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25 Fructidor 229
22 Shakespeare, 233
11 September Happy 136th Birthday. D.H. Lawrence

Make New Friends and Keep the Old
Tuesday, September 14, 5:30p - 8:00p

All members of the corporation (students, parents, faculty, and interested community members) are highly encouraged to attend this semi-annual tradition.  During our fall meeting, we'll meet and greet the new members of our community (a staggering 31 students, and some fresh staff as well), learn about (and hopefully engage in) our committee governance structure, and, of course, POTLUCK!  Here's the agenda:
Pleasure 5:30 - 6:30
Pleasurable Biznass 6:30 - 8:00

Bring an ample dish to share, your own tableware, and a sitting device.  It's going to be fun (and informative)!
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Greg & Julia's Calendar Corner


Semi-Annual All-School Meeting & Potluck

Community Day - No School

Main Lesson Block 1 Midterm Updates Due

Beginning of:
9th Grade Service Week
10th Grade River Expedition
11th Grade Service Expedition
12th Grade Post-Secondary Explorations Week

Wednesday Afternoon: The Top of the Mountain

Wednesday afternoons are giving off a pretty raw, unexplored type of vibe.  As part of the evolution of our schedule, we'll be opening up our Wednesday afternoon schedule to the possibility of the universe.  Students may sign up for an activity from a weekly smorgasbord of options.  If you are a student, please sign up for Wednesday 15 September by clicking either hump in the picture above. (signup deadline is Monday, 13 September, 3pm).  If you are a student, parent, staff, or community member and would like to offer a one-time or recurring activity for our students, please contact Matt.



Hero Needed!

Two of the YIHS sinks are not functioning really well right now.  Do you have what it takes to power up our drainage?  If so, please contact Matt.


Got Cabbage?

The 9th Grade Nutrition Class is on the look out for some food items:

  • red cabbage
  • green cabbage
  • basil
  • carrots
  • apples
  • sourdough bread
If you have any of these and are willing to donate, please contact Erin

Support 2 Ancient, Esoteric Organizations While Fulfilling Your Student Service Hours Requirement

The Viroqua Masons are looking for help at their food stand this year at the Vernon County Fair. They were there for us when we needed them last year and turnabout is fair play.  To take part in this service hours opportunity, contact Ben Hansen at 608.957.7578


Introducing the Coronavirus Cupboard

COVID is a real thing that requires our attention - but we're not going to let it define us.  So we're moving our COVID information and updates out of the headlines and onto the back pages where they belong.  Each week, you'll be able to click here to view COVID news and updates that impact the YIHS school experience.  Look inside the Coronavirus Cupboard

Youther of the Week

Zachary Whitaker
YIHS Class of 2025

Zach's favorite jazz musician: This one
Zach's favorite painter: This one
Zach's favorite ice cream: This one

Poem of the Week

Child and Soldier
by D. H. Lawrence

O brother, put me in your pouch
As you would a fresh, sweet locust -pod.
For I am frail as a flask of glass,
As a fine grey egg, or a slender rod,
O brother; and I am the golden ring
You wear on your finger so gladly. For God
Takes everything from you tomorrow, and gives me everything.

Thank You

for their donation of art supplies

Ardith Hoff
Rebecca Ringquist of Dropcloth Samplers


for chaperoning the YIHS Camping Trip

Ted Sterling
Andy Manspeaker
Justys Grenier
Lyndsey Scott
Dodie Whitaker
Sam Hudnall
Amy Arnold

for lending their vehicles to the camping trip

Evan Blattner
Jess Krueger
The Martinsen-Burrells
The Olsons
The Greniers
The Wades
The Thomases
The Brudoses
The Levin-Lenarzes
The Maduras
The Sauber-Olds Arnolds
The Manspeakers




Teacher of the Month

Olivia Prendergast

 A leader Olivia admires: This One
An artist whose work inspires Olivia: This One
An organization whose work Olivia respects: This One
A spiritual vessel that Olivia wants you to remember: This One

Fictional Human of the Week:

Oliver Mellors (The Gamekeeper)
Lives in Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence
Click the image to learn more about the Gamekeeper

Anthropological Survey of the Week

Which popular musical artist has had the greatest effect on American culture?

Elvis Presley

Dr. Dre


Bob Dylan

Last week's survey: 
Syd Hoff character you'd be most likely to adopt?
Danny the Dinosaur - 50%
Julius the Gorilla - 0%
Sammy the Seal- 38%
Barkley the Circus Dog - 12%

Community Corner

Seeking House to Spend Cold Evenings With

Wanted to RENT or BUY: Modest home in Viroqua, preferably near PRWS/YIHS, 3 bedrooms or larger.
Please contact Dayna McGuire (Dagny's mama) 608-406-4202  

Supporting Public Art, If It Was Good Enough for the Medici's, It's Good Enough for You

Consider supporting public art, native plants, and two YIHS teachers!  

Want to Share?

We all do better when we all do better!  Share your community event or news with our community.  Just email Matt to get your event into our Community's Corner.

Viroqua Area Folks OG

Thanks for the Memories


Hi YIHS community! 
i loved being with ya'll last week. 
thanks for all the laughs, soul, + inspiration
I'm sending along links/recordings of some of the songs we sang together, 
(tried to remember them all - what am i forgetting?) 
in case you want to keep singing them! 
We sang:::::
forget your perfect offering/  via alyson ewald
endless boundless gratitude / samara jade
zorelia's lullaby / unknown origin 
galileo's epitaph/ origin unknown -- i uploaded us singing it t our 'fire' here :) 
water blessing / lyndsey scott 
blessed motion / annie zylstra
vine and fig tree /  Fran Minkoff; Leah M. Jaffa
bond of trust / katie sontag
i believe i belong / mo washburn
song for all of us / mamuse
motherland / helen youmans
the way knows the way -- community recording harmony recording / lyndsey scott
to my bones / gabriel 

also - if you're not overZoomed, you're welcome to come hang out with me virtually some week ---
any ole Wednesday eve, 7-8pm -- 
for a little song oasis on the internet i host called Song Power Hour.  
A space to learn new songs and rest in breath and music.  
Registration link here or via event on facebook. 

hope your year together is rich and real and surprising in all the best ways. 

with love!

Links to Our Fellow Travelers
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