Carlson Commission meetings examined and analyzed what steps to take to improve the education and training of fundraisers in the Adventist Church, to increase the numbers of professionals able to serve Adventist institutions, and to provide customized training in affordable and accessible ways to all in the Church who wish to participate in fundraising, whether professionals, leaders or lay individuals.

The Commission was composed of representative individuals who have experience and knowledge of the above points, representing a carefully selected cross-section of persons who could provide insights and who have a vested interest in some way in the purpose and goals of the committee. Dr. Carlson was selected as chair because of his range of experience—pastor, conference president, union president and chair of a higher ed institution, vice president for advancement in higher ed, and at one time, supervisor of PSI.  

The Commission met on August 19 and 21 and, following two days of discussion, recommended action steps in seven major areas:  
  • Develop and improve a culture of/for philanthropy in Adventist institutions.
  • Provide career and job advice, and opportunities for professional development.
  • Facilitate collaboration among Adventist institutions where training and/or education in nonprofit management and fundraising exist.
  • Utilize distance learning, namely the Adventist Learning Community.
Click here to continue reading.

The Milton Murray Fund (MMF) Grant Opportunities Available for 2014 Conference on Philanthropy in Baltimore

The Milton Murray Fund (MMF) for Philanthropy is proud to announce two grant opportunities are being made available for individuals desiring to grow professionally including support for attending the 2014 PSI Conference to be held in Baltimore, Maryland, June 24-27.
Completed application forms must be received by  January 31, 2014 and applicants will be informed of grant awards no later than February 28.
If selected, grantees from both programs must attend a Meet Your Mentor event on Tuesday, June 24 at the PSI Conference in order to network with other MMF grant recipients and meet with an assigned senior philanthropy mentor who will help develop an appropriate educational plan for the conference session based on the grantee's goals. Upon conclusion of the conference, grant recipients, with counsel from their assigned mentor, will outline professional goals to be pursued in the coming year. It is expected that grant recipients and their mentor will talk at least quarterly by phone, or in person when possible, to discuss progress on stated goals. Grant recipients will provide to the MMF by June 15, 2015 a brief written report outlining specific outcomes from this grant experience. 


The Milton Murray Fund for Philanthropy desires to encourage the development of leadership skills among philanthropic professionals.  In support of this purpose the Milton Murray Fund for Philanthropy requests grant applications for a one-year mentorship opportunity.

Eligible applicants include philanthropic professionals who serve in a leadership capacity or professional staff position and who are either:
  • New to their organization within the last two years; or
  • New to an advanced position at their organization within the past two years.
Up to ten $1,000 grants will be awarded to assist with conference and travel fees for the 2014 PSI Conference. 


The Milton Murray Fund for Philanthropy desires to encourage the inspiration of undergraduates to enter the philanthropic profession. In support of this purpose the Milton Murray Fund for Philanthropy requests applications from collegiate communications faculty for a professional development scholarship opportunity. Eligible applicants include professors who now teach or are interested in incorporating the principles of institutional development communication into their coursework.

Up to three $1,500 grants will be awarded to communications faculty to assist with conference and travel fees for the 2014 PSI Conference.
  • Click Here for Mentorship Grant Application
  • Click Here for Higher Education Faculty Development Grant for Philanthropy
A note from LIlya: PSI appreciates this support from the Milton Murray Fund for Philanthropy.

Videos for Both Types

Did your eyes moisten when Bambi's mother died, or on a rainy afternoon at home listening to Duffy's Warwick Avenue? Touchy-feely, are we? Or perhaps you are just the opposite, and nod approvingly when Joe Friday monotonously says, "Just the facts, ma'am."  Regardless of which kind of person you are, the following videos are sure to bring some psychological balance to your being and remind us all that the benefits of giving are profound for both the giver and the recipient of the gift.

Click the images below. Bring Kleenex for the first.

True Giving

Buy Happiness

Improving Membership Infrastructure and Growth Through a PSI and Maranatha Collaboration

Hurricane Charley was the second major hurricane of the Atlantic hurricane season. It struck Florida at 150 mph, making it a strong category 4 hurricane. When it made landfall, little was spared, including the Wauchula Seventh-day Adventist Church which was destroyed. That was in 2004, and the members have been meeting in a temporary building since then. Recently, the church began  planning their campaign for a new structure/facility on land that’s been donated to them.

But this couldn’t happen without a lot of prayer, church resolve, and one of the first collaborative efforts between PSI and Maranatha.

The North American Division has made evangelism a priority for both the immediate and foreseeable future. However, each year a quarter of our churches around the division have their mission outreach and resources tied up:

(a) In rental fees and scheduling issues to nondenominational institutions.
(b) With our own buildings that are too small to handle significant membership growth.
(c) Because of unforeseen circumstances.

