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The Weekender--Youth Initiative High School Newsletter


26, Monday
7PM - Long Range Planning
5PM - Driftless United @ Coulee Christian

27, Tuesday
3:30PM - Personnel

29, Thursday
3:15PM - Admin Group
5PM - Driftless United @ River Valley


1, Saturday
Girls Volleyball Tourn

3, Monday
6:30PM - Driftless United v. Madison Homeschool

4, Tuesday
3:15PM - Curriculum Comm

6, Thursday
3:30PM - Personnel Comm
4PM - Girls Volleyball

8, Saturday
2PM - Harvest Parade

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2011-12 Schedules

October Hot Lunch Form

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  - the YIHS Foods & Nutrition Curriculum

Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School

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Essential Skills Outdoor School

24 September 2011


Photos from the
West African Music Event
with Tani

The Sewing Survival Class
would like to borrow the following items for the upcoming block:
- more sewing machines (with extra sewing machine needles sizes 80/12 and 90/14.),
- seam guides,
- cardboard sewing mat with grid,
- fabric marking pens,
- one package of hand sewing needles

These students are enrolled in this class:
Emmett, Sylvie, Ella, Genevieve, Makenzie, Louisa, Namthip, Cecilia, Eva, Eleanore, Izzi and Chenoa,
and should bring the following items with them on Monday:
an empty shoe box for storage
a folder
fabric scissors
at least 1yard of pre-washed woven cotton fabric and thread.
Thanks! ~ Anna Rodriguez and Jessica Hooper

Parent Fundraising
is off to a fantastic start, and we are going to crank out a couple more fundraisers, followed by a nice break for awhile.  Here's what's on the docket:
Food Booth at the Harvest Parade on October 8th.  We will be selling apple pie by the slice, and some kind of delicious
veggie wrap.  Thanks to Erin Varney for heading up this project. We will also be calling out the tipi raffle winner that day, much to my relief!  (It's not easy hauling a tipi around by the way).  If you took some raffle tickets at the meeting on
Monday night, please turn in the stubs and money by Saturday, October 8th!
Apple Pie Sale.  We will make pies to sell at the Harvest Parade, and also for Thanksgiving.  We are hoping to make all the pies in two days, a feat never before accomplished, and yet, with a little determination and a whole lot of hands pitching in (hint hint), we shall prevail.  Thanks to Lisa Cummings for gathering all of the supplies, and to Jenny Cain for organizing the kitchen work.

So, here's what's needed from you: please sign up where you are able, and let's try to work together to make these projects
easy and fun.
    * Sunday, September 25th ~  Apple Picking at the Cummings (THIS SUNDAY- time tba)
    * Friday, September 30th ~  4 people to help make pie crusts, 1 to cut butter, and 1 to clean up (6 workers total)
    * Saturday, October 1st ~ Apple Pie Production!!! Looking for people to roll crusts, slice apples (we need the apple
peeling gadgets w/ a crank- anyone have one they can lend?), mix ingredients, assemble pies, box em, and then clean up.  Last year we did this work over two full weekends, but let's do our best to crank it out on Saturday.
    * Saturday, October 8th ~ Prepping food/ chopping veggies for wraps; People to sell food at the Parade later in the day.

So, there is quite a bit to do in the next two weeks, and then AAAAHHH! time to chill.  Please send an email as soon as
possible, and keep Matt's excellent speech in mind.  Every little bit helps, and many hands make light work...

Gracias para todo,
~ Susan Nesbit (

College Admissions Visitor
A representative of Cornell College will be coming to visit YIHS at 3 pm on Tuesday, October 4.  Parents and students are invited to come and learn more about this distinctive block-system based liberal arts  college located in Mt. Vernon, IA.  YIHS alumni Eva Pitsch and Henry Hundt are currently attending Cornell.

Biodynamic Prep-making
The Viroqua Biodynamic Group’s fall prep-making day will be held at Chrysalis Farm on Saturday, October 1st starting between 9:30 and 10:00 a.m. We welcome children. Raquel Gargallo will lead a Michaelmas ceremony for the children who come. Around mid-day we will share a pot luck meal. In case of serious rain we will meet on Sunday the 2nd. Refer any questions to Brian Wickert, 608-637-8890, or Steven Adams, 608-637-2079.

is coming to Viroqua!

October 9-16 is No Impact Week
for Viroqua and La Crosse Communities

UW La Crosse, Viterbo University, WTC, and Coulee Partners for Sustainability have kindly invited the Viroqua Community to join them in the first No Impact Week for Southwestern Wisconsin!

