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A note from one of your co-chairs

LuAnn DavisSeeking philanthropic investment is vital in today's economic environment and our organizations depend on successful fundraising to fulfill their missions.

With cutting-edge tracks on a broad array of topics, exhibitors who can provide valuable services, keynote speakers who will educate and inspire, a time for daily spiritual renewal and valuable networking with colleagues who can enlighten and encourage, I am confident this is an event you will not want to miss.

I encourage you to register now, take advantage of the BEST RATE, and possibly spread your expenses over two fiscal years. To register, go to, click on Event Registration and find the "2014 PSI Conference on Philanthropy" or use this link:

The conference registration is $445 which is $150 less than the 2011 conference. Preconference workshops including sessions for alumni directors, newcomers to philanthropy, and a CFRE review course each have additional fees which are outlined on the conference registration site.

Finally, should your organization experience staff turnover before the conference, registration can be transferred to another individual without any penalty.  So plan now to be there.

Hope to see you in Baltimore,

LuAnn Davis, CFRE
Vice President for Advancement, Union College

Announcing a New PSI Conference Website

Welcome to Philanthropic Service for Institutions’ (PSI) Conference on Philanthropy website. We’re grateful for the opportunity to meet with you from June 25-27, 2014, in Baltimore, Maryland’s historic Inner Harbor. It’s an exciting time, where you will be joined by fellow fundraisers, CEOs, decision makers, and old friends. It’s also the right place to be to experience game-changing presentations, workshops, and philanthropic-centric information by leading scholars, experts, and researchers in the field. 
To continue to keep costs down and provide you with current information in real-time, we will be doing most of our conference promotion, providing track and speaker information, vendor information, and hosting a number of preconference educational events through this website. We’ve also included several new features to enhance your experience in the coming weeks and months. This includes:
  • After registering for the conference, you will be able to tentatively select classes that you may want to attend from the education section, which will then automatically move to your personal attendee information page for view or print. This also provides us with a better idea of session interest level, while helping you visually plan out your time at the conference.
  • We will also have a sign-up for onsite career counseling at the conference with one of our experts.
  • The Calendar of Events area of our site will contain preconference webinar opportunities with conference speakers, podcasts, and live chat sessions with downloadable resources.
  • We will also have a Conference Twitter Feed to keep you aware of items and events as they are added to the site.
  • The Conference website is mobile friendly as well, and will resize for your computer, iPad, iPhone or other devices when needed.
We’re a little less than a year out by the looks of our countdown clock…but it’s not too early to begin planning.
Thank you for making PSI a central part of your fundraising toolkit.
See you in Baltimore!
All the best,
The PSI Staff

P.S. Please take a moment to Like us on Facebook and to follow us on Twitter

Conference Planning Committee 

We would like to thank the conference committee for all of their past and continued hard work to make the upcoming Conference on Philanthropy a success. This conference committee group continues to go the extra mile with their gifts of time, knowledge and a deep commitment to making your experience better than any before it. Conference committee members pictured below include, rotating clockwise from bottom left: Karen Johnson, LuAnn Davis, Todd Meckelburg, Darren Wilkins, Rachelle Bussell, Ed Ammon, Sung Kwon, Kristin Priest, Norman Yergen and Kevin Emmerson.

If you have ideas or thoughts about the conference, please feel free to share them by email with our committee members. (Look for contact information below the photo.)
Planning committee

Ed Ammon, Executive Director, Porter Hospital Foundation
Rocky Mountain Adventist Healthcare Foundation

Rachelle Bussell, Senior Vice President, Advancement
Loma Linda University Medical Center

LuAnn Davis, Vice President/Advancement (Conference Co-chair)
Union College

Kevin Emmerson, Development and Alumni Relations
Mt. Ellis Academy

Paul Hopkins, Associate Director
Philanthropic Service for Institutions

John Huynh, Director of Fundraising
Hope Channel

Karen Johnson, President (Conference Co-chair)
Rocky Mountain Adventist Healthcare Foundation

Sung Kwon, National Executive Director
Adventist Community Services

Thomas L. Lemon, President
Mid America Conference of SDA

Todd Mekelburg, Director of Planned Giving
Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center