Continue reading this article. Afterwards, If you are still wondering how this partnership might benefit your church, please click here to download the steps you'll need to follow and costs involved with Maranatha. We would also encourage you to speak with Paul Hopkins at PSI about Capital Campaign consulting for churches.

Speakers and Sessions "On Track" for 2014 Conference on Philanthropy in Baltimore

In early November, we will be releasing a special edition of the eDollar in which we will share session information, plenary speakers, tracks, and other great things that you'll want to be a part of in Baltimore, both inside the conference and during your free time.

One teaser for that issue, one that we're happy to tell you about now is...

Steve Ford, son of former President Gerald R. Ford, will be one of next year's conference Keynote speaker at the Conference on Philanthropy, that starts on June 25, 2014 at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland.

Ford, an actor, motivational speaker and philanthropist, will give the audience an insider’s view of life in the public eye, featuring many historic and never-before-seen photos and slides. Steve will also share a few laughs about his days in the White House, include some sobering tales about the alcohol and drug abuse that affected his family.

Ford will also talk about what philanthropy means to him personally, as well as why his father, Gerald Ford once openly reflected, "Here I stand...because one man invested $100 in my life." 

Save your place now by registering today for the conference, and by securing your hotel reservation.

Conference on Philanthropy Scholarship Opportunities Available from PSI and Adventist Community Services

PSI is offering scholarships to a limited number of potential attendees at the Conference on Philanthropy in June of 2014, held in Baltimore. This offer is for out-of-town registrants. The scholarship does not include expenses, which should be handled by the organization or conference participant. Scholarship applications will be due on November 12 and will be reviewed by an objective committee. Applications received in November will be given priority. A second deadline is March 3. In addition to the PSI scholarship, interested persons are also urged to contact the Milton Murray Foundation and Adventist Community Services. You can download the PSI Conference on Philanthropy Scholarship here.

Adventist Community Services (ACS) is offering $500 scholarships to 10 ACS leaders for the Conference on Philanthropy. This offer is for out-of-town registrants and scholarships will be reimbursed after conference attendance. Please contact Wynelle Stevens at or 301-680-6438 for more information and to be on the scholarship list. Six scholarships are still available.

Tax Exemptions Video Podcast

Thomas E. Wetmore, Associate General Counsel for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has taken a few minutes to explain some of the ins and outs of tax exemption for denominational entities. He covers several areas, including: understanding the basic method of obtaining recognition of 501 (c) (3) tax exemption, group tax exemptions, administration of group exemption, verifying tax exempt status, denominational status policy, organizational document requirements, benefits of denominational status, and separate exemptions.

This nine minute overview will answer many of your questions, and can be found by clicking here.

From the bookshelf:

Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability

"This book should stay within easy reaching distance and end up completely dog-eared because it walks the reader through a practical but sometimes revelatory process of choosing the right mix of programs for mission impact and financial sustainability. I have used this matrix ever since CompassPoint first published on it and believe, especially considering changing conditions, that its use is a practice in which every nonprofit should engage its board once a year."
-Ruth McCambridge, editor in chief, The Nonprofit Quarterly: Promoting Spirited Nonprofit Management

Please contact Mark Lindemann at to borrow a copy from the PSI lending library, or ask about other publications we've made available for our members.

Conference on Philanthropy Award Nomination Reminder

Philanthropy is the noble endeavor. It richly blesses both the giver and gift's beneficiary. But gifts do not give themselves. PSI hosts the largest philanthropic awards ceremony in the Seventh-day Adventist church, and celebrates the greatest charitable achievements by mission minded organizational leaders, socially conscious philanthropist, and fundraisers that bring these groups together.  In 2014, we will again honor those achievements at the Conference on Philanthropy, but awards don't give themselves...

Please take a moment to visit the following link to read more about the qualifications for each of the following awards:
  • Adventist CEO Philanthropic Leadership Award
  • Leadership Awards for K-12 education, Healthcare, Higher Education, Vision, and Lifetime Achievement
  • Milton Murray Trailblazer in Philanthropy Award

Database, Database...What Do I Do?

Is your record keeping in good shape?  Do you have a reliable database?  Does it have all the functions you need?  If you’re in the market for a database, whether to improve your recording and reporting processes, or to develop a database, please contact PSI.  The PSI staff track database developments and improvements and can give you information on which to make an intelligent purchase.  We can also share some materials on how to choose a database.  We welcome your inquiries. Please contact Mark Lindemann for more information here.
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