What is No Impact Week?
      The No Impact Week is a one-week carbon cleanse that allows participants to experience the difference lowering their impact can have on their quality of life, their community, and their planet! It’s about discovering how these lifestyle changes can increase personal fulfillment, health, happiness, and time with family and friends. Beginning Sunday, October 9th, participants will work through a series of eight daily challenges, from decreasing trash production to eating locally and sustainably.
      When you register, you’ll receive a fun and engaging How-To Guide, which will walk you through each day’s challenge. Get your family and friends on board too!
How to participate?
It's easy, and you can choose how much to challenge yourself.
Each person registers and participates for free!  Join the Viroqua and La Crosse communities in the Challenge: Look to the sidebar on the left for La Crosse + Viroqua. Scroll down the page to register....For the question “Which of the following best describes you?” click on Viroqua Community! All are welcome to join as a member of the Viroqua Community challenge,  even if you do not live in the city of Viroqua proper. Share photos and experiences during No Impact Week on Facebook, the link is on the La Crosse + Viroqua registration page.

The No Impact Movie, Man, and Book
         October 3, Monday  7:00 pm The movie No Impact Man  Vernon Square Cinema. $2.00 each.  A newly self-proclaimed environmentalist who could no longer avoid pointing the finger at himself, Colin leaves behind his liberal complacency and vows to make as little environmental impact as possible for one year.  Thank you Organic Valley for your generous donation which made it possible to feature this film in our public movie theater!

         October 5, Wednesday  7:30 pm   Public lecture with Colin Beavan, No Impact Man.  Valhalla/Cartwright Center at UW La Crosse Campus. Colin will share his journey and what each of us can do to end our environmental crisis, make a better place to live for ourselves and everyone else, and hopefully come up with a happier way of life along the way!  Doors open at 7:00 pm.  Ticket sales (to sell out fast) 608-785-8898,  $6.00 each.

        September 28, Wednesday and forward:  The book No Impact Man by Colin Beavan will be available at our Local Bramble Book Store at a 15% discount. As a note, UW La Crosse has 400 copies of the book No Impact Man, which is now required reading for all entering freshman students.

       October 15, Saturday 11:00 am –4:00 pm  Living Green Expo Lunda Center/ WTC La Crosse Campus.  Free admission.
       Sponsorship:  No Impact Week October 9-16 is being financially sponsored through UW La Crosse, Viterbo University, WTC, Coulee Partners for Sustainability, and a grant. The Viroqua community has been graciously invited by the No Impact Project and these La Crosse groups to join No Impact Week . These cited institutions are all contributing funds to make this No Impact Week possible, and it would be great to show thanks from our Viroqua Community with a contribution of our own!
          Donations can be made directly on the No Impact website, or you may offer checks made out to Sustainable Markets Foundation (In memo write “No Impact Project”).  As the No Impact Project appointed contact person for Viroqua community involvement in the week, I will be sending a letter with local checks to the No Impact Project on October 17.  The Viroqua Food Co-op has already offered a donation----Thank you dear Co-op!  My address is: Adrienne Fox  S7304 Gardner Rd. Viroqua, WI. 54665 if you’re interested.

     2012:  I’m full on committed to making this week happen in an even greater way next year for our Driftless Area. We are already on the No Impact Project schedule for October 9-16, 2012....Any other folks interested in helping out?  I'll be organizing a  planning meeting for next year, following this No Impact Week--date and time to be announced.
      Any further questions?   Feel free to contact me, Adrienne Fox, at 608-675-3737 #2 or  

Alumni News
Congratulations to Isaac Park ('06)
and Grace Gargus on the birth of Josephine Fern on Tuesday, September 13th. Everyone is happy and healthy and doing well!

CORA ROSE Concert in Viroqua, October 1
Cora Rose will perform at Optimo Café in Viroqua on October 1st, 2011.  Joining her will be Dan Rueters-Ward, a dear friend and fantastic musician.  It’s going to be a great show!  
Time: 8:30pm Optimo Café (215 South Main St, Viroqua)  Tickets:  $10, $7 for students.

Tickets can be purchased at Viroqua Public Market or at the Viroqua Food Coop.  To reserve tickets, call Viroqua Public Market at (608) 637-1912.

The Whole Plate nutrition & cooking project  will go on the road again soon. Dawn and Shawn will be attending conferences near and far to demonstrate our amazing curriculum, and they are looking for donations of airline miles to defray travel expenses. Contact Shawn ( or Dawn ( if you can help.

Harvest Celebration and Parade, 2011
Help build the 2011 Viroqua Harvest Puppet Parade! No experience necessary!
The Viroqua Harvest Celebration & Parade is building puppets for this year's parade every Thursday afternoon, starting around 5 p.m., at the back door of Driftless Books in Viroqua. All ages are welcome--come prepared to get messy and have fun. (Parade day is Saturday, October 8.)


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