Kristin Priest, Associate Director (PSI Conference Contact)
Philanthropic Service for Institutions

Norman Yergen, Vice President of Advancement/University Relations
LaSierra University

Darren Wilkins, Principal
Mt. Ellis Academy

Preconference events 

For those looking to get the most out of their PSI Conference on Philanthropy experience, consider attending one of three preconference events held one day prior to the start of the full conference. These offerings will take place on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 at the official PSI Conference hotel the Sheraton Inner Harbor. Preconference offerings include a Newcomers Workshop, Alumni Directors Meeting and a CFRE Review.
Newcomers Workshop

The Newcomers Workshop is one of PSI’s most popular preconference events and is designed for those with three or fewer years experience in the field of fundraising, whether full time or part time. This course is a fast-paced overview of a comprehensive fundraising program. It includes the steps to take, from making a case to whom to ask and how, as well as a look at the tools you will need. The session will include exercises, examples and a selection of materials. You will leave this session with a better overall understanding of fundraising and a mastery of the fundraising terms and lingo you’ll hear throughout the conference.
Alumni Directors meetings
Alumni directors often find the best ideas simply through listening and connecting with peers. This meeting is designed to provide just such an opportunity for higher education and academy alumni directors. Attendees will hear high caliber speakers share the latest information on alumni trends and learn from their peers by participating in several small discussion groups though out the day. The meeting will close with a unique, facilitated sharing and brainstorming time you won’t want to miss. Attendees will leave this session with new ideas, a new network of peers and a renewed sense of enthusiasm and excitement for their alumni programs. 
CFRE Review
PSI is partnering with other professional fundraising organizations in the area to offer a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) review. This review is designed for those about to take the exam, those still in the application process, or those simply interested in learning more about the designation and certification process.
Attendees will learn what to expect from the exam and tips on how to prepare for the test. Advice will also be given on how relatively new fundraisers can begin to chart a path towards earning their CFRE. Ample time will be given for questions and answers and recommended reading lists and other resources will be provided.

What to do in the Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor While we know your focus at the 2014 Conference on Philanthropy will be on learning and networking, we're also sure that you'll want to take time to explore the rich, fascinating history and exciting attractions that Baltimore and its Inner Harbor have to offer. There are plenty of fun, popular venues to turn your head—the Maryland Science Center, Harborplace, the National Aquarium—but you'll be rewarded if you seek out the quiet corners of the area's historic districts and neighborhoods (like Federal Hill, which gives you the best view of the downtown skyline and the Inner Harbor). 

The free (and green) Charm City Circulator hybrid buses and the Baltimore Water Taxi will help you get around. You may also want to explore via replica trolleys or on a harbor cruise. And if you prefer to walk, you'll find that many attractions are just a short walk from your hotel. 

Attractions and links to their websites (click through name): 

Our conference venue

Sheraton Inner Harbor - 300 S Charles St, Baltimore MD 21201

The convenient location of Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel puts you right in the heart of 300 years of rich history. Some of Baltimore’s most popular attractions-the Maryland Science Center, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum, the Maryland Zoo, Johns Hopkins University, and the National Aquarium—are all just moments from the hotel doors.

Hotel features and amenities

  • High Speed Internet Access in all accommodations
  • Dining in its two Baltimore Inner Harbor restaurants
  • 24-hour state of the art Sheraton Fitness by Core Performance center
  • Newly renovated club guest rooms
  • Indoor heated pool and sauna
  • In-lobby wired 24-hour business center
Over the next year, we'll continue to share  information about our conference location. In the meantime, visit to start exploring the city. 

