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4 Fructidor 229
9 Gutenberg, 233
 20 August Happy 131st Birthday. H.P. Lovecraft

Put Red in the Shed and Follow Fred
It's Time to Get Pointed (and Get Moving) In the Same Direction

Some of us have a hard time saying goodbye to summer, but the time has come.  Let's all get into formation and start marching forward.  Please join us for as many of this week's events as you can possibly stomach.

Back-to-School Clean Up Day
Join us anytime from 8a - 1p on Saturday, August 21st to help get the school ready for the first day of class!  We'll be landscaping, decluttering, re-organizing, and yes, actually cleaning things.  This is a MUCH needed activity, and a great way for families, new and old, to meet each other and get into the swing of the new year!  If you have questions, please contact Zoe Drew-King.

Special Big Top Addendum: To make way for the🎪 big top 🎪 we need to clear the accumulated detritus in the cage behind the Landmark Center. Branches need lopping, weeds need pulling/shoveling, leaves need raking, and it all needs to end up in a trailer. If you have any of these tools and/or the desire to do any of these tasks, come by on Saturday morning. Bring gloves!

Faculty Inservices
Monday and Tuesday from 9a to 3p, the YIHS faculty will reconvene to begin preparations for what is sure to be an exciting school year!  All faculty are encouraged to attend, especially new or part-time faculty.  Bonus pay available.  Questions - Contact Shawn Lavoie

New Student & Parent Orientations
If you aren't yet saturated with information, we'll make sure you leave stuffed with it on Wednesday, August 25th

Camping Trip Meeting

The camping trip is one of the most important events of the school year, and not just because it's the first.  It's also in a very fluid state with COVID cases on the rise, which makes it all the more important to attend the Camping Trip Meeting at 7pm on Thursday, August 26th.  At least one person (parent and/or student) is expected to attend this meeting.  Questions?  Contact Dave Puig.

Faculty-Parent Potluck Social

After the hard work of this week is over, it's time to kick back, relax, and eat other people's food!  Join us for an informal, no-pressure, social gathering.  Bring the family (unless you don't want to) and a hearty dish to pass!  6:00 pm at the Eckhart Park shelter.  Questions?  Need a recipe idea?  Contact Matt Voz.

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Greg & Julia's Calendar Corner



23rd & 24th
Faculty Inservices

New Student & New Parent Orientation

Camping Trip Meeting

Camping Trip Departs!


First Day of Academic Classes


Well, you may not have heard, but COVID cases are on the rise again. After much deliberation, the YIHS Board of Trustees wishes to share the following back-to-school COVID update with the YIHS community.

Check It Out

Get on the Welcome Wagon!

We're looking for a handful of YIHS veterans to spend the day touring Viroqua with 3 new boarding students on Friday, August 27.  If you want to make people feel less lost and more welcome, contact Bean.

Circus Smirkus Solvin Smolvin

Speaking of new students, Solvin Arnold just spent all summer "out east" honing his craft.  Their is a virtual showing - TONIGHT ONLY.  Check it out.

Youther of the Week

Mateo Nuñez
YIHS Class of 2023

Mateo's favorite soccer team: This one
Mateo's favorite skateboarder: This one
Mateo's favorite Viroqua eatery: This one

Poem of the Week

Fact and Fiction
by H.P. Lovecraft

How dull the wretch, whose philosophic mind
Disdains the pleasures of fantastic kind;
Whose prosy thoughts the joys of life exclude,
And wreck the solace of the poet’s mood!
Young Zeno, practic’d in the Stoic’s art,
Rejects the language of the glowing heart;
Dissolves sweet Nature to a mess of laws;
Condemns th’ effect whilst looking for the cause;
Freezes poor Ovid in an ic’d review,
And sneers because his fables are untrue!
In search of Truth the hopeful zealot goes,
But all the sadder tums, the more he knows!
Stay! vandal sophist, whose deep lore would blast
The graceful legends of the story’d past;
Whose tongue in censure flays th’ embellish’d page,
And scolds the comforts of a dreary age:
Would’st strip the foliage from the vital bough
Till all men grow as wisely dull as thou?
Happy the man whose fresh, untainted eye
Discerns a Pantheon in the spangled sky;
Finds Sylphs and Dryads in the waving trees,
And spies soft Notus in the southern breeze;
For whom the stream a cheering carol sings,
While reedy music by the fountain rings;
To whom the waves a Nereid tale confide
Till friendly presence fills the rising tide.
Happy is he, who void of learning’s woes,
Th’ ethereal life of body’d Nature knows:
I scorn the sage that tells me it but seems,
And flout his gravity in sunlit dreams!

Thank You

for lending their surprisingly responsive Sprinter van to last year's Agriculture and Drama Intensives:

Stephanie Gauthier-Phillips and Phil Phillips

for donating his time and skills to create a beautiful Arbor for the Growing for Good garden space:

Erik Harris 

for hosting students at Woolyhorn Homestead and making homemade pizza for lunch! 

Ben & Amanda Caldwell

for driving on Agriculture field trips 

Leslie Schiller

for busting a hump at the Boardng House Clean Up Day

Keriwdwyn Hershberger
Evan Ballard
The Won and Only Weiss
The Eissfeldt-Crotser Family
Eli Schmidt
Kate Bergan

Teacher of the Month

Olivia Prendergast

 A leader Olivia admires: This One
An artist whose work inspires Olivia: This One
An organization whose work Olivia respects: This One
A spiritual vessel that Olivia wants you to remember: This One

Fictional Human of the Week:

Randolph Carter
Lives in The Statement of Randolph Carter by H.P. Lovecraft
Click the image to learn more about the Randolph Carter

Anthropological Survey of the Week

Favorite Metallica instrumental?

Call of Ktulu
Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)
To Live is to Die

Last week's survey: 
Favorite Mexican Revolutionary Cacique
Pancho Villa - 33%
Alvaro Obregon - 0%
Emiliano Zapata- 50%
Pascual Orozco - 17%


Community Corner

Want to Share?

We all do better when we all do better!  Share your community event or news with our community.  Just email Matt to get your event into our Community's Corner.

Viroqua Area Folks OG

Lunchbox Express

Links to Our Fellow Travelers
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