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10 Prairial 229
9 St. Paul, 233
29 May Happy 104th Birthday. John F. Kennedy

Bring Your Own Picnic
We'll Supply the Ideas

Join us for an old-fashioned romp through some spring picnic food and some really excellent student work.  We'll have work from all year on display inside*, outside, and upside down, and we'll cap it off with an eclectic performance and student awards.  All in real actual life. Picnic starts at 5:30pm.

*Masks required indoors for everyone

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Greg & Julia's Calendar Corner


Potluck of Ideas

Last Day of School


Change is Coming


Run for It!

For any boys who might be interested in playing basketball for La Farge next year, there will be a weekly open gym Monday nights 6-8 pm, beginning June 7. Feel free to contact the coach Matt Benson at 632-2029.

We are considering the creation of a YIHS Cross Country team.  For those who aren’t familiar, cross country is medium distance running.  Please contact me if you would be interested in running this fall.

Grow Your Community and Your Tomatoes

We are embarking on a renewed gardening adventure for Pleasant Ridge & YIHS families to engage in community and gardening together this season. The Growing for Good Garden space has room for 3-4 more families to join our community garden! We will meet once a week to work together, with one hour devoted to collective work for Growing for Good. Interested? Contact Vicki for more details. 606-3760,

Graduation - Finally!


View/Print the Invitation

YIHS Merch is Back with Fresh(er) Designs

EVERYBODY wins when you buy a t-shirt or hoodie, designed and printed by YIHS senior Sebastian Danneil and his intrepid team of garment workers!  All proceeds go to YIHS, Sebastian's senior project becomes a success, you look cool, and the general public doesn't have to see your nipples anymore!  Start winning! Start shopping!

Start Winning! Start Shopping!

We're Getting Serious, Don't Make Us Release the Hounds

It's time to look forward to the 21-22 school year!  Pledge season is upon us.  Please sign up for a pledge meeting today!  We've added fresh new dates for your convenience!

Click here to schedule a pledge meeting today!
Youther of the Week

Oliver Krieger-Fritsch
YIHS Class of 2023

Favorite Spanish Word: This One
Favorite Design from Martha's Intensive Class: This One
Favorite Classic Rock Song: This One
Poem of the Week

from Idylls of the King
by Alfred Lord Tennyson

Laborious for her people and her poor --
Voice in the rich dawn of an ampler day --
Far-sighted summoner of War and Waste
To fruitful strifes and rivalries of peace --
Sweet nature gilded by the gracious gleam
Of letters, dear to Science, dear to Art,
Dear to thy land and ours, a Prince indeed,
Beyond all titles, and a household name,
Hereafter, thro' all times, Albert the Good.

Break not, O woman's-heart, but still endure;
Break not, for thou art Royal, but endure,
Remembering all the beauty of that star
Which shone so close beside Thee that ye made
One light together, but has past and leaves
The Crown a lonely splendour.

          May all love,
His love, unseen but felt, o'ershadow Thee,
The love of all Thy sons encompass Thee,
The love of all Thy daughters cherish Thee,
The love of all Thy people comfort Thee,
Till God's love set Thee at his side again!

Thank You

for driving to and fro for the Agriculture class:
Chris Larson
David Levin
Lars Bergan
Alicia Leinberger
for chaperoning the Agriculture trip:
Mike Kay
for teaching about biodynamics and rotational grazing
Dawn & Vince Hundt
for teaching about community, kombucha, vegetables, apiculture, and soil biology
Sarah, Paul, Esther, Sarah, Chloe, Gayla, and Adrienne
from the Lake City Catholic Worker Farm

Teacher of the Month

Shaw Nerika
Art, Music, and Much, Much More

An organization Shawn would like to highlight this month: This One
A food that Erika would like to highlight this month: This One 
An artist that Shawn & Erika agreed to highlight this month: This One
Fictional Human of the Week:

Santino "Sonny" Corleone
Lives in Godfather by Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola
Click the image to learn more about Sonny

Anthropological Survey of the Week

Which event positively confirms beyond a doubt the existence of the Kennedy Curse:

JFK's assassination

Bobby's assassination

Teddy's Chappaquiddick Incident

John-John's plane crash

Last week's survey: 
Which individual had the greatest effect on our daily lives?
Genghis Khan - 22%
Ferdinand Magellan - 0%
Leonardo da Vinci - 78%


Community Corner


Thoreau’s Garden Memorial Day weekend sales start this Thursday!

$1.00 tomato singles!

$2 per 4pack!

$3.85/ 4inch flowers!

Petunia buckets $8!

Half-price squash, cucumbers, melons, and other plants in “1801’s!”

Hanging baskets and planters 20% off!

There’s still lots of beauty to choose from!

Come see!

Root. Grow. Give!

Thoreau’s Garden 520 E. Terhune St. Viroqua


Open 7 days a week in May!

Viroqua Area Folks OG

Lunchbox Express

Links to Our Fellow Travelers
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