Conference Award Nominations

During each Conference on Philanthropy we enjoy reflecting on philanthropy that has changed our communities and lives. Each of the individuals below has, in one way or another helped bring about meaningful change and impact through their gifts or leadership. The individuals below have all gone above and beyond the call to lift up lives and help others understand the fundamental premise of compassionate grace through time, gifts, leadership and partnership opportunities. Take a moment to look through the list below, and then if there is someone you would like to see nominated and celebrated in front of his or her peers, please click on one of the links at the bottom of this article to download the appropriate nomination form. 
Previous winners of the Milton Murray Trailblazer in Philanthropy Award include:
Oliver L. Jaques (1981)
William H. Taylor (1981)
Sheree Parris Nudd (1984)
Herbert P. Ford (1987)
T. Brooke Sadler (1987)
Don G. Prior (1993)
Jack McClarty (1996)
LuAnn R. Davis (1999)
Albin H. Grohar (1999)
Don D. Wildman (2002)
Karen J. Johnson (2004)
Mary Anne Chern (2006)
Elaine John (2008)
Rachelle Bussell (2011)
Previous Adventist Philanthropy Leadership Awards Recipients include:
In Support of K-12 Education:
Dale E. Twomley
Carl & Betty Campbell
Frank & Dolly DeHaan
In Support of Higher Education:
Jerome & Ramona Lang
Jack J. Blanco
Lois & Leroy Peters
Ron & Alexa Jensen
Paul Stokstad
In Support of Healthcare:
Terry Paul Gilmore
Dr. Miguel Martinez
First Colonies Anesthesia Associates
Farid Srour
Randy Haffner
For Vision and Support of Philanthropy Within the Church and Its Institutions:
Tom & Vi Zapara
Milton Afonso
Ellsworth & Sharon McKee
For Lifetime Achievement:
Marge Hodge Jetton
Mardian & Joan Blair
Commonweal Foundation

Fillable Award PDFs

Adventist CEO Philanthropic Leadership Award

Leadership Awards

Milton Murray Trailblazer in Philanthropy Award

For more information on each award, you can read more here

David Kennedy Selected as Conference Worship Speaker

Dave Kennedy David Kennedy, has been the pastor of the Newday Christian Seventh-day Adventist Church in Parker, Colorado since 2002. He also recently agreed to be our feature worship speaker for the conference. As lead pastor at Newday, David has found the  joy of teaching God's word, serving our leaders and board, and leading teams of volunteers. He loves seeing people more fully embrace Christ as their leader and guide, and watching Him transform lives from the inside out. His goal in life is "to continue to do what God wants me to do with the people I love!" His goal for the conference is sharing with you the spiritual component of philanthropy and your calling to enhance others lives through it.

“Dave Kennedy is one of the most thoughtful and understanding speakers I have ever heard," said Karen Johnson, President at Rocky Mountain Adventist Healthcare Foundation. "There has never been  a time in the six years that he is been my pastor that I have not been touched/moved by what he has had to say in his sermons. I believe his 'Spiritual Renewal' presentations at the 2014 PSI Conference will have an definite impact on each attendee.”
You can listen to a recent sermon at the following link from this dynamic speaker. We look forward to hearing from David and kicking off each morning with spiritual guidance.
Sermon Link: First Steps in a Long Journey
Register here

New and additional content added to Successful Fundraising

Successful FundraisingWhen the handbook, Successful Fundraising, was prepared and published for churches, pastors, and their organizations such as schools, it was done in a format that could easily be updated. PSI is doing this on a regular basis. As more people seek assistance via PSI’s services and the handbook, needs for additional information have become apparent.
A few months ago a new chapter on debt reduction was included in Successful Fundraising. Although many of the same fundraising principles can be applied to this type of campaign, there are also some additional dimensions for such a challenging effort and the addition of a chapter on this topic has been a welcome item for several organizations and their leadership.
More recently, a need was evident for more specific guidance when preparing for a capital campaign.  It grew out of a training session after which the pastor and committee members stated, “This is good material and we understand it, but we need more specific guidance on what to do next.” A checklist that will be part of the capital campaign chapter of Successful Fundraising is now finished and will be available to those who purchased the handbook previously, and is now inserted in each handbook. 
Another new item is a chapter on project fundraising, which explains how to conduct a short-term, one-time campaign for items such as playground equipment, purchase of a vehicle, or a mission trip. Again, this will be available to those who already have the handbook and will be part of new printings.
Successful Fundraising has now been translated into Spanish and will soon be in print. This work was done by Pastor Tulio Peverini, an experienced editor and translator.
The handbook, Successful Fundraising, is available for purchase through AdventSource, via their website, and comes with the offer of assistance from PSI, ranging from a phone call to on-site visits.  Questions can be addressed to Dr. Lilya Wagner at 
or We invite you to take advantage of this significant volume which has already helped many organizations and their leadership as well as personnel. 

Five Myths About the Charitable Tax Deduction

The United States needs policies that reward generosity
By John Lippincott

charitable giving In January 2013 the U.S. government was scheduled to go off the so-called "fiscal cliff," a combination of significant federal spending cuts and tax increases. During negotiations to avoid the cliff, both the White House and congressional leaders proposed reducing the value of the income tax deduction donors can claim for charitable contributions.
CASE, in conjunction with a coalition of charitable organizations, strenuously opposed changes to the existing system, which links the percentage of the deduction directly to the taxpayer's income tax rate. 
Our concerted advocacy efforts proved successful; however, the victory could be a temporary one. As lawmakers wrestle with balancing the federal budget, they may reconsider limits on the charitable deduction and may revive five myths to justify their efforts:
1. Donors give without regard to the tax deduction. Donors give to schools, colleges, and universities, first and foremost, because they want to do good and to give back. So, while it is true that the primary motivation for a charitable gift does not stem from a tax benefit, it is not true that donors are indifferent to the tax implications of their giving.
Tax policy does influence donors' decisions regarding the size, form, and timing of their gifts, according to researchers. In his 2011 report "The Market for Charitable Giving," University of Chicago economics professor John List notes that taxpayers would respond to a reduction in charitable deductions by cutting their gifts by the amount their tax bills increase. Favorable tax treatment incentivizes giving and is one reason the philanthropic tradition in the United States is among the strongest in the world. (read more)
(Reprinted with kind permission from CASE.)

Oakwood University wins $50,000 grant from Home Depot

Oakwood University logoOakwood University was the $50,000 Tier 1 Grant winner of Home Depot's 2013 Retool Your School campus improvement program. According to the university's website, the funds "will be used to construct and equip a 30 by 50-foot outdoor pavilion near the large pond on campus, complete with fireplace, outdoor appliances and grill, and landscaping around the area."

The winners were chosen by a combination of public voting and careful review by a distinguished panel of judges that included Laz Alonso, Television & Film Actor, Dr. Lezli Baskerville, President, National Association of Equal Opportunity in Higher Education, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Television & Film Actress, L. Londell McMillan, Esq., Entertainment Attorney and Publisher of The Source and Jones Magazines, Gregory Moore, Esq., Commissioner, Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference and Duer Sharp, Commissioner, Southwestern Athletic Conference.

New on our bookshelf

We have several new books in our library that might interest you. If you would like to read these or any other book listed in the Annotative Bibliography section of our website, send an email to
The C Factor: The Common Cure For Your Capital Campaign Conundrums, by Patrick McLaughlin
The C FactorCampaigns are not limited to bricks and mortar. They often include two or more of the 3 P's - Program, Personnel, and Property. And if your organization plans to grow, you need a capital campaign. But every capital campaign since the beginning of time has experienced a conundrum or two...or twenty-two! Discover how to anticipate capital campaign conundrums before they develop and how to cure them if you're in the middle of one. Whether your campaign goal is $1 million or $100 million, learn ways to make your effort "conundrum-free." From vision casting to campaign fulfillment, The C Factor is a sure cure for what ails your campaign.
Monthly Giving; The Sleeping Giant, by Erica Waasdorp
Monthly Giving - The Sleeping GiantMonthly Giving is filled with many practical examples aimed at starting and growing a monthly giving program. It contains how-to approaches from countries all over the world, case studies, plans, results, and it covers ‘old’ and ‘new’ media such as Direct Mail, Face-to-Face, email, Text giving, Telemarketing and many more, all aimed at generating sustainable revenue for non-profits.
Prospect Research for Fundraisers: The Essential Handbook from the AFP/Wiley Fund Development Series, by Jennifer J. Filla and Helen E. Brown 

Prospect Research for Fundraisers: The Essential HandbookWritten especially for front-line fundraisers, Prospect Research for Fundraisers presents a practical understanding of prospect research, prospect management, and fundraising analytics, demonstrating how research can be used to raise more money.
If you would like to check out any of these books (30-day checkout period), email Mark Lindemann at
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